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CEA is a disease that is easily missed if breeders do not routinely do eye exams on young puppies. Statistically, only 25% of the puppies from the breeding of two carriers will be affected. If all puppies are not checked, including those going to non-breeding homes, the presence of CEA may escape notice Testing Tips. Genetic testing of the NHEJ1 gene in Australian shepherds will reliably determine whether a dog is a genetic Carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly. Collie Eye Anomaly is inherited in an Autosomal Recessive manner in dogs meaning that they must receive two copies of the mutated gene (one from each parent) to develop the disease. In general, carrier dogs do not have features of the disease. CEA/CEA: Affected: The dog carries two copies of the mutant gene and is homozygous for the CEA. The dog will be affected to some degree by Collie Eye Anomaly, and will always pass a copy of the mutated gene to its offspring. CEA/n: Carrier: Both the normal and mutant copies of the gene detected

• The genetic CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) Test not only can easily provide information for breeders or owners but also renders test breeding for CEA obsolete. Thus CEA-affected or CEA-carrier puppies no longer need to be produced just to find out whether a breeding candidate is a carrier C ollie eye anomaly is an inherited condition that is commonly found in Collies but can also occur in other herding breeds including the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. CEA is present from birth and can lead to other eye abnormalities that may result in vision impairment and even total blindness, so it is important to have puppies examined within the first five weeks of life

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Australian Shepherd - PANEL L - MDR1 + HC + PRA-PRCD + CEA. 89.90 € inc. Vat. Tests: Multidrug resistance (MDR1) Hereditary cataract - Australian Shepherd type (HC) Progressive rod-cone degeneration (PRA-PRCD) Collie eye anomaly (CEA) Breeds: Australian Shepherd A dog with one mutant copy and one normal copy of the CEA/CH gene is a carrier while a dog with two copies of the mutation are affected. More information on CEA /CD Glenda Butts ~ 208-290-574 Therefore a carrier (x) carrier mating is likely to result in producing affected pups in about 25% of the offspring. Results are based upon the specific NHEJ1 mutation. Clear results for CEA only pertain to the NHEJ1 mutation tested. This test does not detect whether or not a dog has any other form of eye diseases CEA Technologies was established in 1983 by two former Naval Officers with a goal of creating a centre of excellence for the design and support of systems for the Australian Defence Force. From the outset, CEA Technologies was based on the provision of uncompromising design principles and robust through life system support, this philosophy.

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  1. ASCA Major pointed Oenomel's Walking on Broken Glass NTD, HIC (Annie Lennox) CEA- carrier. Cone Degeneration- clear. DM- clear. Hereditary Cataracts- clear. Hyperuricosuria- clear. MDR1- clear. Multifocal Retinopathy 1- clear. Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis- clear
  2. ASCA # E177440 | AKC #DN39148102 Eyes cleared annually OFA# AS-30838G26F-VP1 Tested Clear: CD, CEA, CMR1, HC, MDR1. Carrier: DM. If you are considering an Aussie for the first time, please research the breed thoroughly and carefully before you acquire one. For additional information on Aussies, please visit the Australian Shepherd Club of America
  3. MDR1 and CEA Carrier - Clear of HSF4, DM, HC, CD, etc Full Dentition - Scissor Bite Owned by: Jeff and Emily Mabey Bred by: Homeplace Aussies. Titles: AKC CGC, CGCU, CGCA, TKN, TKI TKA, TKP, NADD Title Holder DMWYD NTD, DMWYD ITD, DMWYD ATD, DMWYD ETD. AKC RECOGNIZED PUP PA
  4. McAffe's draggin my heart around. Date of birth: 04.10.2019. MDR1 carrier, HSF4 clear, PRA clear, CEA carrier, DM clear. HD A, ED

