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There is one exercise called Squeeze Blinking in the book Improve your Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses, that is recommended as a good eye exercise for re-moistening and recharging, dry, strained eyes. In other sources it's sometimes called the Eye Squeeze or the Eye Clench exercise #FaceYoga #FacialYoga #KokoFaceYoga♡FREE download the face yoga paperhttps://kokofaceyoga.com/yoga-poses♡Sign up for the Face Yoga Apphttps://kokofaceyoga.co.. When you are blinking normally, you should feel very little movement from the muscles around your eye. Close the eyes normally again, pause 2 seconds and then aggressively squeeze the lids together (as if you are trying to crack a walnut with your lids) for 2 seconds

The eye squeeze exercise tones the entire eye area, with special emphasis on the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the hollows beneath the lower lids 1: Place your index finger under your eyebrows so you can feel the brow bone. 2: While holding firmly, close your eyes slowly. 3: You should feel a gentle pull from the eyebrow through to the eyelid. 4: Now squeeze the eyelids more tightly together to create a stronger pull. 5: Hold for a count of five How To Do Eye Press Exercise Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Place a finger on each eyelid and press very lightly for about 10 seconds. Release the pressure for about 2 seconds and press slightly again Close your eyes or press them to shut occasionally when you don't need to see. For example, squeeze your eyes shut tightly for 5 seconds while sitting on the bus or listening to music. Start with 10 repetitions. Also Read: Rejuvenate Your Body through Yoga. These are some of the best eye exercises for dry eyes Eye exercises are designed to strengthen your eye muscles, help you focus, ease eye movements, and stimulate your brain 's vision center. As you practice them and move on to new ones, you'll learn..

This exercise is performed by partially winking one eye at a time and holding the position for a couple of seconds. Avoid completely closing your eyes, since this exercise is designed to help you gain more control over your orbicularis oculi muscles. Try to perform two sets of 50 repetitions with each eye Blinking Exercises for Dry Eye As an expert in eye care and laser eye surgery in Rockville, MD, we recommend several blinking exercises for those with dry eyes. Close your eyes quickly, squeeze them, and feel your facial muscles moving for three to five seconds. Open your eyes slowly and relax your facial muscles You can try the exercise named Eyebrows Lift With Eyes Open to lift droopy eyebrows by following the steps as mentioned below: First of all, you have to place the middle fingers of both the hands underneath each of the eyebrows. Doing so will help your eyebrows to relax. Now, you need to make sure that your palms are resting on your face Therefore, regularly doing specific eye exercises can help improve the function of your eyes and vision. To perform the exercise, you need to squeeze your eyes, and then open/close in turn. Close your eyes again, then without opening, drive them first to the right side, then to the left side Eyelid ptosis exercises can help reduce drooping. Exercises in which you squint with your lower eyelids can help to decrease the hollows and puffiness beneath your eyes. For example, begin by sitting erect or lying supine

Exercise eyes with eye squeezing. Close your eyes for one full minute. During this time, squeeze your eyes shut more tightly then release without actually opening them. Perform three repetitions before opening your eyes Importance of Blinking Exercises. Blinking exercises are a great way to keep your eyes moist and combat the symptoms of dry eye. Blinking stimulates tear production and gives our eyes a chance to wash away any debris that has accumulated on the surface of the eye.. Individuals who spend a lot of time on the computer or doing paperwork tend to blink less often then they should be

Eye Squeeze To start off with the exercise, pull your lips in a manner that tightens the face like you screaming. On this position, squeeze one eye and close it for a second and repeat the exercise with the other eye. The training helps in working out muscles around the eye thereby tightening muscles around the eye Exercise For Beautiful Eyes Move a open or pencil horizontally and vertically in front of your eyes. Keeping your eyes focuses on the tip of the pen. Do this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes daily Eye Squeeze; Start off with putting your fingers on the corners of your eyes to create a bit of resistance and then squeeze them shut. You'll feel the muscles pulling and working out. Do 3 sets of 10, rest, and then 3 sets of 10 again Squeeze and unclench your eyelids, relax the face, frown, and smile. Perform this exercise at least 10 times in a row. Try not to stretch the skin of your face, but instead, gently squeeze it. Then rub your face with a wet warm towel and relax. After the warm-up, begin to perform the following exercises

