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In this video I show you how we make our dead bait rigs for catching mackerel/tuna/snapper.... I also show you how we rig the dead bait. This design is the. Peter Stevens, a pro Spanish mackerel line fisherman, shows us how to rig big and small dead baits. Rigging swimming troll baits can really boost your catche.. A dead bait can be deployed exactly where and how it needs to be fished, whereas a live bait can swim out of the target zone or tangle another line. In addition, the scent of a fresh dead bait can prove more attractive to predators than the nervousness of a live bait With tail end of Cyclone Debbie pushing through last week the fishing has been put on hold for a bit while the rivers empty an amazing amount of water out to..

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  1. Pike fishing - Short video showing where to put the hooks on a bait when fishing for pike with dead baits. Typically a pike swallows a bait head first, so sh..
  2. When lure fishing for pike, you usually have a rod that is around 7-8 ft (2,1-2,4 m) long. As you dead bait rig is bigger in size and ofter also heavier, it's much easier to cast with a longer rod - e.g. 9-10 ft (2,7-3 m). That extra length gives you much greater force and lets you cast the rig more easily
  3. A bait that is cast out in its natural (dead) state will settle on the lake or river bed. A popped up dead bait is one that has been made to float so it rises off the bottom. I use two methods to pop up dead baits. Air; Fox Popper; Air. My first choice is to inject air into the dead bait with a syringe
  4. To rig, simply fillet the baitfish just as you would with a larger fish for eating, then thread on a whole side as shown. Leave the skin and scales on the meat to make the bait more durable. Weave a hook two, three, or more times through the bait fillet and bury its point

Dead bait rig for lake trout This is one the best bait rigs for lake trout, and works well for both vertical fishing, as well as for fishing from the shore. How to tie it: Start by tying a size 1/0 to 4/0 circle hook to your leader You can easily make a quick strike rig for pike fishing with dead bait. In its simplest form all you need is a few feet of monofilament and a few treble hooks. The exact size will vary depending on the bait fish you are rigging from smelt all the way up to foot long white sucker fish A way to make a dead fish behave like a severely injured bait fish is to hook it through the mouth and jig it off the bottom. Let the fish reach the bottom. Slowly lift the rod tip in a 3-count. Then drop the rod abruptly All you need is a descent bait needle, some waxed rigging thread or suitable dacron, a 4 ounce teardrop or ledger rig sinker, your well prepared bait and maybe a knife or scissors tidying up lose ends. First step involves taking approximately 3-4 feet of waxed thread

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Dead sardine (featured above) or ribbonfish are two excellent options. Rig with small skirt or jig forward, stinger hook aft. Starting your day with a drag-screaming kingfish strike is always a. This fishing tool is a stainless steel tube which is inserted into the mouth of the garfish (or other dead bait) and out the anal vent to facilitate the rigging of a second hook on nylon monofilament or multi strand leader May 16, 2015 - how to rig a dead bait for pike - Google Search. May 16, 2015 - how to rig a dead bait for pike - Google Search. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures You could use, a drop-shot rig, brush-jig rig, bobber rigs, three-way swivel rigs, and many more. But, we are going to talk about one of the favourites and easiest live bait rigs to set-up and that's the slip-float rig. The slip-float rig works very well for crappie and it is very simple to master

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Rigging Dead Baits For Trolling. We all know that ballyhoo is a great bait to troll because rigging ballyhoo is super easy, they are streamlined, and very abundant. We put this article together just in case you wanted to switch it up. This video is part of an article series that we hope will help you spend more time fishing Tandem-Hook Dead-Bait Rig. The trailer hook should fit loosely so the bait swims naturally. Illustration by Steve Sanford. When casting or deep-jigging dead baits, eliminate bait-stealing short strikes with a tandem hook. Slide a second hook eye over the jig hook, pointing up, opening the eye slightly with pliers if necessary How to tie a pike fishing float rig. This is a simple, sliding float rig for pike fishing with dead or livebait.Follow our Instagram: https://www.instagram.c.. Retrieve the rig and slide the stop knot up or down the mainline, depending whether the rig is set too deep or shallow. Recast until the float just cocks. At this point, with the spilt shot or egg sinker resting on the bottom, the rig is set two feet over-depth. You can then carefully tighten up to the lead, anchoring the bait on the deck Dead Bait Tips. It was time to pull out the ¾-1 oz. sinkers and get the dead baits into their neighborhood. The first rigamortis filled bait dropped into the zone and was immediately picked up by a very lethargic albacore. We had found an offering that they were willing to entertain

