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The salt interferes with the ick cell membrane and makes it less able to function and reproduce. The salt also spreads through the tank and filter very well because of osmosis. The final concentration is 3/5 tablespoon per gallon, which is a safe amount for all plecos I've come across. I've gone up to 1.5 tablespoon per gallon for tough fish. API general cure is made up of Metronidazole and Praziquantel. Both of these chemicals are anti-helminthic, meaning they are designed to kill worms (flatworms, flukes, nematodes, etc). They shouldn't hurt the pleco or the fry (unless they are newborns, which really shouldn't be exposed to chemicals), but I'd be cautious about the snails I have a goldfish that has ich. I also have a rubbernose pleco living with the goldfish. I have this Kordon Rapid-Cure Ich treatment that im going to use on my goldfish. My question is- can my Pleco survive this treatment? The medicine says not to use on invertebrates, live rock, baby whales, scaleless fish, elephant nose, shrimp, snails, or. (Please give a clear explanation of what is going on, include details from the beginning of the illness leading up to now) I put in Super Ick Cure from API to treat the ick in my tank. i noticed my fish acting weird a few days ago and just realized it had to be ick cause of the white spots. The african cichlid has lost all its color and is now.

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  1. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for API LIQUID SUPER ICK CURE Fish remedy, Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Medication 4-Ounce Bottle at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
  2. SUPER ICK CURE MELAFIX For an alternative medication, select one of the following treatments: PIMAFIX, FURAN-2, TRIPLE SULFA, E.M. ERYTHROMYCIN or FIN & BODY CURE. For an alternative medication, select one of the following treatments: FURAN-2, TRIPLE SULFA, E.M. ERYTHROMYCIN or FIN & BODY CURE. SUPER ICK CURE™ For an alternative medication
  3. Joined Nov 15, 2008. ·. 7,685 Posts. #2 · Aug 8, 2011. The water needs to be between 82 to 85 while treating ich. It usually takes about 7 to 10 days to destroy all signs of ich. After treatment the temp needs to stay around 78 to 80 to be more beneficial to the inhabitants

How to cure aquarium fish ichA full tank of aquarium fish was contaminated and became infected with parasites... But not for long.. i beat them. Heres how!Co.. API E.M. ERYTHROMYCIN fish remedy can help prevent a secondary bacterial infection when used with API SUPER ICK CURE fish remedy. If one fish is sick in an otherwise healthy community of fish, you should separate the diseased fish from the others and keep in a quarantine tank until the sick fish exhibits signs of recovery

I researched and researched how to treat Ich, thankfully I already had a very good First Aid Kit so I didn't have to rush out for anything. I chose to treat with heat and API Super Ick Cure in the PLANTED display tank- as 11 fish are far too many for my 3 gallon quarantine tank and my main tank was already infected API SUPER ICK CURE fish remedy and many other API fish remedies will discolor aquarium water. It is important to remove any ornaments or fake plants that you may not want to stain prior to dosing. Do remember that the discoloration is part of the fish remedy, so do not try to remove colors until the end of the treatment

I had one fish I'm convinced had Ich, so I treated the whole tank with API Super Ich Cure. Now there acting a little funny. Hanging near the bottom of the tank and not really acting themselves (ryukin goldfish) The first 48 hours hasn't passed to give them the second dose yet I have some ick in one of my tanks and since I have glass catfish and pleco's in that tank i'm concerned about what is a safe treatment. I have some Ick Clear by Jungle and wondered if that would be safe? Right now the ick seems to be affecting only a few of the fish (including the glass catfish) the directions on the ick clear says use 1/2 dosage for scaleless fish Location. Essex, Kirby. Dec 29, 2004. #6. When buying for or using any treatemt with a invert in, make sure the chemical isn't copper based. Copper will kill or severly injure any invert, most snail treatments are copper based to kill them off. So just have a good look on the box before buying Will using Fungus Cure by API product kill my beneficial bacteria and jump start a tank crash/mini cycle? I thought my fancy goldie had fin rot and used it, but only 1/2 the required dosage though. So just curious to know what effects that stuff has on tank water. I know my water was super green for a while... till i did many PWCs SUPER ICK CURE kills the Ick parasite, usually within 24 hours and is safe for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Comes in liquid and powder form. To view a chart to help diagnose this and other fish diseases, click here or visit the tab to the left Documents & MSDS and download the Tropical Fish First Aid Chart