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  1. Indian yogi's practice eye exercise for better vision, they are Sun Gazing, Eye Accommodation, Eye squeezing, nasal massage, and head lift technique. Yogic eye exercise for Vision correction Secrets of Yoga Sun Gazing as eye correction Yogic eye accommodative eye trainin
  2. ute. Whilst doing this squeeze, shut your eyes really tightly, then release without fully opening them. Perform three repetitions of this exercise before finally opening your eyes
  3. g is yoga for eyesight that soothes the optic nerve, which is often irritated by extended screen use. This eye exercise invites us to tune out everything going on around us and turn inward, which helps our entire nervous system calm and relax. Try this: Eye Pal
  4. Eye Squeeze Directions: Pull your lips down to tighten your face (like the scream character), then pull your lips to the right, and squeeze one eye closed for one second (in a pulsing manner) ten.
  5. Exercise instructions: 1. Close the eyes normally, pause 2 seconds and then aggressively squeeze the lids together (as if you are trying to crack a walnut with your lids) for 2 seconds. Open both eyes. Note: To check your blink, place your finger gently on the bone to the outside corner of one eye

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  1. Facial exercise is no recent fad—some historians even claim it helped Cleopatra keep her jowls at bay. In the early 20 th century, Next, we move into an eye squeeze. The goal here is to.
  2. utes.) This exercise helps survivors who are 'frozen' or numb to focus on the present
  3. Share on Pinterest Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Sit down and relax. Now close your eyes and squeeze them. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Now relax your eyes and open them. Repeat the whole exercise. Do it for ten times
  4. Perform this droopy eyelid exercise five times a day, and then squeeze your eyes shut for a total of six. Relax the eyelids' contracted location on a count of three, and then open the eyes. Do this exercise twice a day; five days a week. Basic muscle stimulation . Direct stimulation of your eyelid muscles alone can fix droopy eyelids
  5. Hours of screen time each day can lead to dry, irritated eyes. Learn simple blinking exercises that can relieve dry eye symptoms. The eye doctors at Virginia Eye Consultants offer diagnosis and treatment of chronic dry disease in Virginia Beach, Hampton, Suffolk, and Norfolk
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This exercise not only helps with eye-twitching, but can also be employed to keep eye muscles strong. Exercise the eyes with eye squeezing. Drop your lids and keep your eyes closed for one full minute. Whilst doing this squeeze, shut your eyes really tightly, then release without fully opening them. Perform three repetitions of this exercise. Exercise 2 Side to Side Eye Movement. Stand or sit up straight. Look straight ahead. Without moving your head, look to the left. Focus on what you see. Then look to the right and focus on what you see. Move your eyes from side to side five times. Repeat the cycle three times

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Therefore the ciliary muscles will contract and squeeze which will bend the crystalline lens into a more convex shape. check out my article on eye exercises, relaxation techniques and eye nutrition. They will love you for it. You May Also Like: 17 Nutrients for Better Eye Health. Try A Bottle For Free! Read My Review On Ocu-Plus Formula.. Enfudid Stress Duck Ball Sensory Toy Anti-Anxiety Toy Creative Duck Decompression Toy for Kids Adults Eye Popping Squeeze Duck Toy Fidget Squishy Toys. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $15.99. $15. . 99 ($15.99/Count) Get it as soon as Thu, Jun 24. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Hold the open-step position and continue to squeeze the glutes as you sit further back. Use the standing inner thigh and lower abs to return to the starting position. Repeat six to eight times on.

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It's good to do eye exercises and eye stretching so close your eyes and squeeze the eye muscles inwards, this draws more blood and energy to your eye balls. Also stop working sometimes for a 30 sec's to a minute and close your eyes and gently rub your fingers over them. Get up from your desk every hour or so and splash your eyes with cold water Squint so your eyes are just barely open or close your eyes and squeeze them as tightly shut as possible ; Open your eyes and repeat. You can also complete this exercise with your fingers just underneath your lower lids or with your fingers placed just outside the outer corners. Perform 10 to 20 repetitions of each variation two or three times. As you exhale, close and squeeze your eyes as tightly as you can while also squeezing all the muscles of your face, neck, and head and clenching your jaws. Hold your breath and continue squeezing for 30 seconds. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 four more times, take a short break, and then do another set of five squeezes Close your eyes and squeeze them tight. Keep them this way for two to three seconds. Then, without opening your eyes, relax the muscles around your eyes. Keep them rested for a few seconds, and then squeeze them tight again. Repeat this exercise ten times. 10. Massage Your Eyes Do this simple exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds. It serves as a reset button for your vision and freshens your eyes. 3. The Eye Press. This eye exercise also uses your hands to relax your eyes. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Put all your fingers on your eyelids and press lightly