Piper is the princess of them all. She is very loyal and loves her people. She's an avid hunter of squirrels. She's medium drive with a good off switch. Piper is Aussie panel clear with the exception of being a CEA carrier. Piper was retired after her 2020 litter and will live out her days chasing squirrels up pine trees and being pampered but. Home of The Natural Mini Aussie. Our Mini Aussies are born and raised in Sunny Southern California as part of our family. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, genetically tested and screened puppies that are socialized with children, cats and other dogs. We have made the decision to raise our puppies as they were born, with the beautiful foof. This condition has been seen in every type of Collie, as well as the Shetland Sheepdog, Australian Shepherd, and other herding dogs. Read on to learn the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Collie eye anomaly. but it is an indication that the dog is a carrier of the CEA gene (or genes) Ranch Raised Champion Bred ASDR Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies for sale in Forestburg, TX. Champion Parents! We strive to raise our Aussies to reflect the amazing beauty, intelligence, confirmation, and agility of the Australian Shepherd breed. Toy / Mini Aussie Pupp Hadley-13 red blue eyed tri female stunning mdr1 carrier only. Tails- 10 black tri toy clear for all but mdr1. Mouse-11 blue merle Cea Carrier MDR1 (Affected) Fallon- 12 blue merle female full panel clear (jelena sister) Kiera-12 red blue eyed bi female (Daughter of Semper) Kal-Elle- Blue eyed tri large toy panel clear for all but mdr1

Lover Boy (aka LB) 18 Black Tri Male. ASDR Registered. Son of Wiz and Bella. Cedar Crest Italian Dream. aka Gino. AKC Australian Shepherd. son of Dixie and Turbo. 7-20-2018 We have a litter of 9 puppies born May 19th. The proud parents are Ivy and Kane. Ivy is clear for HC, CEA, PRA, DM, CD, CMR1, and is a carrier of MDR1. Kane is clear for MDR1, CEA, DM, PRA, HSF4, CMR1 and HU. This litter will come with AKC registration papers. We hav Cowboys of Shadow Mountain Aussies. Formally known as Shadow Mountain Aussies. Gideon. Coronados Gideon of Shadow MT. Very sweet, mellow and eager to please. He gets along with every animal and human he meets. He is a very fit 40lbs and 20.5 inches tall at the shoulder. Gideon is red factored. ASCA & AKC Registered Hereditary Cataract: Normal (non-carrier) CEA: Normal (non-carrier) Red, Copper and White 18.75 inches tall, 38 pounds Full dentition Registry: AKC & ASCA, Australian Shepherd Whitney is a beautiful ASCA/AKC Aussie. She is a sweet, quiet girl and very feminine. She may look sweet and demure, but this girl can play hard with the big boys!.

Clear (N/N): CEA, DM, HSF4, ICM, MDR1, PRA #1 Male Australian Shepherd 2015 Best Opposite Sex at 2015 USASA Nationals Award of Merit at 2016 USASA National Select Dog at 2018 USASA National Award of Merit at 2016 and 2018 Westminster Award of Excellence at 2016 and 2017 Royal Canin Top 5 Australian Shepherd 2015 and 201 Border-Aussie. parents pedigree at pick up upon prior request. Prices are listed below with puppy pictures. These pups come with 2 year life threatening genetic health guarantee, all age appropriate (4) vaccinations, wormed multiple times (4 or more times), micro-chipped (w/lifetime chip registration). Puppies will be exposed to kids and other. It was noted that one-sixth of the PHR carriers were also carriers of the Collie Eye Anomaly. Also, CEA being the second most common disease among these dogs, it is difficult to get rid of this ailment without facing breeding restrictions. A direct DNA mutation test for carrier status can now be easily availed A (CLEAR/NORMAL): These dogs have two copies of the normal gene and will neither develop CEA nor pass this mutation to their offspring.. B (CARRIER/NOT AFFECTED): These dogs have one copy of the normal gene and one copy of the mutation associated with this disease.They will not develop CEA and will, if bred, pass the mutation to 50% of its offspring, on average

CEA: Carrier PRA: Clear Group Placer. Click to show Pedigree. MRBIS MBISS GCHP ASCA CH Shadomoons The Competitive Edge RN CA: BIS AKC GCH ASCA CH Equinox The Edge of Reason RE: MBIS Ch Rainydays Reason To Believe: Ch Written And Directed By Timaru: Ch Rainydays Lifeinthefastlane CD OA OAJ RS-E EAC JS-O OJC GS-N NGC TN-N DM-Carrier/Not Affected. HC-Clear/Normal. CEA-Clear/Normal. CMR1-Clear/Normal. Brucella-Clear/Normal. Hearing, Eyes, Hips, Elbows all checked once a year by our veterinarian. Apk Proceed With Caution Risky Small Standard Blue Merle Bi Male Australian Shepherd ~AKC/ASDR/ASCA Registered ~18 Inche

