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Procedure Laid Down synonyms - 44 Words and Phrases for Procedure Laid Down. established procedure. procedure set out. procedure established. procedure provided. procedures set out. procedures laid down. procedure prescribed. procedures established The Registry shall lay down a procedure in accordance with which it may revoke domain names on these grounds. EurLex-2 The current directives lay down a procedure for the provision of information between the Commission and the Member States Total invoicing volume was discounted by 7.5%, as laid down in Spanish Royal Decree 8/2010. All procedures in this investigation complied with international and institutional guidelines, including the guidelines for animal welfare as laid down by the German Research Foundation DFGGerman Research Foundation DFG

Operating procedures should clearly lay down instructions for operation of process plant that take into consideration COSHH, manual handling, permit to work, PPE Regulations, quality, HAZOP, and.. Compliance officer of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), Sacut Amenga-Etego has urged rebel members of union to follow laid-down regulations and procedures of World and Africa Rugby the established procedures, instructions or regulations introduced for the safe or efficient operation of a process or maintenance of equipment. This applies to all levels, from operators to high level management. Departure from established procedures can be either unintentional o

The National House of Chiefs is urging all dissatisfied candidates or political parties of the outcome of the December 7 general elections to seek redress by using the laid down processes and procedure for the settlement of electoral disputes. The House said the numerous demonstrations by members and supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) about the results declared by. When your procedures are written down in a way that's easy to understand and you make them easily accessible for every employee, you create a consistent reminder that removes the opportunity for excuses. 2. Help employees understand why procedures are necessary Upper endoscopy: An upper endoscopy is a procedure used to visually examine your upper digestive system with a tiny camera on the end of a long, flexible tube. A specialist in diseases of the digestive system (gastroenterologist) uses an endoscopy to diagnose and, sometimes, treat conditions that affect the esophagus, stomach and beginning of. 39 other terms for procedures laid down- words and phrases with similar meanin lay 1. (leɪ) v. laid, lay•ing, n. v.t. 1. to put or place in a horizontal position or position of rest; set down: to lay a book on a desk. 2. to knock or beat down, as from an erect position; strike or throw to the ground: One punch laid him low. 3. to put or place in a particular position: The dog laid its ears back

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Maintenance procedures. This Technical Measures Document refers to the maintenance procedures that are necessary to mitigate a major accident or hazard. See also Technical Measures Documents on: Permit to Work systems; Inspection / Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Plant modification / Change procedures; The relevant Level 2 Criteria are: accidental breakages of tools or equipment and not following laid-down working practices and procedures) and the requirements of current health and safety legislation for the range of work operations K3 how to recognise potential asbestos containing materials in the workplac

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Ghanaian Times: Use laid-down procedures to address grievances. Human beings, by nature, have different belief systems, values, opinions, needs, and interests that often result in conflicts when. The procedures and the rules within the company help in setting a fine tone for the work culture of the company. So, if you also wish to be one, then it is important to follow rules and regulations as per laid by the company itself. 11. Rules tend to bring the vision to life 'Planned demolition of church building against laid down procedures' but insisted that the proper procedure for acquiring private property for public use must be complied with..

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Showing page 1. Found 939 sentences matching phrase lay down a procedure.Found in 121 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes Nouns frequently used as the object of lay down conditions, criteria, guidelines, legislation, principles, procedures, regulations, requirements, rules, standards The directive lays down rules governing the collection, processing, and transfer of personal data for marketing purposes. A lumbar puncture (spinal tap) is performed in your lower back, in the lumbar region. During a lumbar puncture, a needle is inserted between two lumbar bones (vertebrae) to remove a sample of cerebrospinal fluid. This is the fluid that surrounds your brain and spinal cord to protect them from injury

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Follow The Laid Down Procedure Of Your State To Junk A Vehicle Follow the laid down procedure of your state to junk a vehicle. by Karen Anthony Contributor. 61. SHARES. Share Tweet Post. People love their cars up to a specific time after which they feel like discarding it in preference to some new car model. It leads to the habit of changing. procedures as laid down to govern professional ethics, there were claims that were filed and others were reported regarding the denial of services. It is best if a mechanism to establish the validity of claims is established. In validating the claims of HIV/AIDS patients, presented a procedure to determine is the patients were eligible for service at that particular time will be used

