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DUTCH COLONIAL EMPIRE. COLONIAL ETHICS AND MODERNISM PROFITS OF EMPIRE DECOLONIZATION DEVELOPMENT COLONIES BIBLIOGRAPHY. The foundations of the Dutch Empire were laid in the seventeenth century by trading companies operating in Asia and the Atlantic. Business was, in all periods, the primary motive of Dutch colonialism, engendering a utilitarian colonial discourse The Dutch Colonial built in 1966 includes a bright living room with wood floors and a working field stone fireplace adorned with reclaimed wood mantel. There's even more reclaimed wood in the exposed ceiling beams, which add some rustic charm to the 1,964-square-foot interior Jul 3, 2017 - Explore Jeremy Baskin's board 1960s Colonial Remodel on Pinterest. See more ideas about colonial house exteriors, colonial exterior, house colors

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Updating a Dated Colonial Exterior. Last night I got lost in the bunny hole of ideas for updating the exterior for our home. I'm sure there are some of you out there with Colonials from the 1960s to 1990s that could use a little pick me up or maybe you have a pre-fab that needs a little customization. I collected some of my favorite ideas on. The house: A 3,189-square-foot Dutch Colonial Revival in Cumberland, ME, built around 1900. Highlights included a handful of graceful arched openings on the first floor. Downsides included sagging floors and a bowed exterior wall. Also, the mudroom was a mess and the kitchen not set up for a serious cook The anti-colonial struggle not only involved the imperialists and the anti-colonial forces. The situation was often complicated by the position of the two main forces in the com-munist camp, China and the Soviet Union. The communist camp faced a split in the early 1960s that affected the struggles in the former colonies Since the 1960s, Dutch American women have moved beyond the teaching, secretarial, nursing, and homemaking professions into medicine, law, business, and ecclesiastical positions. The new infusion of 80,000 Dutch immigrants, who arrived after World War II (1946-1956), reinvigorated Dutch ethnicity across the continent Colonial-style homes are known for their historic roots and elegant, symmetrical designs. Typically free of extra ornamental details, the stately facades can often benefit from a little sprucing up. These incredible before-and-after transformations show how new additions and exterior remodels can add even more sophisticated style to grand Colonial homes

This is the ultimate article and photo gallery on colonial houses in the United States. We explain what is a colonial style house (a term used frequently), set out the 8 types of colonial houses (with photo examples) and then provide an extensive photo gallery showcasing many examples of colonial houses (historical and new) Contributing to this amnesia is the fact that only a small number of Indonesians moved to the Netherlands after the 1960s, making the country's colonial legacy even less apparent, Nordholt said

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By the late 1960s, more fanciful versions began to appear. These houses, called Neocolonial or Neo-colonial, freely combine an assortment of historic styles using modern materials like vinyl and simulated stone The three oldest archeological sites are at Seru Boca, Sint Joris Baai and Rooi Rincon. The site of Rooi Rincon was the first to be discovered in 1949 by A.D. Ringma. Radiocarbon dating produced a date that ranges in between 3400BC-2400BC

A Colonial [Revival] home might just as well lack a kitchen as a garden, stated the 1924 The Charming Dutch Colonial Type article (already cited). Colonial Revival gardens were often formal and precisely laid out. Boxwood, privet hedges, and other shrubs were used to border the garden and the various plots in the garden Post-war Housing Styles Cape Cod, Colonial, and Ranch T he end of the Second World War brought a sea change to American housing that In just 20 short years altered the entire American landscape, creating whole new towns and cities where none had existed before, and inventing an entirely new suburban lifestyle.. By 1946, the demand for new housing had been growing for years