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and is 23 inches tall. She is clear on aussie panel except n/CEA carrier only. Sire, Buddy, is a black tri with two blue eyes, weighs 60lbs and is 22 inches tall. He is clear on genetic panel and has an outstanding pedigree. Pups will have tails docked and dewclaws removed by our vet. They will be dewormed at 2,4,6&8 weeks of age an Quince is our first homebred CopperRidge Champion from our Keegan x Dolce cross. He finished his AKC Championship at 11.5 months of age with back-to-back five point majors. He finished his ASCA championship at 16 months with all majors - Quince was completely owner handled as a puppy to his championships aussie paradise - allevamento australian shepherd riconosciuto enci. di alessandra forestan - p.iva: 0401453024 He looks like a standard Aussie but smaller-the way a toy should look. He truly is a doll and flops over for belly rubs when he sees everyone! A wonderful asset to our program. ASDR 13 3/4 Rusty is a carrier for MDR1 and his last Eye CERF was June 2020 and clear. OFA hips Good and Elbows Normal

Australian Shepherds Planned Breedings. Rising Sun Farm produces Australian Shepherds with proven genetics, structure, and temperament.Our top quality dogs excel in the field and in competitions around the globe.Our bloodlines have produced some really accomplished Aussies in the world, including 2006 National Cattle Champion and High Combined winner, Rising Sun Ring of Fire FireStorm Australian Shepherds. I am planning to breed Betty in the spring. More information to come this fall. UKC Ch Firestorm Speakeasy - 11 ASCA points, 3 majors ( OFA pending, CEA carrier, eyes cleared yearly, MDR1-M/N, cleared for Juvenile cataracts- HC, HSF4 N/N, PRA-PRCD, PRCD Females | RusticRiverRanch. Sapphire- Gorgeous Toy Black tri with speck of blue in one eye. 13 and 18lbs. Clear for DM, MDR1, PRA-PRCD, HC, CEA. She is a full sister to Ruby, I kept both girls back out of Roxie and Monroe. Eclipse- Beautiful Bright blue eyed black tri. 15.5 and 28lbs. Clear MDR1, CD, HC, CEA, PRA-PRCD, Carrier DM Teddy has a beautiful coat, BET carrier. He is a talker that loves his belly rubbed and loves children. We are loving his babies. Height: Teddy is 12.5 Weight: 10 pounds Color: Blue Merle Eye Color: Blue Teddy is 100% Full Panel Clear. Clear for MDR1, CEA, CH, CD, DM, HC, JC, HUU, CMR1, NCL,NCL6, PRA-PRCD

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7/19/2021 Carriers need to cover soaring costs in congested Aussie/NZ trades says ANL - The Loadstar / Carriers need to cover soaring costs in congested Auss BX02 - NAW to CEA: $ 1,067 / 40' 8% FBX03 - CEA to NAE: $ 9,816 / 40' 7% FBX04 - NA Freightos Baltic Index Jul 19 Main new He Is AKC Australian Shepherd and ASDR Mini Aussie. DOB: 12-19-2019. 35-40 lbs 17 at shoulder Genetic tested as below: Clear for Canine HealthCheck panel: DM, HC, PRA/PRCD, CEA, CMR1, HU, CD, and NCL6. Carrier for: MDR

Leyline Australian Shepherds added 8 new photos to the album: ASCA Ch Leyline's The Blind Side (Cash). October 3 ·. ASCA AKC Ch Wyndstar Remember Me. X. Drayki Black Eye Of Leyline. MDR1 Clear CEA Carrier. HSF4 Carrier. PHA Clear kentucky lexington aussies aussie australian shesherds australian shepherd puppy corgi corgis pembroke welsh corgi breeder breeders for sale available ky australian cattle dogs acd puppy puppies pups blue merle red merle red factored akc red tri black tri BET blue eyed available puppies ASCA show quality pet corgi puppies red corgi breeders in.