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Rigging Dead Mullet What to Do with Leftover Mullet Bait? Here are some things you can do with leftover mullet bait: Salt them and keep them in a container in your shed. Freeze them in your refrigerator. I recommend option #1 because salting your bait keeps them tough and adds flavor to it. It also preserves the meat better than freezing it Dead bait rigs - My two favourite Pike dead bait rigs I use on my local rivers. They are designed to offer little resistance to the taking Pike and are as simple as possible. Shallow water dead bait rigs. This first one is a standard running ledger, I like to use this in shallow water or when casting more than about ten yards

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  1. Last time I fished the Jupiter Inlet with dead bait, I did nothing but get hung up on the rocks. I used a sliding egg sinker above my swivel, 50 lb leader, 30 lb Power Pro, and a 7/0 circle hook. I don't think my gear was the problem, maybe just the setup. I fish with others who use dead bait and rarely get hung up on the rocks
  2. Most instances rig em like you would dead bait (that is cut bait.) Use a hook size that's adequate to the bait and fish species. Place the hook in the central part of the bait. With many of these engineered baits I've found that less is often more (that is with the strip variety.
  3. And what is the appropriate way to hook sardine dead bait ? This is what this article is all about. I want to share with you how I rig sardines for surf or pier fishing, and what you should consider in order to make your sardine bait more appealing, more sticky, and more productive
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Ledgering Dead Bait. Ledgering dead bait involves pinning the bait on the river bed. Alternatively, you can 'pop' the bait just off the river bed by leaving the air bladder intact or injecting the dead bait with some air to give the bait a bit of buoyancy. Once again, in order to create a nice, smelly trail that is going to lead the pike. For this live bait marlin rig, we generally use a light leader for our bait-catching rigs, so I make sure to have a landing net on board to land the bait from the water. I quickly remove the bait from the net and turn it upside-down, cradling it like a football in my left hand and arm (I'm right-handed, so reverse this if you're a lefty) The rig is basically designed to present one of the baits close to the bottom and the other bait about 1 or 2 off the bottom. The basic hi-low rig can be put together several ways; however, the most common way is to make a double loop on each end of a length of leader line, leaving a 6 to 12 inch length of line on each end on which you snell a. To rig dead bluegill in moving water, hook the bluegill through the nose with the hook point oriented upwards. This will make the fish more aerodynamic and reduce snags from moving debris. This is by far the best way to catch big flatheads with dead bluegills as they prefer whole bait Dead bait, live bait, and even frozen bait all work. But fresh, dead, cut mullet sitting on the bottom is almost a sure thing any time of day. (Yes, even in the middle of the afternoon!) In this video, you'll learn from our very own Capt. Hollywood: How to prep butterflied mullet; What NOT to do when rigging and casting cut bait

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  1. Hook a 3-inch sculpin through the lips with a size 4 bait hook and add enough split shot 18 inches above the hook to make the bait bump -bottom as it drifts downstream. Tip: Fishing a freshly dead.
  2. dead bait, including the quick strike rig. What I forgoit to metion was that I was seeeking info on shore fishing with dead bait. Logged joel137 Guest; Re: Dead sawbellies for trout? « Reply #3 on: November 20, 2008, 12:11:23 PM » you can use them to sweeten up a jig .put the hook through the eyes cast and retrive,vary your speed till ya.
  3. HOME OF THE N3 BAIT HARNESS - Nitta Fishing Innovations. live bait RIGS. deAD BAIT RIGS. 1/2. Previous slide. Next slide. LIVE BAIT. View all. DEAD BAIT RIGS
  4. MACKEREL ARE ON THE CHEW Check out our range of quality live and dead bait rigs ready to go straight out of the pack. These rigs are made exclusively for ELKAT Fishing by a commercial Mackerel fisho out of Brisbane
  5. A zombie rig is a tandem rig that positions a live bait a foot or so ahead of a dead ribbonfish. The presence of the ribbonfish that close to the live bait scares the live bait and it swims faster, plus darts and struggles to get away from the ribbonfish

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Live Bait Rig. Many of you may wonder how to rig our live bait. It is not easy because you must manage to rig it properly in order to give the bait a good and realistic floatation. On the first place, you will need fluorocarbon line 40lbs. Moreover, two big game hooks N.3/0 and N. 6/0. The rig step by step Many of these baits can usually be caught by slowly jigging a sabiki rig or gold-hook drop loop rig near the shallow water pillings or by using a cast net in the surf. Dead baits (any of the previously mentioned) also work though not as well, and should be rigged on a dead-bait fly-line with no weight