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Dutch Colonial This two-story house is made of clapboard or shingles with a gambrel roof, flared eaves, and a side-entry floor plan. formula, the Ranch Style later became known as ordinary and, at times, slipshod. However, during the late 1950s and 1960s, a few real estate developers re-invented the style, giving the conventional one-story. 1960s Danish Vintage Dutch Colonial Commodes and Chests of Drawers. Materials. Polyester, Wood. View Full Details. Danish Sofa in Style of Otto Schulz Scandinavian. Pair of Armchairs in the Style of Gio Ponti, 1960s. By Gio Ponti. Located in Lyon, FR. Category Mid-20th Century Italian Dutch Colonial Commodes and Chests of Drawers The three oldest archeological sites are at Seru Boca, Sint Joris Baai and Rooi Rincon. The site of Rooi Rincon was the first to be discovered in 1949 by A.D. Ringma. Radiocarbon dating produced a date that ranges in between 3400BC-2400BC. The site of Rooi Rincon is a shell midden situated in an abri with two rock drawings on its walls Vintage 1960s Indonesian Dutch Colonial Tables. Materials. Teak. View Full Details. Teak Wood Table with Turned Legs. H 29.25 in. W 51 in. D 29.75 in. Set of Four Wooden Teak and Fabric Scandinavian Style Dutch Design Chairs

According to a recent survey, more than 80 percent of Dutch citizens are opposed to the removal of colonial-era statues. Rutte's recent statement, that pulling down statues is not the answer. During the 1960s, hundreds of anti-apartheid protesters were killed, and thousands more were thrown in jail. As the South African government tightened its fist, many activists decided to flee colonial fishing rod style wall lamp. This is a nice Dutch Design vintage wall lamp from the 1960s, consisting of a white acrylic shade and a base made in oak wood. The lamp has a wooden hanging and can be attached to the wall with two screws it can rotate 180 degrees. the lamp can be placed i

It allowed Flemings to be heard and tried in Dutch in colonial courtrooms. In 1957-1958, attempts were made to design a similar decree for communication in the administration, but this decree never saw the light before Congolese independence in 1960. Before 1957, some, mostly Francophone, law specialists argued that the absence of decrees was. The Dutch Colonial house, like all revival styles, was essentially a modern box wrapped in a skin of architectural signifiers. These architectural signifiers proved popular, as tens of thousands of second-generation immigrant families fled the crowded tenements, ethnic enclaves, and racially mixed streets of Manhattan Dutch Colonial Revival. Evaluation Considerations The theme American Colonial Revival, 1895-1960 may overlap with other SurveyLA themes as follows: Properties significant for their association with their owner, often an individual in the entertainment industry, may also be eligible within the Entertainment Industry context and.

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River Road, Dutch Colonial Transformed Traditional meets contemporary with the creation of a more open floor plan in this 1960s Dutch Colonial home. Polished living spaces include warm earth tones of brown and pale greens, with textured fabrics bringing in pops of yellow and red Bien Phu, followed the Dutch in 1954. Resistance to colonial rule grew successfully around the world when the two remaining, major colonial states had lost their status as 'Great Powers'. Britain was weakened by a war that drained its wealth and saw the quick defeat and surrender of its Far East bastion, Singapore, to the Japanese Vintage Dutch Delfts Blue & White Lamp w/Shade - Hand Painted Windmill Holland. $59.25. Was: $79.00. $59.35 shipping While in the past Dutch historians traditionally focused on the colonial era (inspired by the rich colonial archives), from the 1960s and 1970s onward an increasing number of scholars (among which also many Indonesians, but also Australian and American scholars) started to study post-war Indonesian events in connection with the colonial past Before and after photos from the renovation of a two story colonial in Bergen County, New Jersey - style is Transitional. UPDATE OCT 2016

