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We've only known each other/been sleeping together for one month. 3 pregnancy tests, all 3 positive. I'm getting an abortion because I'm still a student. I'm confident he would agree with this decision. The question is whether I tell him or not. I don't intend to keep sleeping with him after this because I think it would be too weird for me Then another one. Then another one. I couldn't believe it and started to sob. My husband knocks on the door and asks me if I'm okay so I let him in. I give him a big hug and tell him I'm pregnant. He was shocked and asks me if I'm sure and I point to the 3 tests on the toilet seat lid (lol) Statistically, 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, though doctors say it could be as high as 1 out of 2 because some happen before you even know you're pregnant. To have your partner turn on you like that after your body turned on you must have felt like the ultimate betrayal, and I'm so sorry. You deserved better

3 months ago · edited 3 months ago. I wouldn't tell your friend, but I would talk to your ex and ask her when she's planning on telling your friend about her pregnancy. She either gets an abortion or tells him about it or he notices what's going on. If she can't get any support I would offer up my support If I were in your shoes I would have an abortion and never ever tell him, but that's just me. If you tell him that you're pregnant, he'll probably want you to go through with the full nine months and have the child. If you know that you're not ready to handle this responsibility, then you need to terminate the pregnancy and not let him know Well, I'm not saying I would never tell him. In a ONS situation, I would want to learn more about the guy and get to know him. I'd probably try to find out about how responsible he was, and if he seemed good, I would most likely tell him. I just wouldn't automatically jump to the conclusion that having a father is better than not

firstly - Im not judging you and Im not trying to change your mind. But I think you should tell your boyfriend. It's your body and of course the last word has to be yours, but I kind of feel that in cases like this it has to be mutual decision. Avoiding a pregnancy is BOTH parties responsibility, not only women's I think you should tell him, unless you have reason to think he will harm you/try to stop you/retaliate in some way - ie: unless he is abusive and you are scared of him. My reasons for this are that more men need to realise why contraception is important and that abortion needs to be free, safe and readily available 8/10. When Jill first told me she was pregnant, she was 17 and a senior in high school. I was 18, working, and my first thought was that she was totally messing with me. But then I realized she. INSTAGRAM: @simplynaka https://www.instagram.com/simplynaka @dpclutch https://www.instagram.com/dpclutch @nakaanddom https://www.instagram.com/naka.. Then, let him know you are pregnant. Whether you've made up your mind or are ambivalent and have concerns, share what you're thinking. If the pregnancy hasn't yet been confirmed by your.

It takes two to make a baby and not all men man up and that's not the expectant mother's fault. I'm two months pregnant and my boyfriend of more than one year took it badly. And he said I should take the abortion pill and he makes $400k a year. I'm ignoring him even though he threatened he would not be involved in the child's life. It's either keep the baby and tell my husband nothing, or abort. The man I'm pregnant by knows and says he is willing to go along with whatever I decide. He's not someone that I think I'll end up with in the long run, although his is a nice guy. He understands the predicament and isn't sure what is best either I'm just going to come out and say it: I got pregnant by a man I barely know. I have some time to tell my boyfriend before the bump shows, but I've been hesitant to say anything because I'm scared that he'll leave me. I can't blame him if he does. But I'm especially scared to be alone because of this child So this is my situation. Been dating this guy for nearly a year He's amazing and I really could see a future with him 'IN THE FUTURE'. We're technically not together at the moment but love each other a lot, enough so to have this 'break' whilst h..

I just went through this. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I had no choice but to tell my bf he may not be the father. I cheated once and the conception date I was given was 5 days before I cheated. People say its not always accurate so I knew without being told it would only be fair just incase to tell him 3,115. Reactions. 37,148 545 220. Alleybux. 28,571. You should tell him upfront that you are pregnant but completely done with the father. That's kinda a big lie to start your relationship off. I seen men date women they know is pregnant. Dec 20, 2020 James, then 20, was shopping with his girlfriend at Walmart when he teasingly suggested that she should get a pregnancy test. They had been together for a few months, and were just about to move in together. I'll buy it for one day, James told his girlfriend, you never know. When his girlfriend got home, she took the test: positive Ask him to unwrap the present and take the tag, where he will see the words I'm Pregnant, or You're going to be a dad. Tummy talk. Write it on your tummy with a marker. You can keep the announcement simple with I'm pregnant or you can apply a bit of humor with 10% loading or any other baby-related puns