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The trap rig is a presentation that I like to use for live or dead fin bait when I'm trying to target lingcod or halibut. It's used to target bottom-dwelling fish and you fish it the same way you'd fish a dropper loop Cast them on simple weighted rigs, drift them, or cut them up for chum. The simplest tactic is to chop the tail off and liveline it in a school. The fish will sink below the pack and become an irresistibly easy meal. If you can't get live bunker, dead bait is a good backup, as long as it's fresh. Discard the tail and cut the rest into three.

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  1. Rigging baits properly makes a tremendous difference in the presentation of the bait at speed - and while there's nothing natural about a dead bait flailing along at 6knots, if the presentation isn't just right, the fish won't bite
  2. This rig, either on mono, fluorocarbon or single-strand wire, represents the standard go-to ballyhoo trolling rig. It elicits exceptional action from the ballyhoo, especially when it is limbered up by breaking the backbone, and is well-suited for fish that engulf the entire bait, such as tuna, billfish and dolphin.The long-shank hook also offers some chance of success with wahoo; but if this.
  3. Dead or alive, fresh or frozen, shrimp are one of the best baits for inshore saltwater fishing. Black drum, bonefish, flounder, grouper, jackfish, pompano, redfish, snook, sea trout, sheepshead, tarpon, and whiting are among the species you can catch with this crustacean

Use a heavy 2 oz weight to anchor the bottom of the rig. With the bottom anchored, a pike taking the bait will immediately cause an indication at the float. The float should be buoyant enough to hold everything up straight. Making this rig particularly useful for presenting a dead bait above the bottom. Or in the winter for fishing over a weed. When fishing big, dead eels, I use large heavy-gauge hooks. I prefer 7/0 gorilla live-bait hooks from Owner or 8/0 heavy-duty live-bait hooks from Gamakatsu. These large-gauge hooks won't get straightened by even the heftiest bass, and will provide a little weight to the nose of the eel, helping you cover the whole water column

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Dead baits may not be as effective as live baits some days, but they are a very good alternative on days when you're not able to catch good quality live baits. With any bait fishing the old saying 'fresh is best' certainly comes into play - the fresher the bait, the better it swims and looks, which greatly increases your chances of a bite Used whole as dead baits or cut into strip baits, slimy mackerel are great when fresh. However, they become very soft once frozen and are not as appealing. The way to rig slimies as whole baits is similar to those used with pilchards, incorporating one or two hooks. Or the fish can be cut from the tail wrist on both sides, leaving the head. Dead shrimp can always be returned to as finishing bait once there is no bait left alive. What Fish to Catch with Shrimp One of the greatest benefits of surf fishing with shrimp as bait is that many, many species of surf-dwelling fish love to eat shrimp To rig the Boston mackerel, you will need rigging floss, rigging needles, and a chin weight (if you are rigging one to swim versus skip). 1. Adding the Hook. Aboard the Mulberry Canyon we use Mustad 7691S 10/0 hooks attached to 220-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon. Begin by inserting the hook into the body cavity of the bait from underneath the gill. Bottom Rigs for Boat and Shore Fishing. Bait Rigs are generally designed around one of two basic forms:~ The Paternoster Rig, or; The Running Ledger Rig or; A combination of the two; Most of the popular bait rigs - flapper rigs, pulley rigs, wishbone rigs, clip-down rigs etc - are all derivatives of these basic rig patterns and are designed to place the bait on the seabed, where the fish would.

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  1. Head start trolling rigs 4 pack. Downriggershop. $88.00. Package includes: 4 x Head start trolling rigs. 80 pound breaking strain bead chain trace. Quick and Easy install on a garfish, ballyhoo or sauries. Makes a deadbait swim like it's alive. Delivery included in Australia
  2. The most commonly used bait fishing rig for pike is, without a doubt, the running ledger rig. This bait fishing rig is designed to fish a bait on the bottom of a lake or loch bed. The rig itself compromises of a run ring, buffer bead, quick-change link, a lead and a wire trace. In [
  3. Dead shrimp and cut mullet are two of the most common baits that catch redfish. But I wanted to test which one would produce more fish (and better quality fish). So in this video, you'll learn: How to make a Carolina rig for these baits; If dead shrimp outperforms cut mullet; And more. Check it out below! Dead Shrimp Vs Cut Mullet For Redfish.
  4. now rigs for different fish. The best anglers know they must cater their fishing methods to different types of fish