8. Eye Bags - Place both of your index fingers between your eyebrows and the thumbs at your temples as if you are framing the eyes. Squeeze your eyes shut. At the same time, pull the index fingers between the brows and the thumbs at the temple outwards so that the skin between the fingers is stretched. Once done, open our eyes and relax Try alternating between the 2 exercises below. 1. Close-Pause-Pause-Open-Relax. Without squeezing, close your eyes gently. Pause and keep your eyes closed for 2 seconds. Gently open your eyes and relax them. Repeat 5 times. 2. Close-Pause-Pause-Squeeze-Open-Relax

In many cases, the symptoms of dry eye either precede blepharospasm or start at the same time, but the significance of this isn't known. Symptoms of blepharospasm. A person with blepharospasm may uncontrollably blink, squint, wink, twitch or squeeze closed one or both eyes. They may have difficulties keeping their eyes open Here's a cardio workout you could squeeze into just a few minutes of free time: Regularly Scheduling Check-ups. Along with making time for a regular exercise regimen, it's important to continue scheduling eye exams! Exercise will do you a world of good, but it isn't a cure-all. That's why Vision Source® is always here to make sure your. Squeeze into the pillow as you slowly roll down until your arms are straight and your head is almost on the couch behind you. Hold for 4 to 5 deep breaths. Then slowly roll back up. Repeat 8 to 10 times. Benefits: The exercise strengthens the abs and inner thighs Look up. Squeeze one drop into the pocket in your lower lid. Don't blink, wipe your eye, or touch the tip of the bottle on your eye or face. Close your eye. Keep closed for three minutes without blinking. Optional: Gently press on the inside corner of your closed eyes with your index finger and thumb for two to three minutes (to keep the drops.

Do You Even (Face) Lift, Bro? Exercises for Your Cheeks and Jaw. September 11, 2017 • Feel Good / Health Get fit to face the world with these facial exercises. A well-rounded physical fitness routine is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle.But we typically neglect to work out the very muscles people see the most — our faces Eye squeeze. Close your eyes tightly and hold this position for 20 seconds. Then, make your eyes go blank: Completely let go of all the little muscles around your eyes and stare expressionless for. The reason why exercise is a migraine trigger for some people prone to head pain is also unclear. One theory is that exercise-induced migraines might be due to what is essentially pressure going.

3) Blinking exercises must be performed at regular intervals throughout the day. Blinking Instructions Close to teach the lids to touch Pause for a count of 2 to reinforce the lids touching Squeeze down lightly for a count of 2 to help develop the muscles and to stimulate the neural pathways that control the downward phase of the blin This exercise strengthens your low back: Lie on your back with both knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. With arms lying at your sides, tighten stomach muscles, squeeze buttocks, and slowly raise your hips into the air. Hold for 5 seconds and then slowly bring the buttocks back to the floor. Repeat 20 times 1. Exercise the Eyes. You can use some simple exercises to relax and add spark to your eyes. They will help alleviate eye strain and improve blood circulation to the eyes. One easy eye exercise is to shut your eyes and squeeze them tightly. Then open them quickly, as wide as possible. Repeat until the eyes begin to water Do this exercise 2 to 3 times. This exercise helps to simultaneously stretch and relax your eye muscles. Close your eye and face the sun. Shut your eye and squeeze them tightly for 5 seconds. Put your palms in front of your eyes. Let it be totally dark in front of your eyes. Relax your eye in this position for 10 minutes The dumbbell squeeze press is one of the most effective chest pressing exercises you can perform to induce functional hypertrophy in the upper body particularly the pectorals. By overloading the eccentric phase of the movement we can further enhance the potency of this chest building exercise. I refer to this as the dumbbell squeeze and spread.