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Agent owners. We have always loved this house and it needed some love. We took on this task to made the home ready for the next 100 years. We completely updated the home inside and out. Oak hardwood floors (1st floor) were sanded down and refinished to the original beauty. Oversized oak crown moldings in the majority of the main floor rooms. Kitchen has been updated with a new dishwasher. Throughout the colonial period, they worked closely with their British rulers. In Indonesia a small group of Indonesians, educated in Dutch schools, formed the P.N.I., the Indonesian Nationalist party, in 1927. The party was forced underground by the Dutch and its leaders exiled Over the decades, Dutch mercantile history in Asia has become increasingly integrated into the maritime history of the Indian Ocean.5 Moreover, from the 1960s onwards, the Indian historian Om Prakash pioneered the mercantile history of the Indian Ocean using VOC sources.6 In the 1990s, Leonard Blussé launched the TANAP (Towards a New 2 For a. Indeed, as Holland argued, Dutch acquiescence to Indonesian and US pressure in surrendering Irian Jaya by the early 1960s was made that much easier by the 'new assets and opportunities' of the post-colonial era: 'the rich revenue from North Sea gas strikes and the prosperity generated by the drive towards west European integration' (Holland.

Dutch in Colonial BrazilOne of the great tragedies in the history of Brazil took place between 1624 and 1654 when the Dutch West India Company attempted to occupy Portuguese America, with enormous loss of life and property and massive dislocation of populations. At least 10,000 Dutchmen, Germans, Frenchmen, and other Europeans in the service of the company lost their lives, as did a similar. Paint hues, during Colonial times, were quite vivid when first applied, and then faded or oxidized over time. Deep yellow or ochre, red, green, and umber, derived from earth pigments, were the earliest paint tints. A yellow hue befitting the period emphasizes the parlor's woodwork. The faux carpet on the original triple-run staircase was called.

Because Islam and the Dutch colonial past don't have that much to do with each other? The immigration from the Arab world (mostly Marocco) and Turkey started in the 1960s. Indonesia was already no longer a colony (though still part of the Kingdom).. The main draw of his visit was actually a renovated 1960s ranch that was a new listing, so when Dad and I walked through the Dutch Colonial, I could tell that he wasn't all that interested in it. But when we went through the '60s ranch later that day and it turned out not to be a great fit in person, I gently tried convincing Dad to give. Credit: Michael Partenio. Many Colonial-style homes exhibit a soothing visual symmetry. On the exteriors, windows, doors, columns, and other elements are typically reflected from one side to the other. Colonial home interiors also often feature a mirror-image setup, particularly on the main level. 5 of 18 A short history. One of the most classic, understated house styles is the Colonial Revival. Stately and distinguished, rather than cute or cottage like, they are substantial homes that declare that the owners are persons with a solid center and traditional values. Most are symmetrical, where each side is a mirror image of the other

Dutch Colonial Home b. 1967 in Adelaide. 6 June 2012. Flickr: 1967 Adelaide Dutch Colonial slide 598. Yvonne Thompson. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license Examples of Dutch Colonial in Galle. One such building is the Groote Kerk Church, which was first built around 1640. It is located a few yards from the main gate entrance into the huge fort. The church was built in the Doric style of that era and built in the form of a cruciform

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From the early traditional symmetry of the Salt Box to the Cape Cod, the Colonial has proven to be remarkably resilient. From 1900 to 1960, after the bungalow, minimal traditional, and various modern styles had ebbed, the Colonials continued to be popular. The Colonial Revival subtypes include: Dutch Colonial; Cape Cod; Garrison Colonial In recent weeks, images of colonial apartheid have been beamed into homes in Dutch-speaking northern Belgium in a major documentary series in which Congolese-Belgians tell their stories. Made by. 1769 Dutch colonial Dutch colonies in New York and New Jersey existed for a relatively short time in 1600s, but Dutch colonists continued to build homes in their own distinctive style. While urban Dutch colonial homes resembled 17th-century buildings in Holland (brick homes with paired end chimneys), it's unclear where the flared eaves of. The earliest American quilts, made by English and Dutch settlers, were so intimately connected to everyday life of the early colonists that no record of them exists. An American Folkart. Antique weaving loom. During the early years of American colonization, most Colonial women were busy spinning, weaving and sewing the clothes for their family.

