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Lobelia herb powder is derived from the Lobelia herb itself which was named after the Botanist Matthias De Lobel. This herb grows once or twice a year and reaches up to one or two feet high. The lower leaves as well as the flowers are pale violet-blue in color and are tinted pale yellow within Starwest Botanicals Organic Lobelia Leaf Powder, 1 Pound Lobelia Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Organic Lobelia (Lobelia Inflata) Dried Herb Glycerite Hawaii Pharm Natural Herbal Supplement 2 oz 2 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) 4.5 out of 5 stars16 Lobelia Herb, Powder, 1 oz (Lobelia inflata) $3.45 . Qty: Item Number: 244P1; Powerful Respiratory Support When You Need It. Supports respiratory & bronchial health; Promotes relaxation; Herbal antispasmodic; Lobelia is a powerful respiratory tonic that relaxes air passages for clearer breathing. The herbal antispasmodic also relaxes tight. Best Botanicals Lobelia Herb Powder — Calming Relief — 16 oz. Brand: Best Botanicals. 4.9 out of 5 stars. 15 ratings. Price: $28.00 ($1.75 / Ounce) Enhance your purchase. Plant or Animal Product Type

Regrettably, however, despite the lure of its beauty, lobelia is considered a symbol of malice in the Victorian language of flowers. Still, the powdered herb makes a fine salve, ointment, poultice or chest rub. The preferred methods of preparation include infusion and tincturing using vinegar instead of alcohol as the macerate Asthma weed is often called lobelia. However, it sometimes goes by other names, including emetic herb, hierba del asma, Indian tobacco, Indianischer tabak and tabac Indien. It's most commonly used for healthy lung function and improved respiratory health because it relaxes the air passages Lobelia is a plant that grows in Canada and the northern U.S. The above ground parts are used to make medicine. Lobelia is used for asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, quitting smoking, and many.. Lobelia is a genus of flowering plants, some of which have been harvested for herbal remedies for centuries. The most commonly used is Lobelia inflata, though several species may be beneficial for.. Lobelia inflata is a flowering herb that was used by Native Americans for a number of health conditions, including asthma and respiratory conditions. Although human studies are lacking, there's some evidence that the herb can improve asthma, depression, ADHD and inflammatory conditions

Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) or Indian tobacco is an herbal remedy I have recommended for addressing acute asthma symptoms. It has a long history of use by Native Americans who smoked lobelia as treatment for asthma. In the 19th century, American physicians used lobelia to provoke vomiting as a means of removing toxins from the body Lobelia inflata, a member of the Campanulaceae family, is an annual or biennial herbaceous plant growing to 15-100 centimeters (5.9-39 in) tall, with stems covered in tiny hairs. Its leaves are usually about 8 centimeters (3.1 in) long, and are ovate and toothed Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) is a plant used in herbal and homeopathic medicine. Said to expel mucus from the respiratory tract, it is used to treat respiratory problems. In addition, some individuals use lobelia to help them quit smoking, sooth muscles, support alcoholism recovery, and more