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CEA: carrier . Height: 18 AKC ASA registered . Setter. Mini Red Merle Female. Latest Fashion Trendsetter. Mini Red Merle Female. Latest Fashion Trendsetter. Mini Red Merle Female. Setter. Mini Red Merle Female. 1/3. Latest Fashion Trendsetter Setter Red Merle Female. DOB: March 16, 2017. akc registered- australian shepherd. asdr regisered- miniature australian shepherd. blue merle male. amber eyes. very full collar. large mini~16 1/2″ tall, 40 lbs. gr. champion grandparents. puppyfind.com,535274 standing at stud: $600.00 crusher's 3 generation pedigree. bp's demanding major respect @t Carriers will not have medical problems as a result. At Risk/Affected: When At Risk is the results your dog maybe clinically normal but may still begin to show signs of the disease as they age. Some dogs testing At Risk may not begin to show clinical signs until they were 15 years of age Laurelhills - AKC/ASCA Australian Shepherds. Quality Australian Shepherds, Dog Boarding, training and grooming services availabl

NAME Dob Sex Color Tail HD AD Eyes DNA Div; Uno x Mia *Just: Be Awesome: 2018: M: RM: Long - - Clear as puppy: Give Them Love: 2018: M: RT: Long: B/B: 0/0: Clear as puppy: X-ray back: Clea Rowdy - Australian Shepherd Zagnut - Australian Shepherd Puppy Info Litters Available Past Litters In Memory Rescue Like us on Facebook! Phar Valley's Keeper of the flame ember AKC Registered August 16, 2019 CEA: carrier CD: clear HUU: clear PRA-PRCD: clear DOB: 04/20/18 | Intact Male | Black / White Markings / Tan Point Degenerative Myelopathy is a debilitating disease that causes gradual paralysis in many dog breeds. It is caused by a degeneration of the spinal cord that onsets typically between 8 and 14 years of age. It presents first with the loss of coordination of the hind legs. It will typically worsen over six months to a year, resulting in paralysis of. Thank you for your business! You should be receiving an order confirmation from Paypal shortly. Exit Shopping Car

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Breeder of OFA and CERF certified Miniature Australian Shepherd dog breeder, Epsom, New Hampshire. Home Males Females New Arrivals Contract Evolving Aussies' Female Miniature Australian / American Shepherds CEA: n/CEA (Carrier, not Affected) CMR1: CMR1/n (Carrier, not Affected) DM: n/n (Clear) HC: n/n (Clear) MDR1: n/n (Clear) Triple R's N. Winstead Australian Shepherds, Comuna Biharia, Bihor. 1K likes · 2 talking about this · 2 were here. My goal is to breed a stable nervous system, healthy, versatile, smart show aussies CLEAR FOR CMR1, CD, HUU, CEA, HSF4 or HC, NCL8, PRA-PRCD. CARRIER FOR MDR1 & DM,. ofa : hips -fair eLBOWS - Fair 21 & 55LBS red fACTORED BET CARRIER. Swagger asca & akc will stand to select bitches starting in 2020 Clear for MDR1, HC, PRA-PRCD, CMR1, CD, HUU, CEA, NCL8, & dm ofa HIPS : good ofA elbows : norma

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An Australian variant of the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, it is the standard-issue sniper rifle in the Australian Army and is chambered for 7.62×51mm. It replaced the Parker Hale Model 82 rifle in the late 1990s. Manufactured under licence in Australia by Thales Australia. AW50F United Kingdom: Anti-materiel rifle.50 BM Sammy is a red factored large miniature Australian Shepherd. She is such a wonderful part of our family she loves children and other dogs. She is amazing on hikes and off leash. Height: 17 inches. Weight: 35 pounds. Color: Black Tri. Eye Color: Brown / Brown. Sammy is clear for: CEA/CH, CD/CD1, CMO, DM, HC/HSF4/JC, HUU, LCM, MDR1, CMR1, NCL.