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  1. API Super Ick Cure. Fish exhibit labored breathing and may remain at the water's surface, near filters and aeration devices. White spots may or may not be visible on fish. SUPER ICK CURE kills the Ick parasite, usually within 24 hours and is safe for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Comes in liquid and powder form
  2. Thank you, I just ordered apI super ick cure from amazon. Fingers crossed. This guy my pleco, so many people said with ich that bad he probably wouldn't make it, he trusted me though, let me quarantine him and get some of the ich off using salt baths and a slight rub
  3. Ich-x seems to be the most popular and well-regarded, but lots of other ones like API super ick cure will work fine too. Both of these were safe for loaches , snails and shrimp in my case. Apr 15, 202
  4. How to treat and Cure Ich in an Aquarium / Fish Tank - in 4 easy steps! Ich / Ick is a common fish disease also knows as white spot | Here is my other vide..
  5. Use at the first sign of Ich (white spots). Repeat dose after 48 hours. See Directions for more details. Includes: Contains one (1) API LIQUID SUPER ICK CURE Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Medication 4-Ounce Bottle. Intended Pet (s): Fish. Product Dimensions: 1.125 in x 1.125 in x 5.375 in. Capacity: 4 fl oz. 5140800
  6. But, it's clear that the ich released to reproduce, and died when being treated with ICH-X. My female guppy gave birth last night, finally comfortable enough to do so after the ich detached from her. I'm not sure if it was product concentration (or APIs SUPER ICH CURE 48 hour dosing vs ICH-X's 24) that made the difference, but it doesn't matter

Ich is a tank disease. Removing fish and treating them individually generally does not work. Best to treat in place. Now, Ich Attack is too weak to cure. It is based on a natural form of quinine, but the concentration is too low. IME it does not work by itself, at best it will keep Ich infection low for a while Had a bout with ich in the discus tank. Did a ton of research and finally found a product that will do the job and not kill your fish, shrimp, or plants. If. So will the Super Ick Cure work (it's day six of the treatment), or will I need to get a hospital tank and start a series of 4-7 day transitions. My fish is about 8-10 years old (I can't recall the exact day I got him because my old phone crashed and I lost the pictures), and so far he has been active and healthy API Super Ick Cure Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium Fish Medication. Some scaleless fish such as Plecos are sensitive to this medication. Treat at half the normal dose. specific to fish parasite-Ich. Turtles are not affected by the parasite ich. Although, it will not harm the turtle if Super Ick Cure was used in an aquarium with a turtle.

Hey, I just picked up 2 of these rubber nose plecos. The morning after I put these in they both got ich. I slowly raised the temp up to 82. I just dosed my 2nd dosed of super ick cure. I'm gonna do a water change tomorrow night. Like the directions say. The other pleco looks all cleared up. This other guy is all covered though The intent of this article is to discuss acceptable ways of treating ich on scaleless fish species and in invertebrate tanks. In a common tank without scaleless fish where ich occurs simply raising the temperature up to around 84 degrees and salting the tank with a general aquarium salt usually does the trick