The two most popular methods for targeting bass and hapuka are dropping dead baits and, more recently, jigging. Rigs . Use a heavy trace, around 300lb is not unrealistic; with big hooks up to 14/0. Recurve or circle hooks are the preferred style Use the bait attractant scent of your choice. I always use shad scent . 10. Place a few dead stick rigs in a zip lock bag . 11. Seal the bag and let it sit a few days before you go out. If the plastics soak up all the scent, spray some more in there. As I say, that's how I do it but there are many other ways I'm sure Double Minnow Live Bait Rigs. You can double your chances of catching crappie while spider rigging by tying a three-way swivel to a main line of 10-pound test and attaching two drop lines of 8-pound test. The first drop line about 8 to 10 inches long features a number 2 hook on the end. Complete the rig by leaving 20 to 22 inches on the second. Popping up dead baits can be done various ways, some harder than others to set up. However today I am going to show you how to set up the - popped up dead bait trace. I'm assuming that you make your own traces already so I can skip through the whole trace making bit and straight onto the end stage, adding the Pike Pro Bait Popper

Live bait is often the best choice when it comes to catching big fish or large numbers of fish. But it is not a guarantee. Not only do you need to select the correct bait you also need to rig it correctly. Rig your bait the wrong way, and it will swim at the wrong depth, provide a less productive action, or otherwise appear unnatural Aug 20, 2018. #8. Agree with Tim (above) though we use a bait needle, tie off one wing, punch through the back of the eye socket, and tie the other wing. Double or triple a heavy rubber band and slide it up the tail to just back of the wings. Run your single hook into the bait just ahead of the wing and out so the band holds in place, and then. What a dead stick is is basically a bait down near the bottom not being jigged. The only movement would be from a live minnow or sometimes having a dead minnow on and no movement is whats needed. Here are the ways we use a dead stick on Lake of the Woods. Using a bobber - The most popular of methods is to use a bobber on a ice rod

I use a two treble hook quickset rig on big dead bait so as soon as I get there I can set em. Like 0. REPORT ABUSE. 3/1/10 @ 4:29 PM. cousincarmody. USER SINCE 2/9/10 PROFILE BLOCK USER. I've caught several off of dead bait, but you need to make sure that they are horizontal in the water; tipped towards the nose or the tail they aren't as. Components of the finished rig include a fresh dead ribbonfish (preferably 20-24 inches), 2 to 3-ounce pink jig head, heavy-duty black swivel, floss or wax line, two VMC 4X-strong treble hooks, and a six-foot length of uncoated Surflon cable (60-pound test minimum) This simple weightless rig works well for fishing off the pier. It's ideal in situations where the snook are feeding near the top. Use this with live bait or dead bait. It's a very basic setup with your hook and leader attached to your main line. What you need for this rig: 1/0 to 4/0 Circle Hook. 20-80 lb fluorocarbon leader

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This rig can be used with both live and dead bait. Catfish usually don't seem to mind pressure from the rod, but on the off chance they are being finicky, the Carolina rig can save you. By engaging the bait runner, the fish will be able to run with the bait freely without feeling the weight . . . dead sawbellies are even more effective as a trolling bait by hooking them the same way and curving their bodies and burying a treble point into the body just before the tail. This results in a curved baitfish that spins through the water mimicking the death throes of a dying sawbelly

Bait battles: Live Bait, Dead Bait, Lures. Fisherman have been debating which type of bait works best on docks around the world for years. However, when it is all said and done, each type of bait is a different tool for fisherman, much like a mechanic would have various types and sizes of wrench's Bait Rigging Small Fish - To Catch Larger Ones! Before bait rigging one of these, let's first spare it a moment's thought, because it must be a tough old life being something like a sardine. They're far too popular for their own good. Bass, tuna, wahoo, mahe-mahe, billfish, dolphins and whales - they all love them Baits. Using dead bait is the easiest option for most people, because you can just buy some at the local tackle shop. Sardines, mullet, menhaden, or cigar minnows, they'll all get the job done. The key is to let the bait sink to the bottom just like a dead fish. Compared to dead bait, fishing with live bait can feel like a cheat code How to Rig Dead Bait. This lesson is pretty straightforward, but has good tips if you don't have a lot of experience using dead bait. 6 of 6 Setup Your Live Bait For Success. The key to successfully catching limits of speckled trout and redfish is moving efficiently and purposefully, and these tips help you do that