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  1. Lobelia is a small, low-growing plant in the bellflower family that produces vibrant purple-blue flowers. The aerial parts of the plant are traditionally used to combat inflammation of the skin and respiratory disorders. The herb is also a component of herbal smoking blends, as indicated by the common names Indian tobacco and asthma weed
  2. History and Folklore: Named after the 17th-century botanist, Matthias de Lobel, Lobelia is known as Indian Tobacco because Native Americans used it as a substitute for tobacco because it has similar effects when smoked. Lobelia was also used as a medicinal herb to induce vomiting, thus removing harmful poisons from the body
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  4. Lobelia is also found in many over-the counter cold remedy applications. 1 Lobelia doesn't just allow easier breathing, the herb has been shown to immediately relieve asthma attacks. And the herb doesn't have to be taken as a tincture, infusion, capsule or tablet. Lobelia can also be inhaled from a vaporizer
  5. Medicinal Uses and Constituents of Lobelia Herb Powder:- The herb has a long history of use in connection with respiratory ailments, such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and coughs. Lobelia was a common herb prescribed by early North American doctors
  6. Lobelia inflata is an herb that is used to treat asthma, allergies, whooping cough, congestion, and bronchitis. In the past, it was also useful for tobacco withdrawal as an herbal remedy to quit smoking. It is found in the southeastern part of Canada from Nova Scotia to Southeast Ontario and British Columbia
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Due to the incredible diaphoretic and anti- bacterial properties of this herb, it also helps treat insect bites and bronchitis. Lobelia is also beneficial for lung cleansing The oral preparations of Lobelia inflate (lobelia), like lobelia powder, are used for asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis, as a sedative and for sweating as well. Lobelia is also used to treat apnea in newborn infants and is considered as active ingredient in smoking cessation products. Topically - Lobelia can be applied to the skin in order to. Lobelia seed powder, 4 OZ. Diluted acetic acid, 2 pints. Macerate in a close glass vessel for seven days, then express the liquor, filter, and add to the filtered product alcohol, or concentrated acetic acid, 1 fluid ounce. The whole should measure 2 pints. This medicated vinegar may also be prepared by percolation Lobelia Herb Powder has a greenish color, even though the seeds are brown, and is available in the following forms: dried Lobelia Herb and Powder, Lobelia Herb liquid extract and tinctures. Lobelia Herb is sometimes referred to as Indian tobacco, and was commonly prescribed by early North American doctors for a variety of complaints Liquid Lobelia Extract. Supports healthy lungs and more. Lobelia is an herb that is used for many health benefits. The herb goes well with tea before bed, just add a dropper of the liquid extract and enjoy. Supplement Facts. Serving Size 1 dropper (0.8mL) 1 ounce, 8 ounce, 16 ounce sizes available. Amount Per Serving

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Lobelia Powder (ER1119) Lobelia Powder . Lobelia Powder (ER1119) from Ecuadorian Rainforest. Origin: India (Origin may vary per lot - Refer to certificate of analysis) Botanical Name: Lobelia Inflata. Parts Used: Leaf-Stem. Color: Greenish to Brown (Due to the nature of natural ingredients, color may vary per lot) Mesh Size: 80/60/40 Mesh Availabl The Crow burned and administered Lobelia mainly for ceremonial medicine, and were known to throw a bit of the powdered herb into the air to ward off thunderstorms. 5 The Iroquois employed it as a purgative, as a psychological aid for tobacco or alcohol habit, and as a magical conduit for love medicine and protection against misfortune. 6 The Penobscot used it for spasmodic cough, asthma, and.

Powdered lobelia seeds or leaves, or the compound powder of lobelia and capsicum, are the best local applications that can be employed in acute pulmonary complaints, and give great relief in chronic cases with a sense of suffocation and fullness, accompanied by soreness within the chest (Felter) Botanical Name: Lobelia inflata. Other Common Names: Lobelia, pukeweed, Indian tobacco, gagroot, asthma weed, vomitwort, bladderpod, rapuntium inflatum. Habitat: Lobelia is found in the more dry areas of America and Canada. Plant Description: This herb is named after Mattias de Lobel, a botanist who lived in the 17th century. This herb is 30 to 60 cm high and with sparsely leaved stems. Lobelia Powder (FRX920) Lobelia Powder. Lobelia Powder (FRX920) from NutriCargo. Origin: India (Origin may vary per lot - Refer to certificate of analysis) Botanical Name: Lobelia Inflate. Part Used: Herb. Other Ingredients: None **Due to the nature of natural ingredients, physical attributes may differ from lot to lot (color, taste, etc) To use lobelia as an enema, also called internal bathing by some, follow these directions This herb may be administered by means of the internal bath, namely, taking a solution of one ounce of the powdered lobelia to a quart of water and injecting this solution into the intestines, through the rectum. Dr

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#1223 Lobelia herb c/s $15.00 #1224 Lobelia herb powder $16.00 #1916 Lungwort leaf c/s $17.00 #1226 Mandrake root c/s $15.00 #1227 Mandrake root powder $16.00 #1228 Marshmallow root c/s $12.00 #2229 Marshmallow root c/s cert.org. $15.00 #2806 Marshmallow root powder $12.00 #1230 Meadowsweet herb c/s $12.00 #1984 Meadowsweet herb powder $15.0 Lobelia, a member of the Campanulaceae family, is a great low-dose herb to have in your herb chest or first aid kit. It is commonly known as lobelia but also goes by the names Indian tobacco, puke weed, and asthma root