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  1. 4,132 Posts. #3 · Apr 2, 2012. yes, use of salt and upping the temperature to around 84-86 will take care of it. what else is in the tank? if any catfish/plecos you will want to use half dose of salt. D
  2. Many people warn against the use of chemicals, but they are tested and proven to be safe for your fish, and they are the best chance your fish has at survival. There are several proprietary chemicals available that help combat Ich. The products that we recommend you use are: Kordon Rid Ich Plus; API Liquid Super Ick Cure; Ich
  3. I have a 29g planted tank, it only has ottos, corydoras & 1 baby super red BN. After adding new fish this tank broke out with fungal infections. A combo of Kanaplex & API furan-2 knocked it out. But at the end of treatment my pleco started showing signs of something odd on her head. Ammon..
  4. With the Jardini the ich treatment was for both feeder tank w/ microbe-lift herbtana & Jar tank w/epsom. Before getting the carps i quarantined old Jar tank for about 10-12 days with API super-ich cure with no fish in the tank, temp at 88-90 degrees. With feeder tank I cured it by * adding heater * herbtana
  5. Aquarium Solutions Ich - X. This is what we use here at the store and at Cory's fish room to treat every fish we come into contact with. For us we've never had problems using it with inverts, scaleless fish, and plants. Great for treating Ich, as well as mild fungal infections

Dealing with Ich. Ich, or White Spot, is a protozoan parasite that exists free floating in aquarium water. Because loaches have very tiny scales, they seem particularly susceptible to infection from Ich, although it can affect all aquarium fish. The first signs of an infection may be rapid breathing, redness around the gill area, or the. For this reason, some commercially available products that are among the best choices for treating Ich in freshwater fish would be API Super Ick Cure, Seachem ParaGuard, Hikari's Ich-X, Kordon Rid-Ich Plus, and Weco's Nox-Ich Description. Rid your fish of ich quickly and effectively with API Super Ick Cure for Freshwater Fish. Ich, or ichthyophthirius, also called white spot disease, is a highly contagious and destructive, microscopic parasite that burrows into gill and skin tissue, causing severe damage and secondary infections From what I have read kanaplex and paraguard are safe to use together that what I would use am not sure about using kanaplex API super ick cure together Thanks again for the help. I went ahead and ordered the Paraguard, and I will hold out for it to arrive tomorrow

The following are 3 trusted treatments to cure Ick: Seachem Cupramine Copper 250ml. API Liquid Super Ick Cure. Ruby Reef Kich-Ich Refill. You should continue the treatment process for fish Ick for at least 2 weeks. This way you are sure to kill off all the parasites as they go through the life cycle Rid·Ich Plus has been shown to be reasonably safe for use on fishes which normally cannot tolerate malachite green alone. Fishes such as the so-called scale-less species (loaches, catfish, etc.) tolerate Rid·Ich Plus very well, but be sure to follow cautions noted earlier

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It's very effective and safe to use with any fish (even scaleless ones), shrimp, snails, and live plants. First, identify the disease and make sure it's actually ich. Since stress ich and velvet also look very similar, it may be helpful to wait 24 hours and confirm the diagnosis AAP/API Triple Sulfa can be safely used with AAP Super Ich Plus to improve effectiveness when secondary infection is present, with sensitive fish, or diagnosis is not certain (with sensitive fish, Super Ich Plus should be used at half dose). • Ingredients: Malachite Green, Quinine Hydrochloride. AAP Aquatronics Super Fungus Plus 8 oz - $14.9

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  1. Life Bearer Active ingredients: 0.0-dimehyl, 1-hydroxybenzol, 2-trichloromethyl phosphate Diseases: flukes and fish lice Lifeguard All-In-One (New) from Tetra Diseases: Ich, Fungus, Bacterial Infections Lufenuron Diseases: fish lice, anchorworm, ergasilus Contraindications: Proven to be quite effective against parasites and is an active ingredients in flea dog sprays
  2. As the medicine starts working, it will look as if the ick is getting worse, but it will be getting better. The marks will go from white to sort of greyer, and bigger. What you will be seeing is the damage to the flesh. As the ick leaves the body, it makes a tear in the fish's skin
  3. Pleco Corydoras Tropical Fish Aquatic Products API Super Ick Cure API® Super Ick Cure powder treats Ich, or white spot disease, in fish, along with other highly contagious parasitic diseases. API® Stress Coat makes tap water safe for fish by removing harmful chemicals from tap water, and contains the healing power of Aloe Vera.
  4. Ich Medications > API Super Ick Cure; $49 to FREE SHIPPING. API Super Ick Cure. Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock. CAD 9.99. Price From: CAD 8.99 . Availability: Out of stock. An effective treatment for Ich, a highly contagious disease, also called white spot disease. Quickly kills the ich parasite, usually within 24 hours
  5. Method 2: Salt & Heat Treatment. The second method involves raising the temperature and adding aquarium salt to your aquarium. The problem with ich is you can't fight it when it's on your betta. You can only treat it when it's in the water. So to treat ich that's in the water follow these steps
  6. Left in the 29 gal. tank are 2 neon tetras, 5 cherry barbs, 1 small blue ghost angel fish, 3 panda corey cats, a male albino bristlenose pleco and a female albino bristle nose pleco. Based on last month's die off with the top off, I thought that maybe the Pimafix or Melafix were to blame