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Walleye rigs for shore fishing. The best rigs for walleye shore fishing are the slip bobber rig, lindy rig, ned rig, and 3 way rig. Apart from the ned rig, each of these can be used for stationary fishing. Just bait the hook with live bait, cast out, and wait for walleye to come to you This type of rig is usually reserved for sharks, but people target many different gamefish species using balloons including striped bass, cobia, sailfish, marlin and more.. All you're doing is suspending a live or dead bait on circle hooks under a floating balloon. Use a strong leader material if you're targeting sharks or other toothy species The pin rig is a simple way to rig a 'hoo, particularly if you are just beginning to fish with them, or when fishing with skirts over your baits. To construct this rig, you will need 10 feet of 200-pound-test fluorocarbon, a ½-ounce egg sinker, rigging wire, size G crimps, a chafe tube, a 1½-inch section of size 10 single-strand wire, and a. Live Bait Rig Tips for Marlin. Expert Charles Perry explains one of his best live bait rigs for marlin fishing. By Charles Perry September 24, 2019. Dead-Bait Fishing Techniques for Marlin and Sailfish. Tips for drop-back fishing guaranteed to improve the number of releases at the end of the day. By Sam White March 25, 2016 This rig keeps the minnow alive even longer—and livelier—making it perfect for a set-line. Chisholm says the enticement of a struggling minnow can turn a looking fish into a biting fish. Since fish usually take the minnow head first, rig the hook with the point up and toward the head for the best hookset

There are number of different rigs for deep drop fishing. Most of which follow the same basic set up. The weight is at the bottom of the rig with anywhere from 1 - 5 hooks spread out and a light at the top. The variations of this rig will come into play as you drop deeper and deeper Using eels as trolling baits was popular back in the day but fell out of favor as other baits like ballyhoo and mullet became the go-to dead baits. However, eels are making a comeback, both as a swordfish bait and a trolling bait. When rigged properly, an eel has a long, lively profile that white marlin, tuna and other pelagics love Rigging baits in place of presenting a lure will, in most cases, out fish the lure. A well rigged squid makes the very best flathead lure. Small well presented squid, worked as a lure, will catch more bream than lure or standard bait! In fact catch more fish than any lure or standard bait. Small baitfish too, like hardheads, herring, minnows. Suggest you set up a short traced conger rig with 150/200lb mono trace, about 2 foot long. Weight will be dependent on the tide, but you MUST BE ON THE BOTTOM. Fresh Mackerel or pouting would be the preferred bait. If you are in deep water, you will need braid, unless you want to use 2lb of lead

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Canal Zander Deadbait Rig - How to Catch Them. This is the rig I use to catch canal Zander on deadbaits on canals around the Midlands, perfected over quite a few sessions now with various trials and tribulations. The float is fished over depth by adjusting the grippa stop and sits flat or at an angle on the surface Cutting a large shiner in half is a great option for channel catfish and striped bass. For walleye, rig a dead shiner onto a jig-head. How to Rig a Shiner on a Hook. There are a number of ways to rigging a shiner on a hook. I would strongly recommend a standard bait hook or octopus hook when fishing with shiners for most species A: The knocker rig is considered one of the best rig for snapper, especially the George Poveromo rig. Snapper finds slow sinking bait hard to resist, so if you are fishing in the water, that is 30 ft deep or less, use this rig set up to make the fish swim right up to the bait

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Best Baits and Worms for Ned Rig fishing. Size wise you are talking about 2- to 4-inch finesse baits being the right range with a 3-inch finesse bait being the standard choice. A finesse worm. The worms used with Ned Rigs are usually short stickbaits, typically between 2.5 and 4 inches in length D Place enough large split shot upon the wire trace to anchor the rig. You may need 3SSG shot at least. E Mount the deadbait tail first and cut off the fish's head to ensure that the juices escape, adding attraction to the bait. F The best float to use when fishing with this rig is a straight balsa, often referred to as a pencil float