Lobelia herb powder Lobelia inflata: USA: 1 pound: $13.40: $12.90 Lungwort herb c/s Pulmonaria officinalis: Hungary: 1 pound: $11.50: $11.20 Lycii berries whole Lycium chinense: China: 1 pound: $15.70: $15.30 Lysine (L) powder China: 1 pound: $14.20: $13.80 Maca root powder (Out of Stock) Lepidum meyenil: Peru: 1 pound. 1 oz. (28 grams) Lobelia Herb Powder Wild Crafted (Lobelia inflata) also known as gagwort, vomitwort, and pukeweed. As you can imagine from its name, large amounts of the herb can induce vomiting. However, that's not what lobelia is used for most in modern herbal medicine Lobelia herb c/s Lobelia inflata: Bulgaria: 1 pound: $15.25: Lobelia herb powder Lobelia inflata: USA: 1 pound: $15.45: Lungwort herb c/s Pulmonaria officinalis: Hungary: 1 pound: $14.05: Lycii berries whole Lycium chinense: China: 1 pound: $16.55: Lysine (L) powder Lobelia inflata is an herb found in the southeastern part of Canada and the eastern half of the United States, with the exception of Florida. The said herb is known to be very effective in treating various ailments. Several studies have already proven the herbal plant's efficacy in treating diseases like asthma, bronchitis, congestion, whooping cough and different types of allergies

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Lobelia is a strong herb, best used with a practitioner's guidance. In normal doses, it is sage and a useful medicinal herb. Traditionally it is used in Native American medicine and was popular with Eclectic and Physio-medical physicians Lobelia Herb. A 1-3 foot tall annual. It contains a milky sap, much branched with an erect, angular, hairy stem. The alternate, hairy leaves with obvious veins are lanceolate and bluntly serrate. Pale violet, tubular flowers have a 2-lipped corolla with 2 erect upper lobes and 3 spreading lower lobes, occurring rather far apart in loose spike. Lobelia Herb Powder has a greenish color, even though the seeds are brown, and is available in the following forms: dried Lobelia herb and powder, Lobelia Herb liquid extract and tinctures. Lobelia Herb is sometimes referred to as Indian tobacco, and was commonly prescribed by early North American doctors for a variety of complaints Lobelia inflata commonly known as Lobelia, Indian tobacco, Pukeweed, Asthma Weed, Gagroot, Vomitwort, Bladderpod, Eyebright and rapuntium inflatum is a flowering herb that is named after the Belgian botanist, Matthias de l'Obel. The plant belongs to Campanulaceae family and is native to Eastern North America, from southeastern Canada (Nova Scotia to southeast Ontario) south through the. Lobelia Herb in Seed Stage - Certified Organic . VIEW DETAILS. Lobelia Seed (oz) - Certified Organic. VIEW DETAILS. Lomatium Root - Wild Harvested (50lb max per customer) Tulsi Basil Herb POWDER - Certified Organic. VIEW DETAILS. Turkey Rhubarb Root (1/2 lb Quantity) - Certified Organic

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Latin Name: Lobelia inflata Also known as: Asthma weed, Indian pink, Indian tobacco, pukeweed, vomit weed. Description: A 1-3 foot tall annual. It contains a milky sap, much branched with an erec The stalks of the lower leaves and flower are pale violet-blue in color and tinted pale yellow within. Several species of the Lobelia inflata, or Lobelia herb, are grown throughout English gardens for the splendor of its flowers, coming in every shade of scarlet, purple, and blue Lobelia Herb Extract (Lobelia Inflata) Liquid 1 oz from Nature's Answer. Lobelia Herb - Lobelia Inflata Organic Alcohol Lobelia Extract Ingredients Homeopathic Tincture 3X 18-12% certified organic alcohol Serving size: 0.25mL, 3x daily Each serving contains: Lobelia herb homeopathic tincture 3x (HPUS) 250mg Kosher Bio-Chelated mor We carry a wide selection of herbs, such as Catnip, Mugwort, Peppermint, White Oak, just to name a few. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us, and we can get the herb you want. Consult with a health care professional or reliable source for proper uses and possible warnings in regard to this pro