Pull out the cable and take two steps back. Get into a split stance for balance, with one foot forward and one foot back, and pull the rope towards your face, flaring the elbows back at the end of the motion. Squeeze the back of your shoulders and your shoulder blades together before returning to the starting position To do the exercise: Find a hand towel, fold it in half, and then roll it up like a hot dog. Rest your forearm on a table. Gently squeeze the towel. Hold the squeeze for 5 seconds and then relax. Repeat the exercise for 10 to 15 repetitions. The towel hand strengthening exercise can be done three to four times each week And that can be detrimental to our eyes, joints, and overall health. But while you may not be able to leave your workspace to squeeze in a trip to the gym, you can incorporate 5-10 minutes of desk exercises throughout the day to stimulate blood flow and get your energy up Eye Exercise 5 Close your eyes as tightly as you possibly can. Squeeze the eyes, so that the eye muscles contract. Hold this contraction for three seconds and then let go quickly. This exercise causes deep relaxation of the eye muscles and is especially beneficial after the slight strain caused by the eye exercises. Blink the eyes a few times Optic neuropathy patients often experience pain in the face and eye socket. A general loss of peripheral vision. Pain inside the eyes. Eye specialists will perform a full evaluation of your eyes, and ask you whether you have experienced any of these symptoms, to assist with diagnosis. Blood tests may be required to test for giant cell arteritis.

Eye drops can help with allergies, dry eyes, and infections. However, it's important to use them correctly, which is easier said than done. Putting in eye drops is not an easy feat, because of the eyes' natural reflex to close and prevent foreign objects from getting in them, says Benjamin Bert, MD, an ophthalmologist at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California It is difficult to squeeze just one drop from a bottle at a time. It is therefore normal for a bottle not to last as long as your pharmacy provider may think it should. If that happens, make sure you remind your pharmacy that CMS (Medicare) and many states have mandated that you are allowed extra eye drop refills Health experts highly recommend that students take exercise breaks to promote physical and mental health. But here's where the problem is: online college students find it can quite challenging to squeeze exercise routines into their day. They juggle study and other responsibilities while trying to earn their degree How to do it -. Inhalation: Squeeze all the muscles in your face by tightly shutting your eyes while inhaling and hold your breath for a few seconds. Exhalation: Exhale quickly, while stretching your eyes and mouth wide open, letting out a sigh. This releases all the tension in your body as well. Repeat 5 times each

THE BIG SQUEEZE The basic procedure is as follows. Palm, breathe, and tighten your eyelid muscles to squeeze both eyes shut. At the same time, relax all facial muscles except those needed for the squeeze. Release your forehead, between your eye brows, your mouth, lips, ears and jaws. Concentrate on isolating the squeeze muscles from the rest Close your eyelids and gently squeeze them shut. Do NOT squeeze so hard that it hurts. You simply want to gently stimulate your eyes. Squeeze for half a second, then relax. Squeeze, then relax. Repeat 10 times. 6. Pencil Exercises. Start by taking a pencil and holding it about 18 inches from your face at eye level Sep. 07, 2018. Flight attendant Trish Sullivant was on a layover in San Jose, Calif., when she decided to squeeze in some arm exercises between flights with her new resistance band. As she began doing bicep curls, the band suddenly snapped back, hitting her directly in the eye. The impact caused her to pass out for a few moments Stand placing your hands on a wall at eye level. Move one foot back with the heel on the ground. Move the other forward and bend the knee. Squeeze the towel and hold for 10 seconds. Release. it might be time to see a physical therapist. But therapeutic exercise isn't just for chronic pain. Difficulty getting around, decreased strength. Next, perform the exercise: Close - Pause - Pause - Squeeze - Open - Relax . You should only feel movement under your fingers during the squeeze. Squeeze the lids gently. Don't squint. Do the exercise frequently. Some suggest at least once every waking hour for two weeks. Some suggest even more frequently e.g.: once every 20 minutes