1. You should not be trying to have a baby. 2. Pulling out is not a method of contraception. 3. You need to tell your boyfriend that you cheated, regardless of whether you're pregnant or it's his or whatever. 4. It's impossible to tell who's it is considering you had sex with two guys in two days Yes. You should definitely tell him. You need to find out if you are pregnant first. He has a right to know and it is up to him if he wants to be part of that baby's life or not. He may say that now that he will be, but you have to be prepared that he may not want anything to do with raising a child. Especially if he is at a point in his life. When you are ready to tell the father about the pregnancy, you should: Be Direct and Honest: This isn't a situation for subtlety. While it can be difficult and awkward, it's best to come out with what you need to say in a direct way. Choose the Right Setting: This is a conversation best held in person and in private I know pregnancy is always scary and tremendously painful, but remember, the baby didn't ask to be conceived. You are the one who chose to have sex. My birth mother gave birth to me when she was just 15 & then had each of my brothers at 17, 19, & 21 years of age. 3 out of 4 of us were put in foster care

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Should I Tell My Ex-boyfriend I'm Pregnant With His Child? Written by Feature Editor Updated on August 28th, 2019. Yes. That is, in just about all cases. Perhaps your situation meets one exception - which I'll address in a moment. There's a reason why he is your ex. You two don't work as a pair Lizzie_bpr. Jan 18, 2011 at 5:45 PM. I found out right after my boyfriend and I spilt up that I was in fact pregnant. We had sex one time, and dated almost a year before it happened. I've known him for almost 6 years, but he's not the person I thought he was originally. He used the excuse I don't have time for a relationship right now Here's the Reddit thread in full: My wife of 5 years had an affair with a co-worker last year. She was already pregnant with my child at the time. I'm sure the baby is mine, because I discovered all of their chat logs and pieced together a timeline. We also have a 2-year-old son There are certain things you should never tell your husband -- no matter what. When it comes to preserving marital bliss, Grandma's old adage still holds true: What he doesn't know can't hurt him I'm excited to share with you the good news that I'm pregnant. I'm due on [your due date] and I'm hoping to work until [your planned date] before taking maternity leave. Over the next few months, I'll work to create a detailed plan ensuring all of my projects and duties are completed or delegated to other team members

Ok so I'm 13 turning 14 in December and my bf is 16, 17 in November. So about a month ago my boyfriend came to my house after tafe and my mum wasn't home he sat on the couch I walked over to sit next to him but he puled me on top of him and started kissing me we made-out for a little while after we stopped I got up and walked into my room to get my phone he ran after me when we reached my room. 7) Tell him with booze. Buy him a case of his favorite beer or a bottle of his favorite wine and put a sign on it: Drink up daddy. Your designated driver expires _____ 8) Tell him on a pizza box. Order a pizza for dinner and write I'm Pregnant on the inside of the lid, along with your positive pregnancy test (make sure the lid is. Dear Prudie, More than 13 years ago, I got pregnant. At the time, I was finishing school and just beginning my career. My boyfriend Ben and I had been dating seriously for a few years. We. I agree she should politely tell him she's not interested—but I still think she should take that screen shot. Emily Yoffe: Thanks everyone. Next week the chat starts at a permanent new time. If you tell him make sure you show him the pregnancy test. My ex GF told me she had an abortion, and I was doubtful at the time (she wasn't mentally stable). Turns out she was, in fact, lying to me. Don't ever let thoughts of uncertainty enter his mind if you do tell him, it's too serious an issue


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09/28/2016. 09/25/2016. I absolutely love my husband and believe he is my soulmate. We have gone through some pretty bad times together, but are happier than ever now. We mostly have a very open relationship, where we can talk to each other about many things. Long story short, I have a minor issue with alcohol, where I lose my shit when I drink. Dads confess their true feelings about pregnant bodies. We women are always talking to each other, commiserating, and sharing our deepest insecurities on the internet. But it's not often men get asked how they feel about being pregnant -- about having pregnant wives or girlfriends, that is. With the anonymity of the web on their side, dads and. If you have to ask this question, probably not. It would be polite to do so. But just that. He's not obligated to help in any way. He can choose to punish you socially if he doesn't like your choice. And he can do that with almost zero repercussio.. My husband is having a baby with his mistress. My husband has been having an affair with a woman for about 2 years. I decided to stick it out with him because I felt he was going through a mid-life crisis. I took the infidelity but the baby is more than I can take. We have been married for 25 years and have been together for 30 Apologize and tell him you are willing to work on the marriage. If he was cheating I hope he can have some mercy on you being that he brought in the problems. If he wasn't cheating he should have put your mind at ease. But now you are both in a big problem and need to work together for the sake of the kids