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Blend: Barley Grass Juice Powder, Burdock Root, Carrot Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Chlorella, Nettle Leaf, Pau D' Arco Herb, Red Root Powder, Barberry Root, Catnip Leaf, Lemon Balm Leaf, Lobelia Leaf, Passion Flower Herb, Scullcap Herb, Slippery Elm Bark, Wood Betony Herb. NEO & GROWTH TONIC...$70, 1 lb bag (60-day supply STL Herbs and Aromatics STL Herbs and Aromatics provides the finest quality Pure, Therapeutic Essential Oils and Herbal products available. Our mission is to assist others to live a healthy lifestyle by encouraging individuals to utilize herbal and aromatic remedies for creating vibrant health Lobelia Herb Powder 4 oz., Best Botanicals. Item# 10048BB. Lobelia is one of the greatest herbs ever given to the world. Lobelia is a general corrector of the whole system, as it is easily diffused and able to influence the entire body. Lobelia is an efficient relaxant, and is believed to be the best counter-irritant known to mankind Ban Bian Lian, Lobelia chinensis herb, Herbal Powder, 500 grams. $80.47 $98.47 Free Shipping. Quantity. Add to Cart. Product Code: MW5506SFP UPC Code: 739934255063 This product is sold in HERBAL POWDER form. The net weight of the Herbal Powder is listed with the herb name..

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Lobelia herb & seed (Lobelia inflata) extract 415 mg . Country of origin: USA. Other Ingredients. certified organic cane alcohol (42-52%), distilled water & certified organic vinegar. Certified Organic ; Fresh (undried) Extraction rate 220 mg fresh herb per 0.44 ml Lobelia is considered one of the strongest herbs in the world. It contains 14 alkaloids, one of which is lobeline, which is similar to the nicotine found in common tobacco. Dr. Schulze advocates the gradual approach of smoking one less cigarette each day and taking lobelia when the urge to smoke becomes impossible to resist

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  1. istration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
  2. Herb: Indian Tobacco Latin name: Lobelia inflata Family: Campanulaceae (Bellflower Family) Medicinal use of Indian Tobacco: Indian Tobacco was a traditional North American Indian remedy for a wide range of conditions. Nowadays it is used mainly as a powerful antispasmodic herb in the treatment of respiratory and muscle disorders. Acting also as.
  3. Ban Bian Lian, Lobelia chinensis herb, 5:1 Extract Powder, 100 grams. $54.00 $67.50 Free Shipping. Quantity. Add to Cart. Product Code: MW5506C UPC Code: 739934955062 This product is sold in 5:1 CONCENTRATED EXTRACT POWDER form. The net weight of the Extract Powder is listed with the herb name..
  4. LOBELIA LEAF POWDER INDIA - Product No: 530 lobelia inflata HERB - DRIE
  5. Starwest Botanicals, Lobelia, Leaf, 1 lb Powder. Common Names: Lobella, asthma weed, Indian pink, Indian tobacco, pukeweed, vomit weed. The Lobelia inflata or Lobelia herb is named after the botanist Matthias de Lobel, and is an erect annual or biennial herb, growing one to two feet high. The stalks of the lower leaves and flower are pale.
  6. Lobelia Powder (1 oz, Zin: 512460) Also called Indian tobacco or pukeweed, lobelia produces bitter leaves and seeds that have expectorant, stimulant, antispasmodic, and emetic properties. Health-wise,lobelia can be used to help support health concerns such as asthma, spasmodic coughs, spasms and tetany, food poisoning (vomit), and it can be used as a catalyst for other herbs in combinations.
  7. Lobelia is one of the many flowering plants used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It derives its name from a botanist Matthias de Lobel from Lille, Belgium. Lobel died in 1616. The health benefits of Lobelia were already known and extensively used by Penobscot Indians. However, it was Samuel Thompson who made the herb's medicinal.

Ingredients Cayenne powder $8.60 $3.06 Sold out Sold out $13.55 Lobelia Herb/Seed, 4oz Nature's Warehouse Cut and Sifted. Ingredients Lobelia Herb cut and sifted $13.55 Add to cart Save 62 % $21.80 $8.24 Chamomile Flower, 12oz Nature's Warehouse Also known as Roman Chamomile, Anthemis Nobilis; Compositae. Best used part is the flower. It is a. The only other herb he elaborated on, in detail, was cayenne (chilli) to which he devoted 13 pages. Often, he combined cayenne with lobelia, which he said was the best stimulant known. Jethro Kloss believed that lobelia was a most powerful herb for removing disease and promoting health