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corner of one eye. When you are blinking normally, you should feel very little movement from the muscles around your eye. 2. Close the eyes normally again, pause 2 seconds and then aggressively squeeze the lids together (as if you are trying to crack a walnut with your lids) for 2 seconds. Open both eyes. 3. Repeat every 10-12 minutes. Core Exercises. Can Improve Eye/Text Tracking. If you are not familiar with the idea of core exercises as a treatment for dyslexia this may seem a bit weird. However, like with everything on this website, it's free so you might as well give it a go. They only take a couple of minutes each day Her OG patient comes in with a massive steatocystoma right next to his eye. Dr. Pimple Popper squeezes all the icky and oozy gunk out like the total pro before sending her patient on his way

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Eye exercises can help to bring energy and blood to the eyes, thereby helping to drain away toxins or congestion to the eyes. Avoid foods to which you are allergic: a study of 113 patients with chronic simple glaucoma showed immediate IOP increases of up to 20 millimeters when they were exposed to foods in to which they were allergic Eye Exercise: Relax your eyes by holding your head completely still and rolling your eyes, first clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Face Exercise: Repeat this sequence of exercises several times each day. Close your eyes and squeeze your face up tight. Relax. Open your eyes wide and make a soundless O with your mouth and open your.

Dr. Boxer Wachler has delivered hundreds of lectures on eye surgery to thousands of eye surgeons from around the world, and is a pioneer in keratoconus treatment. Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a. 2b Eye.docx - 1 PRE-LAB EXERCISE A Overview of the Eye Go to the Views menu select Microanatomy and choose 1 Eye You are responsible for the. Squeeze the excess air out of the bag. c. Place the bag above a piece of paper that has small print on it (such as a newspaper). d

This exercise strengthens the muscles around the eyes helping to lift and tone. Close your eyes; Place the index finger of both hands onto each eyelid (left to left, right to right) Squeeze the eyes as tightly as possible and count to 5; Now remove your fingers and open the eyes as wide as possibl Chu Hua: OK. And what about my eyes? They're really sore. Is there anything I can take for them? Pharmacist: Yes, try these eye drops. Squeeze one or two drops into each eye twice a day. Chu Hua: OK. And how long do I take this medicine for? Pharmacist: About ten days. You shouldn't take it for longer than that

The Taoist squeeze-and-open eye exercise This ancient Chinese exercise developed by Taoist monks thousands of years ago increases blood circulation to the eyes, prevents watery eyes, and alkalizes the eyes to detoxify the liver. It removes eyestrain and soothes eye-muscle tension. Inhale slowly, while squeezing your eyes tightly for 10 seconds Close your eyes wherever you may be on your blessed earth plane. Close your eyes and move silently through the invocations, using them inwardly now, inwardly calling White Light to yourself now and watching that Light stream through your physical and energy bodies, illuminating Gaia below you so that you may see and feel Gaia's core crystal Complete this exercise 2 times. Scapular Squeeze. Scapular squeeze targets your upper and middle back muscles. This no-equipment exercise will prevent minor injury during heavy workouts. Also, helps in muscle building. Have a look at its tutorial. Muscle Targeted-Upper and middle back muscles. How to do. Stand straight with your hands on the sides squeeze/grip your chosen object for 2 minutes at a time, at about a third of your full strength. rest for a few minutes (most studies used 1 or 3 minute rest periods) repeat this cycle 3 more times (for a total of 4 cycles) - this works out to about 15 minutes for one session. do a session like this 3 or 4 days a week Squeeze and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Avoid pushing your head into the floor and ensure you feel a contraction in the front of your neck. To perform cervical retraction seated, sit in an upright position with feet flat on the floor. Gently tuck your chin toward your chest keeping your eyes fixed on something in front of you

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The hip squeeze is a simple exercise to do that can get your groin muscles working. Your groin muscles provide medial stability to your hips and help control the position of your knees. While lying on your back, keep both knees bent and place a small ball, pillow, or towel roll between your knees. Give the pillow a gentle squeeze That's face yoga! (Kind of.)7 Really Simple Face Exercises1. Puff Up Your CheeksPuff out both of your cheeks and shift the air in your mouth from one cheek to the other, 5 times. Then release air while making a small O. Repeat the exercise three-four times to keep your cheeks firm.2. Stick Your Tongue OutNo, seriously. Stick your tongue.