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  1. No she doesn't need to tell him anything unless she wants to keep the pregnancy (and in some cases, not even then if there is any danger from the father). Yes, I agree honesty is the best policy but she does not owe him the truth. In fact I am surprised that she even told him about the pregnancy before making a decision herself
  2. I Love Daddy Husband Pregnancy Reveal. This one is definitely meant to tug at his heartstrings. For anyone who wants to make her husband happy-cry before the baby is even born, this onesie-card combo is a great way to do it. Pregnancy Announcement ($13+, Catherine & Ash/Etsy) 27/45. PZL Zone/Etsy
  3. Why I'm Divorcing My Pregnant Wife. A 28-year-old man has been married to his 27-year-old wife for two years. She is currently 6-7 months pregnant. He wants to get a divorce. I can safely say.

Abortions are not easy, so if you think you need his support (and you think you will get it from him), then I say you should tell him. If you think telling him will make the ordeal harder for you or he'll convince you otherwise, then maybe you shouldn't tell him anything. March 6, 2017 at 9:36 am #608265 Reply. Denise Dear Prudence, I have been married for 20 years to a great guy. I have a big problem, though: I have never liked sex with him. He is a great father and husband, but the sex has never been good I can't tell from this question if you have already had an abortion and want to know if you should tell him about the pregnancy or not . I will answer with assumption that you are pregnant and trying to decide if you should tell the guy or just ha.. A pregnancy may be accidental-on-purpose. Like the one a woman was working on when her boyfriend walked in on her inseminating herself with semen from his used condom. (She had retrieved the condom out of the garbage can!) I'm going to give you 8 pregnancy trap red flags and tell you how to protect yourself from being trapped by a pregnancy

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  1. Well Monday I found out that I'm pregnant. I told him and he hasn't said a word. I kept telling him that we need to abort it because we aren't ready, but at the same time — I have masters degree, and I'm stable either way. Well he brought the money over for the abortion so now I feel some kinda way
  2. al and life or karma or God, whatever you call it.
  3. 3. Tummy talk. Another exciting way to announce the news is to write it on your tummy with a marker. Keep the message simple and fun. For instance, 'I'm pregnant' is okay or '20 % loading,' among other baby-related puns. 4. Tell him with a t-shirt. Wear a tee with a fun message and let it do the talking
  4. Prior to telling your boss you're pregnant, it's ideal if you've given thought to the following, and can communicate your plans clearly: Whether you intend to return to work after your baby is born. An approximation of your maternity leave dates. A list of tasks you intend to do in order to help prepare your maternity leave coverage
  5. Unfortunately, without taking a home pregnancy test, or getting a blood test or ultrasound, there isn't a 100 percent certain way to tell you're pregnant before missing your period
  6. Right after we broke up I found out I was pregnant and now I'm at 24 weeks. I let him know and he was ecstatic. More than 3,000 people responded to the woman's Reddit post,.
  7. I recently found out that I'm pregnant and would like to tell my close girlfriends in person. Unfortunately, the only time in the conceivable future that we'll all be together is at this wedding

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As a pregnant job searcher, you're at a potentially overwhelming point in your personal and professional life all at the same time. There are plenty of tricky issues to navigate, so we've consulted experts to answer your most pressing questions about applying and interviewing while pregnant Pregnancy Dreams Interpreted. Dreams about pregnancy are loaded with possibilities for symbolism and meaning. Most of the time, interpreting a dream about pregnancy focuses on the symbolism of pregnancy, giving birth, or children, but the first rule of the DREAMS 1-2-3 system is to consider the obvious. The body has an early warning and detection system that communicates through dreams, so if.

If not, you just can't take him back. You'll end up resenting him for leaving you in the first place and, worse, you'll bring it up when you have arguments. That will only lead to a toxic relationship. 5. You still have feelings for him. This is usually the case if he dumped you That's a really tough decision, and one only you can make. I think, as a general rule, if you and the father are on good terms you should tell him and make a decision together. If you're planning on continuing to build a relationship with him, I don't think it's super healthy to have that secret in the back of your mind moving forward I couldn't tell him about the pregnancy face-to-face. My boyfriend was at work and I couldn't wait to tell him, so he got a text. I'm not very good at breaking news gently! Grace. I wasn't in a relationship with the father of my baby when I got pregnant, so I really didn't know how to tell him. After weeks of agonising, I eventually wrote. I was sixteen through twenty when someone who should have NEVER done the things, he did to me, did the same things also. I was forced into sexual activity with him, I was held at knife point and told that if I didn't engage in sexual activities with him, he would kill me and tell my father that I was willing to do everything we did I am in a relationship my boyfriend is in the Marines we are in engaged I got lonely alot I cheated on him a week before I went to see him A month later I took a pregnant test it was positive Im three months pregnant I was so overwhelmed with guilt and wasnt sure if the babys was his so I had to tell him the truth that I cheated I feel so.