Scientific Name: Lobelia Inflata L., Lobeliaceae, Bluebell Family Common Uses: Antispasmodic, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic, expectorant, nervine, stimulant, sedative. *Warnings: Although some herbal practitioners have sworn by lobelia as a harmless but effective panacea for what ails man, overdoses of homemade medicinal preparations have. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Slippery Elm. List of various diseases cured by Slippery Elm. How Slippery Elm is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Names of Slippery Elm in various languages of the world are also given Ingredients: Mullein Leaf, Licorice Root, Eleuthero Root (Siberian Ginseng), Gotu Kola, Hawthorn Berries, Lobelia Herb, Ginger Root & Cayenne Pepper. Mullein and Lobelia: the perfect glandular foods. Siberian Ginseng: Successfully used in the Soviet Union to ease stress in everyday situations and tend endurance to athletes under great strain.

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Ayurvedic Herbs Chinese Herbs Herbal Powder Blends Mushrooms When storing herbs, try to avoid sunlight and oxygen. Glass airtight jars kept in the cupboard work best, though zipper bags stored away from direct light work well, too. Lobelia herb, c/s. $3.90/oz. Add To Cart. Lomatium root, c/s. $3.90/oz. Add To Cart. Longan fruit (Long. Lobelia herb extract is sold over the counter in health food stores or the internet. Most commonly lobelia is available as a 4 to 1 extract. You can also find lobelia as a bulk powder. Lobelia plant There are many varieties of lobelia plant. Many species are grown in English gardens since the lobelia flower is quite attractive Lobelia is a perennial herb native to Eastern N. America from Maine to S. Dakota, south to Texas and Missouri. It is found growing in moist woods, stream and pond banks, and marshes. The stems are erect, sometimes branching, flower stalks. Lobelia blooms from July to November Dr. Christopher's Lobelia extract Lobelia in a base of pure Apple Cider Vinegar. Lobelia is used as a dietary supplement for the nervous, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. Lobelia's antispasmodic/relaxing, stimulating (respiratory), emetic/expectorant action makes it valuable for asthma and bronchitis etc Bulk Herbs and Powders. These are organically grown or ethically wildharvested herbs in cut or powdered form, most commonly used in tea blends, powder blends for smoothies, and to make natural skincare extracts. We sell each of these by the ounce by weight. Filter Filter acerola cherry agrimony Alfalfa Alfalfa Leaf Powder Alkanet Root Angelica.

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Lobelia Powder. Botanical Name: Lobelia inflata Forms Available: Dried herb in seed stage, Seed-whole. Category: Herbal Ingredients Tags: Lobelia, Lobelia Powder. Send Us an Enquiry. Enquiry about Lobelia Powder Lobelia inflata (L) Synonyms: lobelia, bladderpod, emetic herb, emetic weed, gagroot, vomitroot, vomitwort, pukeweed, wild tobacco, asthma weed, bladderpod, eyebright. Order: Lobeliaceae. Description: This annual or biennial herb is indigenous to the eastern US and grows in meadows, pastures and cultivated fields.The erect, angular stem, growing up to 1m high, is hairy and contains a milky sap Lobelia is a highly adaptable plant and can do well in a variety of conditions. It is easy to grow from seed. Once the danger of frost has passed, seeds can be scattered lightly over prepared top soil. If evenly watered and kept moist, they should germinate within a couple of weeks and flourish as temperatures warm. This Herb Appears In Lobelia may be used on its own or combined with other herbs in homeopathic remedies. 5 lobelia may be used as a liquid extract, ground into a powder, in capsules or in teas Licorice root powder: Lobelia inflata: Lobelia Herb cut/sifted: Lobelia inflata: Lobelia Herb powder: Lycium chinense: Lycii Berries whole (Gogi) Lepidium meyenii: Maca Root powder: Althaea officinalis: Marshmallow Root powder: Silybum marianum: Milk Thistle Seed powder Miso Black Soybean powder Miso Red Soybean powder: Leonurus cardiaca.

