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GO foods can be eaten anytime (most often)—they are lowest in fat, added sugar, and calories. Examples: fat-free and low-fat milk and milk products, fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. SLOW foods should be eaten sometimes (less often at most several times a week)—they are higher in fat, added sugar, and/or calories SLOW foods are in between GO foods and WHOA foods. SLOW foods are more nutritious than WHOA foods but shouldn't be eaten as frequently as GO foods. Examples include plain 2% milk, refined-grain foods, and fruit with added sugars Look, if you want to go slow, we'll go slow. Mira, si quieres ir despacio, iremos despacio. Hug the wall, stay in the shadow, go slow. Mantente en las sombras, cerca de la pared, camina despacio. Just go slow, that's all I'm saying. Solo ve lento, es todo lo que digo. We go slow, we go quiet and we stick together GO Foods Examples List - Go Slow Whoa - Healthy School Choices Cafeteria (GO, SLOW, WHOA) One of the ways in which CATCH supports child health is through nutritional coordination with school lunchrooms and other food providers. CATCH impresses on students key lessons about the nutritional value of various food groups The U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (part of the National Institutes of Health) suggests we use Go, Slow, and Whoa as a way to think about food. Think of the healthiest foods as go foods. These are foods like steamed or raw veggies and skim or low-fat milk that are good to eat almost anytime

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Go-slow guide. Instead of striking, workers with demands that the bosses are unwilling to meet can collectively decide to start a go-slow. This article contains tips and advice. By deliberately slowing the rate of work, all together, the bosses' profits are hit, without workers losing wages. If everyone sticks together in solidarity. Definition of go-slow in the Fine Dictionary. Meaning of go-slow with illustrations and photos. Pronunciation of go-slow and its etymology. Related words - go-slow synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. Example sentences containing go-slow A strike is a complete walkout from a workplace that stops all work. A 'go slow' or 'work to the rule' is a situation where employees slow down all procedures while doing their job to force negotiation on job related issues Binmen serving a city where some suburbs have not seen a rubbish collection for almost a month have added to the anger of residents struggling under the waste mountain by going on a 'go slow'

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Tell the children that green is GO, yellow is SLOW, and red is WHOA. Distribute food image printout to each child. Help children identify foods in each group (GO, SLOW, WHOA) and color them in. Glue foods onto the proper section of the stoplight. Glue a popsicle stick at the bottom of the collage as a post Go-slow strike definition: a deliberate slackening of the rate of production by organized labour as a tactic in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples ˌgo-ˈslow noun [ countable] British English a protest against an employer in which the workers work as slowly as possible SYN slowdown American English → work-to-rule, strike Examples from the Corpus go-slow • In the summer of 1953 the union carried out strikes and go-slows in support of a wage claim, but were locked out

Examples At Ford 's plant in Dagenham, UK, during the 1970s, workers introduced a slowdown after Ford management increased the production line speed from 18 to 21 feet per minute. This was a second speed increase, and workers felt that this was unfair Go-slow definition: A go-slow is a protest by workers in which they deliberately work slowly in order to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Go-slow definition is - slowdown. Time Traveler for go-slow. The first known use of go-slow was in 1926. See more words from the same yea Sep 6, 2016 - CATCH uses a stoplight model to break foods out into three groups: GO, SLOW, and WHOA foods. The goal is to eat more GO foods than SLOW foods, and to eat WHOA foods only in very small amounts. See more ideas about food out, slow food, slow

  1. a situation when employees work more slowly and less effectively to show management that they are not satisfied with pay, working conditions, etc.: a go-slow/ action / protest (Definition of go-slow from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press
  2. noun. A form of industrial action in which work or progress is deliberately delayed or slowed down. 'The plantation trade unions in Sri Lanka have called off a campaign of two-hour stoppages and go-slows by 450,000 tea and rubber plantation workers who were demanding a wage increase.'. 'The workers committee said that it would also.
  3. Go Slow Whoa is a simplified way of helping children identify foods to eat everyday. Defining Go Slow and Whoa Foods. Go foods are good to eat anytime. They are nutrient dense, higher in fiber, low in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol. Examples include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and whole grains
  4. Learning to go slow in your Vinyasa Yoga practice will help you learn to go slow, breathe and enjoy the movements the body can do. Slow Flow will help you garner and grow appreciation and thankfulness for what the body can accomplish even under limitations
  5. However, we can pause from time to time, look at the data, and assess what the latest change means to our business. Slow down to go fast may sound counterintuitive, but in today's hyper.

GO, SLOW, and WHOA Foods. An easy way to learn about which foods are lower in fat and calories is to think in terms of GO, SLOW, and WHOA. GO Foods are: Lowest in fat and sugar; Relatively low in calories Nutrient dense (rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients important to health) Great to eat anytime; Examples include: Fruits and. noun. British. A strategy or tactic, especially a form of protest, in which work or progress is deliberately delayed or slowed down. More example sentences. 'a spokesperson denied all knowledge of a reported go-slow by mechanics' a form of protest by workers in which they deliberately slow down in order to cause problem from their employer

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