A butcher block and a wooden kitchen island, a wrought iron chandelier and a hanging rack with pans are perfect for creating attractive and stylish kitchen design inspired by kitchens in Colonial homes. Four post bed in dark wood, bedroom decorating in Colonial style. Posted: 19.08.2014 by Decor4all. Themes So-called Dutch lap siding is also known as German siding or coved lap siding; it is distinguished by a hollowed reveal (or channel) that produces deep shadow lines. On the bungalow, a narrow exposure keeps the look neat. Coved siding was popular by the 1880s. Dutch lap or German siding is a type of drop siding, which unlike clapboards is non.

Of course, the most common boy name during colonial times was John, closely followed by other very classic boy names such as William and Henry. Along with John and William, other colonial names for boys in the US Top 200 include Abraham, Alexander, Christopher, Elias, Isaac, Jacob, Levi, and Nathaniel. Unique colonial-era nicknames for boys. Only in the late 1950s and 1960s did Dutch and other ethnographic museums finally do likewise, and abandon the colonial and evolutionistic connotations surrounding ethnographic objects. 99 As the anthropologist and former curator of the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, Simon Kooijman observed in his introduction to the 1959 Art of Lake. The Colonial, America's Home Style My Houzz: Elegant Colonial in North Carolina Houzz Tour: Dutch Colonial Home in Williamsburg Houzz Tour: The Rebirth of an 18th-Century Connecticut Farmhouse. Appears in. Traditional Architecture. My Houzz: Modern Update to a 1960s Ranch in New Jersey

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The minority French-speaking community was relatively rich and powerful. This was resented by the Dutch-speaking community who got the benefit of economic development and education much later. This led to tensions between the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking communities during the 1950s and 1960s Colonial Times - 1800: The City's Beginning. The City of Albany's story begins with Fort Orange, which was established by the Dutch West India Company as a fur trading post in 1624. Prior to European settlement, the Tri-City area was inhabited by the Algonquian and Iroquois tribes The French had acquired an immense colonial empire and the Dutch had extended their control over Indonesia. Germany and Italy, unified only in the latter half of the century, had claimed their place under the sun. Read Online Colonial Empires And Armies 1815 1960 War European Society Colonial Empires and Armies, 1815-1960

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Antique Home offers information on old houses. Vintage home styles including bungalows as well as many American classic architectural residential forms. House plans, catalogs of moulding, millwork, and cabinetry, Aladdin, Lewis (Liberty), Radford, Sterling, and Sears kit houses are included. From 1900 to 1960, American residential architecture ranges from the small Queen Anne cottage to the. Why Famous: Sukarno was a prominent leader of Indonesia's nationalist movement during the Dutch colonial period and spent over a decade under Dutch detention. Released by invading Japanese forces, Sukarno and his fellow nationalists collaborated to garner support for the Japanese war effort from the population in exchange for Japanese aid in spreading nationalist ideas The Dutch allowed the most religious freedoms; they didn't try to convert native peoples to Christianity, and they allowed Jewish immigrants to join their colony. French Jesuit missionaries tried to convert Indians to Catholicism, but with much more acceptance of their differences than Spanish missionaries Go for Color. White with black shutters is the tried-and-true paint scheme for this late-19th- and early-20th-century house style. And while it's a classic, there are countless other period palettes to choose from, as well as new color combos that are simply inspired by the past

The Dutch were not the only colonial power that attempted to institute major economic changes in order to extract more surplus. The Japanese in Taiwan are a classic example of a developmental colonial state that made massive investments in increasing output in order to maximize extraction, including the construction of a large-scale, modern. Colonial Bensonhurst Welkom, This section identifies some important formative moments in the history of Bensonhurst. The Dutch first colonized this area, so that explains the Welkom Colonial House Plans. Colonial revival house plans are typically two to three story home designs with symmetrical facades and gable roofs. Pillars and columns are common, often expressed in temple-like entrances with porticos topped by pediments. Multi-pane, double-hung windows with shutters, dormers, and paneled doors with sidelights topped. In 1933, Van Balen edited two school atlases for J.B. Wolters that were widely used in the Netherlands and Dutch colonial territories. The firm J.B. Wolters was founded in Groningen in 1836 as the Schoolbook Publishing House by Jan Berends Wolters (1808-1860)