The parasite shows as a number of small white dots on the body of the fish that resemble grains of salt. Ich, also called white spot, reproduces quickly and spreads readily. If not treated, it has almost a 100% mortality rate. Heat, as a cure, is not an ideal form or method of treatment and it can be easily explained why. It's fairly simple Ich is a well known and treatable disease very common among fish. It is easy to cure through a water medication treatment commonly called white spot control or ich treatment. White spot treatment acts as an effective method for eliminating toxic and harmful infections found in aquarium water that might be responsible for developing Ichtyophthirius Anyway, for the Ick, raise the temperature to 82-86 degrees F and add 2 to 3 teaspoons of aquarium salt (not marine salt mix) per gallon of water. The free-living Ick parasite cannot abide salt, and once the white cysts on the fish burst, the free-living stages that emerge will die. At the same time, treat for Fungus The best ich treatment is copper-based medication. Rather than treating the main aquarium, move the sick fish to a bare bottomed quarantine or treatment tank. This should be aerated and have the same water conditions as the main aquarium. Here are treatments to try for white spot disease

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Post by coco onMay 1, 2015 at 11:35am. I am treating the two cory's with the API fungus cure & Triple sulfa in a 2 1/2 gallon hospital tank. Along with twice daily baths of MB & salt. This second round of baths have been going on a week, the Fungus cure & Triple sulfa for the past 3 days Ick Guard. Tablets. Tetra ® Ick Guard ® is a soothing conditioner that quickly clears ick (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), or white spot, on freshwater fish. Ick is usually the result of sudden changes in the aquarium water temperature or stress. Left untreated, ick spreads rapidly and is usually fatal. Special ingredients have been added to. The Bristlenose Pleco. One of the most popular species of Pleco fish you will find in home aquariums all over the globe. Also known as the Bushy nose Pleco, these easy to care for tropical freshwater fish are perfect for beginner aquarists, and advanced aquarists alike API Liquid Super Ick Cure 4oz Treats 118 US Gallons; API Marine Flake Fish Food 1.1 oz for marine fish, Clownfish, Wrasses & Tangs; API Marine Flake Fish Food 2.1 oz for marine fish, Clownfish, Wrasses & Tangs; API Marine Quick-Start Add Your Fish Today 16oz treats 235 gal; API Marine Stress Zyme 16oz treats bacterial aquarium cleaner treats. API Liquid Super Ick Cure, 150 Gram. 5.0 out of 5 stars Very safe for plecos, cured fin rot. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 August 2020. Verified Purchase. I purchased this for a long -fin bristle-nose pleco suffering from fin rot. I was very reluctant to use it as I have heard some horror stories about melafix, but decided to give it.