Kygo. Peak River Fly Glossy Swiftlet x Kiss Kiss Bang Bang of Musimaciay. -NBT-. - Eyes Cleared Yearly-. -DM: Carrier-. Norwegian Champion. Swedish winner 2019. #1 Top winning australian shepherd 2017/2018/ 2019 & 2020. VHC in open at Crufts 2020 A direct DNA mutation test for carrier status can now be easily availed. If this is carried out, CEA in Australian Shepherds can be reduced by a large extent and this appears to be the only plausible solution to help in controlling this heritable eye disease. Learn more about Australian Shepherds

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overall toy Australian shepherd population is unknown. However, in one study of 392 Australian shepherds with and without cataracts from North America and Europe, 25.5% were carriers of the mutation and 3.8% had two copies of the mutation. In this same study, Australian shepherds with this mutation had an approximately 17-fold increase CEA is strongly linked to collie breeds. By: haroldmeerveld. Collie eye anomaly (CEA) is a genetic condition where the eye does not develop normally in the fetus. This disease is strongly linked to collie breeds such as rough collies, Shetland sheepdogs, Border Collies, smooth collies and Australian Shepherds. Of those dogs who have CEA, around. AKC/ASCA Tanasi's Casablanca. DOB-3/21/2016. HSF4-HC/PRA/DM-Clear, MDR1/CEA-Carrier MDR1: Clear HSF4: Clear CMR1: Clear prcd-PRA: Carrier DM: Carrier HUU: Clear CEA: Clear CD: Clear NCL: Clea Color: Black Tricolor Tail: Nbt Date of birth: 10/09/2014 HSF4: Clear CEA: Carrier PRA: Clear MDR1: Carrier HD (hips - displasia anche): A ED (elbows - displasia gomiti): 0 Dentition: Full/scissor bite Breeder & Owner: Severine Gerona & Euthalia's kenne

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Color: Red Tricolor Tail: Nbt Date of birth: 20/04/2016 HSF4: Clear CEA: Carrier PRA: Clear MDR1: Not yet tested HD (hips - displasia anche): A ED (elbows - displasia gomiti): 0 Dentition: Full/scissor bite Breeder & Owner: Davide Nalin & Camilla Marin MDR1: Clear HSF4: Clear CMR1: Clear prcd-PRA: Carrier DM: Clear CEA: Clear CD: Clear DCM: Clear HUU: Clear NCL: Clea Neg CEA.CH-CD,CD1-DM-AMN Gene-CMR1-NCL. Carrier PRA-PRCD- MDR1- HUU . Rikashay's Worth The Risk Risky AKC Miniature American Shepherd 16 Tall, 25 lbs. Sire:Sire: Dixie's Will I Am. Dam: Rikashay's Causin Riot. Neg CD,CD1-DM-HC-MDR1 Carrier PRA-PRCD . Rikashay's Bam-Ba-Lam Black Betty. Paw Print Genetics offers testing for common coat colors and traits. Some genes have more than one mutation, such as those genes involved in Agouti and determining a brown coat color. The tests for those variants have been combined for simplicity in ordering. To learn more, just click any of the coat color or trait names below Miniature Australian Shepherd, Mini Aussie, Miniature American Shepherd breeder located in Yamhill Oregon offering puppies for sale. Carrier. CEA: Clear. OFA: Hips/ Good, Patellas/ Normal, Elbows/ Normal.

WIND WHISPERS NORMAL IS AN ILLUSION Ebony CEA & MDR1 n/m, Non-Carrier for PRA, CN, DM (3/4 Rough Collie & 1/4 Standard Aussie) People will always talk, so let's give them something to talk about Dna CEA: Dna PRA-PRCD: Dna HSF4: MDR1: PEDIGREE. KIM. Aussie Paradise Kim Basinger. Kim - femmina australian shepherd. Kim - femmina australian shepherd

