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Strong Core and Pelvic Floor is a program fully focused on repairing diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and strengthening the pelvic floor. It is the same extensively researched program Sharny used to repair her own diastasis recti and pelvic floor weakness after she was told surgery would be her only solution This has 5 star reviews on Amazon but doesn't address Diastasis (only mentioning it to say this exercise is not safe for diastasis recti). AND she does crunches and I'm completely unclear on how to safely do them (supposedly there is a right way so that it doesn't aggrevate DR) so I spend a bit of time modifying

How I Fixed My Diastasis Recti And Sh*tty Pelvic Floor. At the 6-week check-up after my first baby was born, my midwife examined my pelvic floor and abdomen, giving it all the golden seal of approval. Even though my belly seemed to be hanging down to my knees, she said I had abs of steel beneath it all, and sent me on my merry way Problem 1: There is No One-On-One Guidance. Obviously, with a pre-recorded class, you know the instructor won't tailor her class to you specifically. This program is designed to work with a vast amount of women at different stages of healing. When working to heal Prolapse and Diastasis Recti, your body is in a unique place

Sharny, 36, and Julius, 35, posted their weekly weigh-ins via Facebook Live, sharing their final weigh-in on Friday October 7. In a completely unexpected twist, the self-proclaimed fitness couple lost a substantial amount of weight. Combined, they lost almost 30 kilograms, with Sharny losing 12.3 kilos and Julius losing 17 kilos Diastasis recti is often more apparent postpartum. I usually recommend waiting at least 6 to 12 weeks before checking for a diastasis recti. Here are a few tips that can help prevent and/or heal a diastasis recti. Rest. If I could have a dollar for every mom who wished she had rested more in order to spare herself injury

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  1. is, or six-pack muscles, which meet at the midline of your stomach.Diastasis recti is very common during and.
  2. al muscles that occurs during pregnancy. But.
  3. The most important of which after having a baby is diastasis recti. Today on Tone and Tighten I wanted to quickly discuss what is a diastasis recti, why it's important to know whether or not you have one, and show you a simple test of how to check yours. Here we go! Easiest thing to do - watch this video to learn all you need to know
  4. I started working with her because my doctor told me that there was no way to heal my diastasis recti except for surgery. I had a DR that measured 4.5 fingers. Thanks to Sarah after only a couple weeks of work it is completely closed at the top and down to 2 fingers around my belly button!
  5. close your ab separation and power up your pelvic floor with my no jargon strong core and pelvic floor program. WATCH THE VIDEO. Sharny Kiesers Strong Core and Pelvic Floor. 7:34. JOIN HERE. TESTIMONIALS. After birthing 6 kids, my pelvic floor was like a smashed egg. After 6 kids, my pelvic floor was like a smashed egg. I'd laugh and pee.

Strong Core and Pelvic Floor by Sharny Kieser. 1. Ab Separation Repair Program. Specific, gentle, targeted exercises to close your ab separation FAST without Surgery. You can do all of these exercises at home with no equipment in about 5-10 minute a day. 2. Pelvic Floor Program. A six stage exercise program to increase your pelvic strength in. A diastasis recti is a separation of the abdominals at the midline. Meaning that there is a gap in the center of your belly, above and / or below your navel. The gap can be wide, narrow, deep, shallow and is measured in finger width. It can lead to your abs feeling saggy, loose, weak and is best diagnosed by a doctor or PT Next Step: Confirm your email address! Any minute now, you'll see an email from me in your inbox asking you to confirm your email address. (Sarah Duvall, info@coreexercisesolutions.com.) Please check the spam folder if you don't see it and then add my email address to your contacts to be sure I always end up in Next Step - Please confirm Your Email Address Read More Building and maintaining a strong pelvic floor is crucial for women of all ages. Watch this video to learn three simple yet effective moves for strengthening your pelvic floor and lower abs

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