Learn to identify symptoms of ich. Symptoms of ich can be seen on your fish as well as in the way your fish behaves. The most obvious sign of ich is the appearance of little white dots that resemble grains of salt which gave the disease its name. The common signs and symptoms of ich are: White spots on the body and gills of fish Paraguard is a very easy medication to dose, however the dosing directions provided below (from Seachem's website ) should be followed to ensure safety and effectiveness. In the aquarium, use 5 mL (1 capful) to every 40 L (10 gallons*). Repeat daily as required as long as fish show no stress. For 1 hour dips, use 3 mL per 4 L (1 gallon*) Amazon is backordered until 12/20. I found some on eBay but it won't get here until 11/27. That's the best I could do. She may be dead by then. I hate doing just nothing. Should I continue with maracyn and Ich-X? I also have API general cure, maracyn-2, focus, teatree oil, Fish vitamins and garlic Praziquantel is found in PraziPro, API General Cure, and Jungle Parasite Clear. With the popular AAP/API General Cure, Praziquantel is combined with the also very safe Metronidazole to make for a moderately effective in tank or medicated fish food soak product with a wide margin for safety

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Both orandas have that and it last a day or two then is gone. The bumps are larger than ick. I started treating them with all in one cure by tetra which has ick treatment It for 3/4 days. Saw no change still thought it may be ick so I was told to get more aggressive and use super ick cure by api CAUTION: Some scaleless fish are sensitive to this medication; therefore, treat at ½ the normal dose. Fashooga. The following are 3 trusted treatments to cure Ick: Seachem Cupramine Copper 250ml; API Liquid Super Ick Cure; Ruby Reef Kich-Ich Refill; You should continue the treatment process for fish Ick for at least 2 weeks Aquarium Fish Medications. May 2020- The Covid-19 crisis is affecting everyone is some way or another. We hope you are keeping well, being pro-active and safe. We are aware that there may be some confusion out there about the drug that is used to treat Malaria, and a product used kill aquarium algae, Chloroquine Description. API Betta Water Conditioner by API is a multi-purpose water treatment that will remove chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, and detoxify ammonia, which will instantly make tap water safe for your Betta Fish. It contains a special polymer that forms a synthetic slime, which aids in reducing stress, promotes healing and oxygen transfer across gills, and will minimize. Place five to ten level Tablespoons of salt in a clean bucket, then slowly add one gallon of water from the aquarium, while swirling the bucket to dissolve the salt. This will make a solution of 1.5 to 3.0% salinity. Once the salt is completely dissolved, place the fish in this bucket for five to 30 minutes

The salt method didn't seem to be working. Then I noticed in my display tank ich appearing on my tetras. Next, I went to PetSmart and purchased API's Super Ick Cure and dosed it first in the main tank then the following day in my QT tank when I was sure the lyretails were not getting better API LIQUID SUPER ICK CURE Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Medicatio works quickly to heal freshwater fish of icthyophthirius (Ich) or Cryptocaryon, highly contagious parasitic diseases ; The 4 Best Treatments for Saltwater Ich (White Spot . d when. Use aquarium salt to treat ich in freshwater aquariums

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Factors such as wounds, bad water quality, and stress can cause fish to be susceptible to ich. Constant water changes are key, raising the temperature to 87 F ( Raise by 1-2 degrees every 12 hours) will kill ich at it's early stages. If severe, malachite green or methylene blue, as well as API ich cure or API salt, may be used Yes, I am continuing treatment. There's no way the Ich is going away in a mere few days of treatment. The first time I treated for Ich, it was 5 long weeks with Rid Ich. We lost a Rubberlip Pleco and 2 Cory's. We've done everything according to directions and ideas. We're going to put the two bullied ones in the 10 gal

we used to use it for most of our ich problems at the LFS, and even then at a half dose. Also, it will not turn your tank ink blue. Another one that is milder is called Aquari-Sol.. Its a good one too because it is fairly safe to use with most fish. You have to be careful with strong ich meds like: Quick Cure Super Ich Cure Clout Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API Liquid Super Ick Cure 4oz. The Pleco ended up having Ich that spread to all my Platies and Mollies but I caught it very early before it advanced. I started off by treating them with Marineland Ick Remedy but all it did was put my fish to the brink of death and the Pleco ended up passing away. Also I want to.