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Jag är uppfödare sedan 2003, men min första Aussie kom i mitt liv i 1999. Det var Laverton Yutah ( born 18-2-1999, died 8-8-2010 Big City In Da Club 'SHAWTY' AKC registered Black tri male 15 3/4 inches 30 pounds DM SOD 1 CARRIER CD CNBG3 NORMAL/CLEAR HC HSF4 NORMAL/CLEAR MDR1 ABCB1 CARRIER PRA/PRCD PRCD NORMAL/CLEAR CEA NHEJ1 NORMAL/CLEAR B Locus B/b RED FACTORED Shawty started things out with a bang here and bred his very first female when he arrived here and for being a [ Blue eye tri carrier on both sides of her parents. Black Tri Female. AKC Registered. Dee Dee has been genetically tested and cleared of CEA,CD,DM,HC,HUU,MDR1,CMR1,NCL6,PRA-prcd. Beautiful, intelligent, loyal, sweet girl. she has the softest eyes that seems like she talks through them. She loves attention and shows interest in the cattle

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CEA: clear PRA-PRCD: clear HC: clear MDR1: possible carrier I cant say enough about Whisper! She is the most gentle, loving dog I have ever had the pleasure to share my home with. She is very gentle and tender and loves everyone. She doesn't know a stranger and gives everyone her special loves Australian shepherd colors and patterns can vary greatly, but the United States Australian Shepherd Association recognizes these four major categories: black, red, red merle, and blue merle (merle being the genetic pattern that occurs in a dog's coat, often appearing as speckled patches of color). Red merle Australian shepherd dogs have.


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Available. Black tri female-Liberty. Available. Blue merle female-Star. Available-$2500. Fluff and Willie had their babies on June 29th putting their puppies Gotcha Love Day on August 24th. Fluff is 30 pounds and 14.5 tall. This is Fluff's last litter, she will be spayed after she raises her sweet babies Molly is an ASCA and UKC champion and is the dam of our lovely Peter and Betty. OFA Excellent Elbows normal, CEA carrier, eyes cleared yearly, MDR1-M/N, Juvenile cataracts- HC, HSF4 N/N, PRA-PRCD, PRCD- N/ CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) is the name given to a group of eye defect afflicting many herding and other breeds. The clinical effects of CH vary greatly among affected dogs within a breed, including between parent and offspring and even within a litter Registered Name: Blasted Rivers Bluebelle. DOB 4/11/2018. Blue Merle. Weight — 10 lbs. Height -- 11 inches. MDR1, CEA, HC, PRA-PRC -- Cleared by percentage. BlueBelle is a Blasted River baby from Rhetta and Cash Man CO-OWNED WITH MARCO GABOSSI Born: june 29th 2009 Hips: HDB - pennHIP left DI 0.46 - right DI 0.42 Elbows: ED0 Eye tested clear . DNA clear: CEA, PRA HSF4, DM, MDR1 Red / white / coppe

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Australian Shepherds have tails, and there's a one-in-five chance that an Aussie will have a naturally bobbed tail since they were bred that way for effective herding. If an Aussie was born with a long tail, it is often docked to protect it from injury *Freestyles Out of the Blue* ASCA/AKC. RF Blue Merle Female. DOB: 11/30/2020. Clear through parentage for DM, CD, CR, PRAD/PRA, CMCD, HC, MDR1. Tested for CEA- Results- Carrier/not affecte Australian Champion Ellerran Parti Sensation (Carrier CEA) Tempest. View More Details. Ellerran Aura High Distinction (Gen clear CEA) Stacey. View More Details. BIS Australian Champion Ellerran Girls Wanna Have Fun (Gen clear CEA) Cindy. View More Details Breeder of OFA and CERF certified Miniature Australian Shepherd dog breeder, Epsom, New Hampshire. Home Males Females New Arrivals Contract Evolving Aussies' Male Miniature Australian / American Shepherds CEA: n/CEA (Carrier, not Affected) CMR1: CMR1/n (Carrier, not Affected) DM: n/n (Clear) HC: n/HC (Carrier) MDR1: n/n (Clear) Hendrix. Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog that is easy to train. That being said, all dogs, including the smart Aussie, require early socialization and obedience training. Because they're high energy dogs too, Aussies need plenty of exercise daily. If they're trained and exercised regularly and consistently, they'll.