Co-Chair of the Citizens Movement against Corruption (CMaC), Edem Senanu, has encouraged political parties to use laid down processes established by law to seek redress to their electoral concerns. Several Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) including CMaC issued a press statement that addressed matters arising from the EC's declaration of the 2020 presidential results. Related posts [ The National Peace Council (NPC) has called on all those contesting the outcome of the December 7, 2020, election to use the laid down processes to address their electoral disputes The business is conducted according to laid down Standing Orders which are held by the clerk. Likewise all financial records are kept by laid down Standing Orders which are kept by the clerk. Members conduct themselves according to specified Codes of Conduct, a copy of this is held by the clerk and all members The Employees State Insurance Corporation through circular dated 11.06.2021 has laid down the format and procedure by which applications shall be made to avail the option for benefits in case of death or discharge on invalidation or disability of Government Servant or subscriber during service Section 79 to 82 and Order XXVII of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 deal with procedure for investigation of suits by or against the government and public officers. However, these provisions only deal with the procedural rights and liabilities that are enforceable against the government and such persons

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Lay is a verb that commonly means to put or set (something) down.. Lie is a verb that commonly means to be in or to assume a horizontal position (or to make an untrue statement, but we'll focus on the first definition). In other words, lay takes a direct object, and lie does not. As for the misconceptions, well, when you. With laid down procedures for doing work outlined in your SOPs, you get a bird-view look on who did what (evaluation) and who didn't (accountability). SOP's improve communication. When you write SOPs with clear instructions for performing specific tasks in the process, you improve communication with employees

Showing page 1. Found 1295 sentences matching phrase procedures laid down in this Article.Found in 129 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. They come from many sources and are not checked. Be warned The base must be well-compacted and level to provide a smooth, even surface on which to lay the bedding sand. When preparing the grade of the base, be sure to provide a 1/8-1/4 inch of drop per foot for proper drainage. Follow these steps to properly lay interlocking pavers. Step 1. Lay Bedding San procedures laid down in the Statutory Instruments Act 1946. The type of parliamentary control will usually be prescribed in the parent Act. An instrument is laid before Parliament either in draft form or after the instrument has been made. According to the procedure applied to them, most SIs fall into one of the classes shown below There have been cases where government did follow laid down procedure for the revocation of right occupancy. Therefore, when government flouts laws regulating the procedure for the acquisition of private property, it is the obligation of the Nigerian courts to intervene in favour of the private citizen

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In the days before shut down, add 5 gallons of CT Lay-up and 10 ounces of Mayosperse 7700-15 into the cooling system for every 1,000 gallons of condenser water. Allow the system to circulate for 24 to 48 hours, then drain and clean as usual. After shut down, drain and clean the tower sump to remove any remaining solids Therefore, equipment which is placed on the market pursuant to the procedure laid down in point 7 of the Recommendation can be made available to a much broader range of users, including to industrial users. As a matter of fact, industrial users are best placed to use such equipment as the Negative procedure. The majority of SIs are laid in Parliament under the negative procedure, either as made negative or draft negative. As with the affirmative procedure, negative SIs are scrutinised by the JCSI. Negative SIs will become law on the date stated in the SI unless either House annuls (stops) them within a fixed 40-day period

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On the second issue, the High Court went by the literal meaning of the law laid down under section 31(i) and held that the inclusion of agricultural land for the purpose of creating a security interest cannot be held to be valid. However, the Supreme Court elaborated the scope of this section beyond its literal meaning You need to sit or lay down for several hours after the procedure to reduce your risk of developing a CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) leak. Most patients are asked to lie down for two hours after the procedure. If you need to urinate, you may need to do so in a bedpan or urinal during the time that you need to stay flat

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  1. Union of India, the Apex Court opened up a new dimension and laid down that the procedure cannot be arbitrary, unfair or unreasonable one. Article 21 imposed a restriction upon the state where it prescribed a procedure for depriving a person of his life or personal liberty. This view has been further.
  2. General Information (Who is ZICTA)..... The Zambia Information & Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) is an autonomous statutory body established by the repealed Telecommunications Act Chapter 469 of 1994 under the name Communications Authority of Zambia (CAZ) but was renamed as ZICTA by the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Act No 15 of 2009
  3. Amending the Constitution of India is the process of making changes to the nation's fundamental law or supreme law. The procedure of amendment in the constitution is laid down in Part XX (Article 368) of the Constitution of India.This procedure ensures the sanctity of the Constitution of India and keeps a check on arbitrary power of the Parliament of India
  4. Two hours before shut down, add non-oxidizing biocide at normal doses. This will kill and sterilize the system before lay-up. Add the lay-up treatment at the following dosages: Recirculating Tower System Lay-Up: Add Tower Toads at a rate of TWO bags (4 lbs each) of Tower Toads per 1,000 gallons of cooling water volume in system
  5. lay down sth The government will soon lay down new guidelines for receiving student loans. be laid down by sth/sb This is in accordance with the regulations as laid down by the management. Nouns often used as objects with lay down: rules, regulations, guidelines, laws, policy, conditions, requirements, procedures, standards. Phrasal verbs grammar
  6. Stimulate your postural muscles to lengthen and widen, re-establishing your natural springiness and vitality. Laying on the floor allows you to use gravity t..