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INGRED: 1% cajeput oil 1% emulsifier (Crovol PK-70 nonionic emulsifier) 0.2% defoamer (FG-10 by Dow Corning) 97.8% deionized water. Note: cajeput oil is another name for oil from the tree Melaleuca. Pimafix by API. Treats: gram negative bacterial and fungal infections API Liquid Super Ick Cure (white spots) 4oz Treats 118 US Gallons. API Marine Flake Fish Food 1.1 oz for marine fish, Clownfish, Wrasses & Tangs API Safe & Easy Aquatic Equipment Cleaner 8oz Sprayer safe for all surfaces. API Sinking Algae Eater Wafers 3.7oz for Plecos, Ancistrus, Otocinclus & others. API Sinking Algae Eater Wafers 6.4oz.

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Overview. ParaGuard™ is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product available (for parasites on fish). Unlike highly toxic and difficult to use formalin based medications, ParaGuard™ contains no formaldehyde or methanol and will not alter pH. ParaGuard™ employs a proprietary, synergistic blend of. The tannins are organic and completely safe for your fish. In fact, many freshwater fish in the trade come from blackwaters that are very rich in tannins. Depending on the species you have, the tea-stained cloudiness could even benefit your fish! Treatment & Prevention. To get rid of yellow or brown staining, you need to reassess your tank setup What Are Otos? Otocinclus, the dwarf suckermouth catfish, is a popular genus of algae-eating catfish.The seventeen species of Otocinclus (often called Otos) are often kept in hobbyists' aquariums to control algae. Unlike their large cousins, the Plecos, Otos remain small and are not boisterous enough to cause damage to plants

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api super ick cure bulk powder 850g $220.00 API® SUPER ICK CURE fish remedy treats Ich, or white spot disease, in fish, along with other highly contagious parasitic diseases The Joy of Ick Hi, I am getting back into the Joy of aquarium ownership after about 10 years of time off from the hobby as my daughter recently got one for her Birthday. I have a 10 gallon aquarium with an Aqua Tech Bio Filtration System along with a bubble curtain. In the tank are 2 Swordtails Male & Female; 2 Red Flame Dwarf Gouramis; 2 Guppies Male & Female; 1 Algae Eater

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Description of Albino Bristlenose Plecos. Due to the small structure of the Albino Bristlenose Pleco, it is touted as one of the smallest aquarium catfish, it barely measures up to 5 inches (12 cm) in size, with an average adult size of 3-4 inches (7 - 10 cm). This variety of Bristlenose Pleco differs from the common Pleco in terms of form. Several people have emailed and asked for an explanation of why ordinary salt is useful in treating fish with Signs of Stress and Disease.. Here are a few more facts about adding Aquarium Salt to the water in aquariums. We are talking here about Sodium Chloride with symbol NaCl, which is the main chemical in tab A popular medication is Super Ich Cure. For a non-formalin medication, it work pretty well. Step 6- Add salt. Add some freshwater aquarium rock salt to the tank. It usually comes in a carton and will specify being for freshwater fish. The salt kills off some of the ich and makes it harder for it to re-attach Ich/Ick: Small white dots on body and fins, rubbing on decor. Poor water quality, stress, or contagious companions. Clean water and Rid Ich Plus or Mardel Copper Safe: Fin & Tail Rot: Black/Red tattered and receding fin edges. Poor water quality. Clean water and aquarium salt administration. Severe cases require Maracyn II antibiotics, or.

1) Malachite green: (in popular brands like QuickCure and Super Ick Cure): big no-no for live plants (good Tx but hard on fish as well). I knew this before this recent problem, so I didn't even try it in this tank. Note: turns water bright blue, very strong meds that will kill some weakened fish if used at dosage prescribed Algae grazers such as the rubber lip pleco, Siamese algae eater, the American flagfish, and the black molly can help immensely. The issue, however, should be resolved at its core. Here's how a heavy black beard algae infestation looks like in an aquarium: Image by: Grahms. And here's how black algae appears inside of a pool This API Pimafix is an antifungal and antibacterial remedy for freshwater and marine fish. It treats both internal and external bacterial infections and fungal infections. It's all-natural remedy will not discolor water or alter pH and is harmless to plants. 36. API Liquid Super Ick ( White Spot ) Cure Freshwater Aquarium Fish Medicatio