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Reply. Anonymous. 22/07/2016 at 3:45 pm. No you don't HAVE to tell anyone you're pregnant, but that doesn't stop him finding out by accident and demanding a DNA test. And as twisted as this sounds I actually think your parents are doing you a favour chucking you out I'm 5 mnths pregnant n this guy jus basically lied to me the whole time I've only known him for about a yr nd found out that when we had our relationship he was in another it's hard to not think of him mayb it's bcuz I'm pregnant idk I never wanted to have my first child brought up with no father I was raised without a father but this guy 1 day will b so sweet n nice n say evrythn I wana hear. To be honest I am getting really sick of him and regret actually ever getting involved with him. Trust me I so want to tell his wife everything but I'm not going to. At the end of the day Aimee, you hold all of the cards and he should be bending over backwards to please you and keep you sweet incase you do tell his wife anyway, well, I've been discovering that I found out she's pregnant by someone last oct that she met. she didn't know that she's pregnant after in 4 month later. it will be her due by July or Aug. well, The reason why I asked you about your opinion because it's really hard for me to make a decision to leave her behide her pregnant on her own

If I'm with a woman, and I'm choosing to be with her alone, it would offend me greatly with what you've done, and I would probably tell you to go or I'd not talk to you or bother with you for days at the very least because I'd never be able to trust YOU again as you've broken that trust much like I've learned I can't even trust The God of. Keep a box of diapers at the doorstep. Your partner will surely be confused. When he checks that it is addressed to him, he would realize that you are expecting. Alternatively, take him to the supermarket and buy the diapers. Clear his confusion by breaking the news. Cute Ways To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant 11. Capture the moment Tell him that you need to talk to him and that you'd like to do it in person. You might suggest going for a walk (some place public) or for a coffee (some place quiet). If he asks why, tell him that you are in company and can't talk at the moment. You can just come right out and say, I'm pregnant and I thought that you should kno

MY UNMARRIED DAUGHTER IS PREGNANT. I'll probably never forget where I was when I got the call. I have to tell you something, she said. She probably thought she was dropping an atomic bomb of unexpected news. What she didn't yet understand was that, already, my intuition had stirred up a whirlpool of dread in the pit of my stomach 1. Tell Your Boss First. Period. I was dying to tell my work BFF about my pregnancy. It was all I could do to keep from texting her while the pregnancy test marinated in my urine. But, as much as I trust and love her, I knew she would tell one person. And that person would tell one more, and on and on until the news exploded onto my Facebook. I feel like it will tear his family apart if I go through with having his child. This is not what I wanted for myself either. I'm 26. I wanted to be married, and in a healthy relationship before having children. Now I'm alone and pregnant with a man who has done nothing but lie and betray me from the day I met him Ask him to unwrap the present and take the tag, where he will see the words I'm Pregnant. Communicate with cupcakes. Bake a few cupcakes and write, I'm Pregnant on the top in icing. Casually place them in front of him and just watch his reaction. Tummy talk. Write it on your tummy with a marker


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  2. Tell him what's happened and how you feel about it, without apologising or making excuses - you haven't done anything wrong, and you're both equally responsible for this pregnancy
  3. You should inspire the man you are with and he should be doing everything beyond your wildest imagination to push you to the top of your mountain. People who truly love each other support each other. You deserve to have a cheerleader, and your partner should be excited about the thought of being yours

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Pregnant workers are protected from discrimination based on current pregnancy, past pregnancy, and potential pregnancy. Current pregnancy . Under the PDA, an employer cannot fire, refuse to hire, demote, or take any other adverse action against a woman if pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition was a motivating factor in the. 'I didn't tell him because I didn't think it would be fair on him. I wouldn't have let him talk me out of it, but it would have put him through pain that he didn't need to experience But, too late, I'm pregnant. He's going through a huge job change and we may even have to move out of state in about 6 months. (The job is a huge promotion and lots more money, but much more stress!) We won't know for about 2 weeks about his job .. Do I wait to tell him until the job thing is set Dear Abby. Dec. 9, 2015 Updated: Dec. 9, 2015 10:07 a.m. A woman has discovered her husband rapes her while she sleeps. Marcela Barsse. Dear Abby: I have been with my husband for almost 14 years.