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  1. Changes in cabin pressure or altitude have no negative effect on Botox. Just remember not to lie down in your seat for four hours after your procedure. Botox Aftercare Sleeping Advice. If you're wondering how long after Botox can you lay down, you're not alone. Botox aftercare sleeping advice is an important part of your post Botox care
  2. If GST dept. want to claim statutory dues, it has to file claim as per procedures as laid down in IBC read with Rules and Regulations, sending off a letter cannot be said to be in compliance - The Assistant Commissioner of Central Tax Vs. Mr. V. Shanker, RP for M/s
  3. The requirements and procedures for marketing authorisation, as well as the rules for monitoring authorised products, are primarily laid down in Directive 2001/83/EC and in Regulation (EC) No 726/2004. They also include harmonised provisions for the manufacture, wholesale or advertising of medicinal products for human use

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  1. 1. This module describes the procedure whereby the manufacturer or his authorized representative established within the Community, who carries out the obligations laid down in point 2, ensures and declares that the products concerned satisfy the requirements of the directive that apply to them
  2. JOB DESCRIPTION Officer - Security - AO&CS (OUText - Security) Primary Responsibility: You will be responsible for implementation of security policy and procedures laid down by the Company. Mission: To secure Safe operation Punctuality Customer Satisfaction Team efficiency Cost control Secure good working atmosphere and environment Focus.
  3. Spread the love The Military says it will accept the offer of the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau to surrender. It said that if Shekau follows the laid down procedures for surrendering during conflict or war, the military will profile him according to international standard. The Coordinator of the Directorate of Defence Media Operations [
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  1. inefficiencies in business processes, procedures and work practices using data and process modelling techniques. b) Formulate, validate and document business requirements for a m
  2. imum of 20 feet of curb along the street between.
  3. Question: Task B: The Laid Down Procedures Of The Return The Aircraft Into Service Inspection After Heavy Wind Tie-down, Include In Your Report All Related Safety Precautions. This Provides Evidence For [P6] This question hasn't been answered yet Ask an expert. Show transcribed image text
  4. e: Whether the layoff is temporary or permanent; Who you will lay of
  5. The HR policies and procedures manual is complied first and thereafter the employee handbook is prepared in conjunction with the prevailing policies and procedures as laid down in the earlier document. Such documents clearly define the benefits to be provided to the employee, various procedures as followed in the organization and the standard.
  6. Sit on the side of your bed. Position a pillow far enough behind you to support your shoulders when you lay back. Turn your head 45 degrees to the right. Immediately lie down on your back, keeping your head turned. Your shoulders should now be on the pillow, and your chin should be tilted slightly toward the ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds
  7. Rake the soil as you lay the sod to clear any bumps under the surface. After you've laid the first row, smooth out any areas that have wrinkled or bunched up. Be careful not to step on the sod. Then, carefully pat the new patch into the ground with a shovel to remove any air pockets and encourage the sod to take root

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Amendments in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 13 shall then be made for that purpose. Il est modifié à cette fin conformément à la procédure visée à l'article 13. Existing specific directives on materials and articles shall be amended in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 23(2) Patients who cannot lie flat for cataract surgery should be warned that their surgery may have a higher risk of surgical complications. References. Lee RM, Jehle T, Eke T. Face-to-face upright seated positioning for cataract surgery in patients who cannot lie flat. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2011 37(5):805- The bench comprising Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Hemant Gupta observed that such a statutory tenant can be evicted only by following the procedure laid down in applicable rent control laws. In a significant judgment, the Allahabad High Court has laid down the procedure to be adopted by the competent authority for inquiring into the criminal antecedents of a candidate for the purpose.