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Apr 11, 2016 - Explore Mark Brody's board Pike rigs on Pinterest. See more ideas about fishing rigs, pike fishing, fishing tips Take a look at these standard live and deadbait rigs. Dead baits. Fishing with deadbaits for pike has been in use for centuries. It was known to be used as a method for catching pike as far back as 1496 when referenced in the first fishing book, reputedly authored by Dame Juliana Berners. At this time the baits would not have been left static. Enter rubber bands, which provide a quick, simple way to secure a circle hook to either live or dead baits. An open-eye rigging needle (to snatch the rubber band) and a pack of small orthodontic-type rubber bands — the small ones used on children's braces — make up the kit. For large live baits, No. 32 rubber bands get the nod Slip bobber rigging walleyes is simply a live bait delivery system. The most perfect rig will be worthless if your minnow, leech, or nightcrawler doesn't look attractive. It won't entice a bite. As a result, taking care of bait and hooking it properly is critical. If the bait is dead or sick-looking, you'll spend all day staring at bobbers Tube Baits are a very underutilized Dead Stick Fishing Lure for winter striper! When fishing gets difficult and you can't get fish to bite, try a 4-inch Tube Bait! You need one color, pearl, and some chartreuse spike-it! Please rig the tube on a 3/4oz or 1oz tube jig, then dip the skirt in chartreuse spike it

The bait will depend on the type of fishing you'll be doing and the season. Most can be used on either float or on the bottom. If you're just starting out I would suggest getting some mackerel and float fish on mackerel strips to catch mackerel. You then have spare bait in the freezer so if you fancy going out one night and everywhere is closed I have read on an online forum that even freshwater bluegill and sunnies work well when using the mullet rig for surf fishing. So I believe the bait should not be a source of concern. Just make sure it fits securely on the rig and looks good and appetizing to the fish. Generally speaking, live bait always outperforms dead or chunked bait

To dead drift your nymphs, simply cast upstream of your desired fishing spot, across the current. It's important to cast upstream of the fish so that the fly has enough time to sink to the depth of the fish and so the splash caused by your rig won't scare the fish away Rigging Dead Shrimp. Rigging dead shrimp can be tricky at times due to the way their body turns soft after they have been frozen and thawed. With dead shrimp a jighead will help keep the shrimp placed on the hook better, but you can still get away with using just a plain live bait hook if no added weight is needed There are many ways to rig minnows for jigging lures and set-lines. Be sure to experiment the next time you're on the ice. Refinements in rigging regularly help coax inactive fish to chew on tough days. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog that will discuss quick-strike rigs for dead-bait

Lucy Lures dead bait trolling rig is a two part rig designed to 'fly' a bait down the water column in search of predatory fish. The rig is designed to readily transfer the hooks from the bait to the striking fish. The rig is an instant strike rig, designed to be fished as a lure rather than as a bait In addition to using sand fleas, I usually take fresh dead shrimp as a second backup option. The key here is it being fresh. Don't buy frozen shrimp that you see in local convenience stores. Instead, go to the bait shop and ask for fresh dead shrimp, or buy some from a local supermarket The technique is easy, drop a 4-inch or 5-inch zoom fluke straight down and hold the rig with zero movement! Striper will ease up to your zoom fluke and suck the bait in! it feels like a tick of the rod or a heavy feeling. Hook sets are FREE, so let them rip That's more of a dead baits kind of rig, the running rig but this one here is your uh dropper rig with your hook above and sinker the bottom and what it does, it suspends. So, it keeps your bait off the bottom especially if you're nice and close to it. Like in this position here where you're fishing relatively close to the rocks How to Rig a Woolly Bugger Set Up. You will want to start out by tying a crane swivel to the end of your leader with a clinch knot. On the bottom portion of the swivel, tie 24 inches of 3x tippet off of that and leave 6 inches off the tag end of the clinch knot.; Attach your first woolly bugger to the 6 inches of tag from your tippet addition

Using a dead bait king rig from Blue Water Candy is a time tested and proven way to land monster kings. The boxing glove style jig head gives a lively, side to side motion to your dead bait as you troll. Rigged with durable, #5 coffee colored wire and tough 4X strength trebles, these king rigs hold up quite well Nitta's R3 Front Rig and N3 Harness are game changers in dead bait rigging. The R3 Front rig resurrects dead bait and is the only rig that enables you to adjust hook placement at any time with a twist. The N3 Harness requires no puncturing of the bait and keeps the hook outside the body of the fish, allowing bait to last impressively longer

Deep Diving Big Bait!! Easy and best rig!! Fishing TipsFishing: surface & top-water pike attacks & strikes onFishing The Palm Beaches With Darcizzle – April 2017Deep Blue Fishing - King Mackerel Rig - YouTube