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Lobelia Herb - Lobelia inflata. Lycii Berries whole (Gogi) - Lycium chinense. Maca Root - Lepidium meyenii. Marshmallow Root - Althaea officinalis. Milk Thistle Seed, powdered seed or extract - Silybum marianum. Miso - White, Yellow, Red, Paste or Powder. Motherwort Herb - Leonurus cardiaca. Mulberry Leaves - Morus. Mustard Seed, Black. Blend: Ashwagandha Root, Barberry Root, Catnip Leaf, Lemon Balm Leaf, Lobelia Leaf, Passion Flower Herb, Scullcap Herb, Slippery Elm Bark, Wood Betony Herb Neo & Growth Tonic Supports optimal health during gestation, lactation and the first several months and up to 3 years of the foals life Lobelia or Indian tobacco is a flowering herb formerly used as a substance to aid in quitting smoking. Health benefits include: respiratory stimulant and antispasmodic, expectorant, muscle relaxant, seizure prevention. It can be added to bath water, taken orally or brewed in a tea. Specifications. Botanical Name. Lobelia inflata. Organic Status 1 oz. Cut & Sifted $4.95. Mullein Leaf. Available as Cut & Sifted and/or Powder. Quantities Available. 1 oz. C/S $5.95 USD 2 oz. C/S $9.95 USD 2 oz. Powder $7.95 USD. Myrrh Gum. Granules and/or Powder. 1 ounce Granules $3.49 USD 1 ounce Powder $5.95 USD 2 ounces Powder $9.95 USD. Myrtle Leaf Bulk Jiaogulan Gynostemma Powder. Jiaogulan Gynostemma is a green climbing leafy herb vine that grows wild in the Asian Mountains. The herb has only recently become famous because of the long healthy lives of the villages nearby who have used it as a daily tea. Due to the 100 year old centenarian population in these villages, Jiaogulan has now.

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Nature's Answer, Lobelia Extract, Low Alcohol, 690 mg, 1 fl oz (30 ml) 98. $10.49. Add to Cart. Herb Pharm, Lobelia, 1 fl oz (30 ml) 73. $11.20. Add to Cart. Eclectic Institute, RAW Freeze-Dried Concentrate, Lung Support, 400 mg, 45 Caps Herbal Calcium Formula: Horsetail, Nettle, Oatstraw, and Lobelia. Herbal Calcium is a natural calcium capsule, tea or glycerine based extract. The silica in horsetail grass converts to calcium, and the other herbs work in close conjunction with this master calcium herb

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Arnica Flowers. Arrow root powder. Artichoke leaf. Ashwagandha root. Ashwagandha root powder. Astragalus root. Astragalus root powder. B - Barberry Root to Butterfly Pea Flower. Barberry root bark CHILI CHIPOTLE POWDER 75k. CHILI CHIPOTLE WHOLE 75k. CHILI HABANERO POWDER 200k. CHILI JALAPENO FLAKES 30k. CHILI JALAPENO POWDER 30k. CHILI MORUGA SCORPION 600k. CHILI RED PEPPER FLAKES. CHILI RED PEPPER POWDER. CHINESE 5 SPICE SEASONING HerbsPro offers best Lobelia Herbal Products that are produced according to manufacturing standards set by regulators at everyday low prices. Shop Lobelia Products Online at HerbsPro Used with Lobelia it can also help soothe nerves. the stiffness and pain of rheumatism and arthritis. The contents of a capsule, or half a teaspoon from a jar of cayenne powder, can simply be added to some moisturiser and then massaged onto the skin. A stimulating stomachic. A catalyst for all herbs. Improves circulation, aids digestion. Resp-Free Herbal Powder with Comfrey, 16 oz, Christopher's Original Formulas. Christopher's Resp-Free Powder Old Name(s): Ex-Stress Supplement Facts Proprietary Blend: * Comfrey Root, Mullein Leaf, Chickweed Herb, Marshmallow Root & Lobelia Herb. * Daily Value not established

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Powder Products; Herbal Sprays; Vitamins & Minerals. Vitamins; Minerals & Joint Health; Specials; My Account/Register; Checkout; Select Page. Home / Single Herbs / Page 4 Single Herbs. Showing 28-36 of 52 results. Lobelia Herb $ 10.95 - $ 138.00; Marshmallow Root $ 10.95 - $ 138.00; Milk Thistle Seed 8oz. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 46.95. Click Here To View All. 33030090. FE AYURVEDIC HERB ENRICHED HEAD MASSAGE OIL JAPAPATTI (RETURN TO ORIGIN) (EXP.VIDE S/B NO.8968604 DT-15/12/19) India. India. 3. 13021990. GANODERMA POWDER (MUSHROOM POWDER) GRADE A4 (AYURVEDIC PROPRIETARY HERB FOR FURTHER PREPARATION) BULK PACKING AS PER COM

Herb Pharm, Lobelia Extract Liquid, 4 oz