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Lift your shoulders as high as you can and squeeze your traps at the top. Return to the starting position with a controlled motion. Repeat. 20. Dumbbell Jump Shrug. Dumbbell jump shrugs are as explosive as exercises get. Use light to moderate weights on this exercise as going too heavy can hurt your joints Eye specialists use tiny forceps or paddle-like instruments to compress the lower and upper eyelids. Mastrota paddle is a standard tool for meibomian gland expression. It is designed to squeeze out the oil from the meibomian glands effectively. The eye doctor places the Mastrota between the eye and the inner eyelid, parallel to the glands Strengthens the finger, hand and wrist flexors. Add To My Programs. Instructions: Place all five fingers in outside holes of the Xtrainer. In a controlled slow fashion, bend the end and middle joints of your fingers and thumb and then the knuckles, to squeeze the Hand Xtrainer to form a fist. Hold 3-5 sec. Slowly return to starting position 3. Stability ball deadbug. Benefits: Deadbug exercises teach your core to work as it was designed to do — keeping your spine stable while your arms and legs do their own thing.This variation cranks it up a notch by requiring an extra ab squeeze to keep the stability ball in place, while also targeting your obliques.. Lie with your back flat on the floor with your arms extended straight up.

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Apart from writing poetry, I also go to school for holistic medicine and teach yoga on Saturdays. I genuinely love helping people reach a healthier, more calm state of mind. Please note there is plenty more coming soon! xoxo If you have any questions please contact me poeticglory@yahoo.com Some Benefits of Breathing exercises Lowers hear Isometric eye exercises can be good for improving the condition of hollow under eyes. These include 'Dancing Eyes', 'Eye Squeeze', 'Closed Eye Squeeze' etc. Practice these 2-3 times every day to get the best results Squeeze your eyes shut for about 15 seconds at the end of the exercise; 5. Manual Face Lift Manual face lift is another anti-aging yoga exercises that helps to promote facial circulation. This yoga move engages muscles all over your face. To perform manual face lift: Rest both palms on your temples. Press on your palms up and back to lift the. Ball Stress Squeeze Ball Hand Grip Ball Exercise TPR Gel Exercise Squeeze Toy For Stress Relief. US $2.50-$3.50 / Set. 10 Sets (Min. Order) 2 YRS Jiangsu ANC Health Tech Co., Ltd. 93.2%. 5.0 (15) Contact Supplier. Ad. Custom 6.3cm PU foam big eyes squeeze smiley antistress squishy balls with logo for promotional. US $0.50 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min.

Gently close the eyes fully - count 1,2. Squeeze the lids together - count 1,2. Open the eyes - count 1,2. Repeat the exercise 5 times. This exercise should be repeated every waking hour for two weeks and then at least four times a day - or once an hour if at the computer. To help you remember - if you have a repetitive task you do. Pressure behind the eyes is not a serious medical concern on its own, but it may indicate the presence of a more acute condition. Anyone who notices symptoms such as loss of vision, bulging eyes. Sep 16, 2019 - Explore Jamie's board Facial Exercise FACEROBICS, followed by 335 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about face exercises, facial exercises, facial Look at all of the Inner Eye Muscles listed below and this will show the Muscles that are to be exercised in the Hooded Eyelid Lift - Exercise Along With Me - Series 1. By squeezing the Eyelid only, this allows for the tiny Muscles of the Inner Eye to be exercised Close the eyes in a relaxed manner, then squeeze them, then relax. Place the palms lightly over the eyes. At first repeal these exercises only once. Later, do them twice, and finally three times. Do not strain, and at the end of each exercise part, relax and rest them. Combine these exercises with alternate focusing on far and near Objects

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The stye in the eyes is also called blepharitis, is the acute inflammation of glandula sebacea or tarsus. The bacterials and virus get into the opening of glandula sebacea, it may happen by the inflammation of virus from outside environment. Poor personal hygiene and weak healthy person will be easily to get such eyes disease. However, there's no positive connection between the two things of. Here are some examples of exercises for you to try. The exercises may be suggested for a condition or for rehabilitation. Start each exercise slowly. Ease off the exercises if you start to have pain. You will be told when to start these exercises and which ones will work best for you Squeeze your pecs as you bring your arms back up in a wide hugging motion. Keep your shoulders back and squeeze your pecs together at the top of the motion. 5. Forward-Leaning Dip. The dip is no joke. It's a tough compound exercise that makes great use of your bodyweight. However, dips are usually performed in an upright position to target the.