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More than anything, your gut should tell you that things are going well. You shouldn't constantly be wondering whether or not he's into you while you're digging into your ramen (slurp carefully). Men that are into you look into your eyes. I'm not saying he should gaze longingly into your baby blues at this point (in fact, ew If you're unsure whether you're ready to confess your love to your crush, this is the quiz for you! It will tell you first if you should confess at all. If you should, you'll learn the best way to do it (text, call, face-to-face, in a note or through a friend). It doesn't have to be scary! I promise that no matter what happens, it's better to find out than to always wonder

Q. Too Tired and Old: I am in a horrible quandary! I am a 41-year-old mother of two wonderful girls, ages 5 and 7, and I have just found out I'm (unexpectedly!) pregnant again Finding out you're pregnant can be scary, but try to stay calm. You're going to be okay, and there are people who can help you. If you're pregnant you have 3 options: Parenting — giving birth and raising the child. Abortion — ending the pregnancy. Adoption — giving birth and giving the child to someone else, forever

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I'm scared to tell my parents and I'm scared a doctor will say I am :( Someone please tell me if you have the same problems!! Milo31 on October 21, 2011: tlynn2214 - A couple of my friends didn't find out until they were 2-3 months pregnant because they still had their so called period they thought But one Reddit mom-to-be explained that her baby's grandparents have a very unusual reason to ban princesses. I'll probably get judged for all this, but I'm pregnant with a guy I'm not. I Love My Husband, But I Don't Think I'm 'In Love' With Him Anymore. There's been a space in my bed for some time. Not literally — with three standard pillows, two throw pillows, one body pillow, myself, my husband, and two young children, my queen reached capacity long ago — but figuratively. Emotionally Why I'm Keeping My Pregnancy a Secret From My Baby's Father. Read full article. January 8, 2015, 3:00 AM. Photo by Corbis . He didn't know I was pregnant — and I had no plans to tell him Now I'm starting to wonder if I overreacted and spoilt everything. More than 700 people have since responded to the Reddit post, with many arguing that the bride has a right to be upset about.

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4. Taste him. This is one of the best ways to tell if someone else has been on him. Sorry ladies it's about to get a little more graphic If when you are going down on him, you can lick and smell his penis. This taste/smell could be a sure sign for a few things No. No, you cannot get pregnant from your dog. To a lot of people, the idea of getting pregnant with a dog is confusing and disturbing for many, many reasons but let's say you're not one of those people and you really think you may be pregnant. Let's even go as far as to say you've taken a pregnancy test and it's come back positive 42,995 1,258 240. Alleybux. 19,017. Back in the day I decided to surprise a guy I met on black planet. I had his address because he mailed me something before. So I get there and my young and dumb ass has on this skimpy lingerie outfit under my coat to surprise him with. Hunny, his wife answered the door

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Don't assume you'll be different, either. One of the best signs you should tell your ex you miss him is that you're willing to have the same relationship as before. 4. Your ex is open to hearing from you. Leave him alone if he doesn't want to text, call, talk or meet with you hey, I'm 16. I'm 3 months pregnant and I have never thought of losing my baby. It is my fault that I'm pregnant. But I should of thought of that before I had sex and I didn't. I'm keeping my baby. If God knew you couldn't take care of the baby he would of never let you get pregnant. It is a really big gift from God. I know someone who cannot. I'm just scared that he might get jealous or get mad although he knows my bestfriend. but there's no way for him to worry.. because were really a good friend.. Tala says: Yes you should, it's a way to show him that you trust his and that you want him to know where you are all the time, this should bring you close I ALMOST have all the symptoms for pregnant woman and I'm not sure if I had my period last month coz it supposed to come 2 weeks ago and I'm still delayed. If ever I had a period last month then I'm 2 weeks delayed. I'm thinking that I'll do the test at the end of this month to make sure that I got the accurate result and it's not false pregnancy

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This is a great question, and one that I get all the time: whether or not to tell his or her spouse about the affair. However, chances are my answer and advice aren't going to help you much. You see, I can't advise you whether or not you should tell his wife — that's a choice you have to make