Colonial Rivalries: Dutch and French Colonial Ambitions Section Summary The French and Dutch established colonies in the northeastern part of North America: the Dutch in present-day New York, and the French in present-day Canada 1. J Hist Behav Sci. 1976 Oct;12(4):303-324. The development of anthropology and colonial policy in the Netherlands: 1800-1960. Ellen RF. Although there have been studies of both Dutch colonial policy in the Indies and the development of anthropology in the Netherlands, there has been no systematic examination of the historical relations between them. This paper attempts this for a period of. The Dutch colonial world in the 1960s (with most modern original timeline borders intact because i'm lazy) Close. Vote. Posted by just now. The Dutch colonial world in the 1960s (with most modern original timeline borders intact because i'm lazy) 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted STYLE: Updated Dutch Colonial. SPECIAL FEATURES: There are so many special things in this home! A couple of vintage Turkish rugs from Wild Shaman, some beautiful wallpaper from Manolo Walls, custom upholstered furniture, art by local artist Sunia Gibbs, and some vintage treasures found at the Monticello Antique Marketplace Oil on canvas. 74.9 x 64.1 cm. NYHS 1960.55. Looking out from within an oval frame, de Peyster appears in the sort of loose-fitting, kimono -like robe commonly referred to as a Japonse rok in contemporary Dutch and Dutch colonial inventories. Worn by both men and women, Japonse rokken were presented to Dutch East India Company ( Vereenigde.

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The Dutch West India Company found the business of colonization in New Netherland to be expensive. To share some of the costs, it granted Dutch merchants who invested heavily in it patroonships, or large tracts of land and the right to govern the tenants there.In return, the shareholder who gained the patroonship promised to pay for the passage of at least thirty Dutch farmers to populate the. Colonial empires, colonial powers, British Empire, French Empire, Dutch Empire, decolonization of Africa, decolonization of Asia, Indian Independence, anti-colonialism, war of independence Most of the French colonies in Black Africa became independent in 1960 History - Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775 See also Indomitable John Scott: Citizen of Long Island, 1632-1704, by Lilian T. Mowrer (1960) Dutch Successors to Hudson Explore Coasts of Long Island in 1614 (250 Years in Suffolk) Pennypacker, Morton

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1946 Dutch Colonial. Brookhaven, Pennsylvania 1882 Victorian: Second Empire. Brookville, Pennsylvania 1900 Victorian. Brookville, Pennsylvania 1839 Federal. Broomall, Pennsylvania Old House Museum. c. 1930 Arts & Crafts (Craftsman) Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania 1822 Farmhouse. Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Dutch Malacca 1641-1795, 1818-1825. Marco Ramerini Dutch Colonialism, Malaysia 27,750 Views. Written by Marco Ramerini. English text revision by Dietrich Köster. On 14 January 1641 the Dutch took possession from the Portuguese of the fortress of Malacca with the help of their ally the Sultan of Johore 1960 Colonial Sedan with Mahogany hull from Alexandria Bay, NY 1960 Cruisers, Inc. Seafarer with Mahogany lapstake hull from Fort Worth, Texas 1960 custom built modified H-28 with mahogany hull from new york, new yor The Congo, Decolonization, and the Cold War, 1960-1965. The decolonization of Sub-Saharan Africa from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s resulted in several proxy Cold War confrontations between the United States and the Soviet Union over the dozens of newly independent, non-aligned nations