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Miniature Australian Shepherd Blue Merle with 2 blue eyes Height 16.5 Weight 39 pounds DOB: 7/22/16 CHAMPIONSHIP LINES. OFA Hips and Elbows: Pending MDR1 - Normal/ Carrier (not affected) Pra/Prcd - Normal/normal OFA ECR (CERF) Clear annually in May HSF4 - Normal/Clear by parentage CEA - Normal/Clear by parentag Turvey Australian Shephards Turvey Australian Shepherds She is clear by parentage for CD CEA CMR1 HC PRCD. She was tested by Animal Genetics and is a carrier for DM but is clear for MDR1.. Bred By: Lori and Adam Brewster. Co-Bred By: Stephanie Behn. Owned and Loved By: Amanda Byron. *Bailey is retired from showing and mom life, but is continuing her Therapy dog work and helping raise all our litters. Sire: Watermark Man Of The Hour CGC TDI. Dam: Terra-Blue Picture Perfect

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AKC/ASCA/UKC Registered July 5, 201 Charmhill Carlotta ( Genetically Clear CEA Ch , DM, VW3, Carrier MDR1) Hip Score 3/2 , Shooter was xrayed at age 2 years . Shooter at 3 years . 'Shooter' is a special boy and has lived up to his early potential . 'Shooter' is golden/red sable with abundant coat that fits his body beautifully Blanca Diamond Edge DNA-VP, ASCA Registered. Black tricolor, 3.5 years old, 21 at the withers, 47 pounds. Red factor and natural bob tail carrier. Health testing: Cone Deg. n/n, CEA n/n, CMR1 n/n, DM n/n HC n/n MDR1 n/n, PRCD-PRA n/n. Blanca comes to us from Diamond S Aussies with a great cow dog lineage. She displays lots of drive and is very. We breed Australian Shepherds as a family. We are located in the beautiful Bayarea just 45 minutes north of the Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco. We specialize in breeding family pets that have sweet temperaments and are used to living in a family setting. We are involved in agility training as well as playing frisbee with our dogs. Come check out our puppies

Timberlines Double R Nothing AKC. black bi male 2 blue eyes Sire: Timberlines Code Red Dam: Timberlines Delilah 17 1/2 45 lbs Clear for CD, CEA, CMR1, HC, HUU &o MDR This is the first published report of CEA in the Australian Kelpie breed. The initial ophthalmoscopic finding was subsequently confirmed using the specific DNA based test. Based on analysis of the probands' pedigree the dog's dam proved to be homozygous for the mutation and one other affected dog plus several carriers were found Cerf-clear/ MDR1-/ PRA / PRCD - / HC- /DM-/CEA-/CMR1- This handsome fellow, is out of LINKON and BEBE(2020 litter), This boy has very nice conformation in a smaller package he is a strong blue eye carrier and red factored

Some CEA puppies are masked affecteds. (This was once called go normal.) They appear normal on exam because normal pigment development in the back of the eye sometimes covers the defective areas preventing observation. Masked affecteds have two copies of the mutation. Any offspring they produce will be carriers OFA hips-Excellent, Elbows-Normal. *NOT RED FACTORED. AKC GCH MJR PTD/CH Atomic Knock Em Back Cabo . By Ivie Farms Class Clown Joker, out of Atomic Southern Soul Whiskey. Full panel clear. CDDY-IVDD-carrier. My very 1st bred by AKC Champion. OFA hips-Prelims Excellent, Elbows Normal The eyes of both the Carrier and the Clear dogs will be unaffected by the disease. A dog which has two mutated alleles is defined as Affected. The outcomes of the different crosses of these dogs are as follows: Clear X Clear = 100% CEA Clear puppies; Clear X Carrier = on average, 50% Clear, 50% Carriers; Clear X Affected = 100% Carriers CEA is a genetic condition that's usually found in Collies and other herding dogs. Breeds affected include: Rough Collies Smooth Collies Border Collies Australian Shepherds Shetland Sheepdogs. CEA: Abbreviation for Collie Eye Anomaly Cheeks: The region of the skin that lies below the eyes and begins at the lips, reaching back to the area in front of the ears