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  1. In the early 1960s an American Peace Corps volunteer, named Gary Schulze, exposed the De Ruyter Stone for the first time in many years and made a latex mould of the inscription. Dutch Colonial Remains 16th-18th centuries. About Marco Ramerini . I have published some writings on the history of geographical exploration and colonialism.
  2. Colonial America was settled by Spanish, Dutch, French and English immigrants in colonies such as St. Augustine, Jamestown and Roanoke. Learn more about New World colonies on HISTORY.com
  3. British Colonization (1795-1960) [edit | edit source] In 1795, after the Battle of Muizenberg in present-day Cape Town, the British occupied the colony. Under the terms of the Peace of Amiens of 1802, Britain returned the colony to the Dutch on 1 March 1803
  4. The 1970s colonial home was dated, compartmentalized, and stale. The homeowners wanted to update their home to accommodate their modern lifestyle and showcase their eclectic style. The Exterior. The exterior was nondescript, and the homeowners wanted it to be an expression of their style, something that had more character
  5. ating economic and political power on Java after the crumbling and collapse of the Mataram empire. This Dutch trading company had been a major power in.
  6. Papua New Guinea - Papua New Guinea - The colonial period: Malay and possibly Chinese traders took spoils and some slaves from western New Guinea for hundreds of years. The first European visitor may have been Jorge de Meneses, who possibly landed on the island in 1526-27 while en route to the Moluccas. The first European attempt at colonization was made in 1793 by Lieut. John Hayes, a.
  7. g in large numbers after 1718. They settled first in the western Chester County area (later Lancaster county) and moved west over the Susquehanna River valley and Cumberland Valley area and later pushed into the western.
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  1. The ANC was banned in 1960 by the Afrikaner government, but continued to function in exile and underground inside South Africa. In 1961, the previously non-violent ANC adopted a policy of armed resistance, establishing Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) or MK. F. W. de Klerk removed the ban on the ANC in 1990 and ANC leaders engaged in.
  2. Browse 231 Colonial Exterior on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning colonial exterior or are building designer colonial exterior from scratch, Houzz has 231 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Ron Brenner Architects and Seattle Style Remodel. Look through colonial exterior pictures in different colors and styles and when you find.
  3. By the end of 1960, there were 27, with 17 gaining their independence that year alone, as Britain, France, and Belgium all but dismantled their colonial empires in Africa. European engagement in Africa began in the mid-15th century when Portuguese traders came in search of gold (see Key Dates, p. 27)
  4. Dutch Colonial home style. The Dutch Colonial style gets its name from the Dutch Colonists who settled lower New York. It is distinguished from other Colonial styles by the gambrel roof, which gives the appearance of a one-story house with all the space of a two-story house. The best types are long and low and set close to the ground

Dutch Colonial French Colonial Georgian . Greek Revival 207-211 Water Street - New York 1835-36 Greene County Courthouse - Greensboro 1848-49 c 1960 Lamar Lewis Shoes - Athens c 1955 First Franklin Financial - Greensboro c 1965 Modernist/ International Style. Googies & Roadside Architecture Another key component of the analysis is an account of the varied ways in which both Dutch- and French-speaking Belgians approached the colonial past after 1960, treating memorials variously as objects of veneration, with indifference, or as symbols to be attacked or torn down. The book provides a thought-provoking reflection on culture. 1960 and 2007, and that mixed jurisdictions grew faster than all other groups. Moreover, all of these differences are entirely accounted for by proxies for non-legal colonial policy—education and life expectancy in 1960. Legal system proxies, such as the recognition of case law and judicial independence, appear to have no influence on growth. - May 1910: First a Dutch and then a British colony, South Africa unites and becomes independent under a white-minority government. - Push for independence - - 1914-1918: World War I fuels resentment in the colonies which lose around tens of thousands of men enlisted to fight for their colonial masters After the Second World War a reorientation took place in the Society's activities and the publications in the Tijdschrift.43 The predominant focus on the Netherlands Indies that had existed before disappeared, and the articles published on Dutch New Guinea in the 1950s and the 1960s were of a short-lived colonial revival

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31 Of course, at the time colonial referred to the Anglo- Dutch colonies of New England and the Mid-Atlantic, and the art and architecture so admired by the revivalists was almost exclusively English in origin. In the process, racial identity became tied to the American colonial past A 1914 Dutch Colonial home on Capitol Hill by noted Seattle architect Joseph Coté was restored to its original dignity using clues hunted down by its new owner, whose sleuthing included tracing. A natural-born observer, legendary American designer Bunny Williams finds inspiration everywhere. One of her most recent muses was a beautiful Dutch Colonial-style home on Long Island's East End that she was tasked with renovating by one of the owners, whose sartorial tastes tended toward bold palettes and patterns

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The last Dutch merchants abandon the coast in 1870. And in 1874 the southern regions are formally proclaimed a British colony, under the name Gold Coast. But it takes another three decades before the Ashanti kingdom, and its dependencies in the north, are finally brought under British control. Colonial period: 1902-195 Footnote 82 Anti-colonial insurgencies, however, inculcated a new logic of youth soldiering: that of the symbolic mobilization of childhood as a psychological tactic of warfare. In 1950-1960s anti-colonial insurgencies became increasingly internationalized and colonial counterinsurgency evermore subject to human rights critiques

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  1. A. Olken Harvard University and MIT October 2018 Abstract Colonial powers typically organized economic activity in the colonies to maximize their economic returns. While the literature has emphasized long-run negative eco
  2. The American colonial period incorporates several different design styles under its umbrella and was influenced by the English, French, Spanish, Germans and the Dutch. These different building styles were influential between the 17th and 19th century and, not only, included homes but also churches, government buildings and other aspects of life
  3. Colonial styled architectures include French, Dutch, Spanish and British colonial structures. One of the famous colonial-style architectures includes the Dutch colonial house that is the most distinguishable styled home and has some most notable features. This style of architecture includes a slightly flat and wide double-pitched roof
  4. g on the market at 5930 E. Kenyon Avenue with a kitchen that already has a nice makeover. a pretty neighborhood of 1960s ranches wrapping Thomas Jefferson High School.
  5. Candy, candy, candy! Here's just a sampling of products to hit the United States candy market from the 1800s, 1900s, '20s, '30s, '40s, '50s, and 1960s
  6. provided by British culture (Hayak 1960, Lipset 1993, North 2005, LLSV 1998). The argument has become a common one, and dummy variables for colonial background have become a common feature of large-N studies in comparative politics
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  1. istering authority under the mandates system of the League of Nations, Rwanda and Burundi formed a single ad
  2. The NAACP and the Struggle for Colonial Liberation, 1941-1960. $29.99 (G) Author: Carol publicity, and lobbying, to delegitimize white rule in South Africa, Italian colonialism in Ethiopia, and Dutch colonialism in Southeast Asia. In doing so, she significantly broadens our knowledge of the varieties of black anti-colonial politics in the.
  3. The name of the style reflects the late-19th-century fascination with homes built by the early English and Dutch settlers, an affection that intensified through the World War I and II years before peaking in the mid-1950s. Colonial Revival is essentially a mixture of styles, all uniquely American. Roof forms such as gabled, hipped, and gambrel.
  4. influenced by Spanish Colonial, Craftsman, and Prairie modernism styles. IDENTIFYING STYLES Aladdin Kit Houses provided plans for ranch homes, like this one promoted in 1954. POST WAR MODERN Minimal Traditional, Split Levels, & Ranch Homes: 1940-1960 Nashville Old House Series Architectural Style and Sensitive Rehabilitatio
  5. g convention known as patronymics. Patronymics make an identifier out of the father's name with an attached suffix, such as.
  6. Famous quotes containing the words forces, dutch and/or colonial: The vice named surrealism is the immoderate and impassioned use of the stupefacient image or rather of the uncontrolled provocation of the image for its own sake and for the element of unpredictable perturbation and of metamorphosis which it introduces into the domain of representation; for each image on each occasion forces.
  7. Rustic interpretations of early Colonial style, used and vintage Early American pieces are casual and comfortable, and work especially well in country cottages and cabins. Even a more modern room could use the Rustic touch of vintage rooster figurine, a Shaker style spindle rocker or the Farmhouse touch of a cabriole-legged side table

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  1. Dutch colonial architecture in Indonesia is a work of Dutch colonial heritage in Indonesia during the colonial period. The result was the Dutch East Indies style with a colonial image and adapted to the local environment that responded to climate. Colonial architecture grafted architecture from European countries into colonies
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