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Stay Cool Indoors: Stay in an air-conditioned place as much as possible. If your home does not have air conditioning, go to the shopping mall or public library—even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler when you go back into the heat Stay cool Spend more time in air conditioned places. If you don't have air conditioning, consider visiting a mall, movie theater or other cool public places. Cover windows that receive morning or afternoon sun As summer approaches and the days get longer, the dangers of working outside during hot weather also increases. Knowing how to work safely in the heat can help prevent heat stress, injuries, and heat stroke. Use these 10 Tips to stay safe through the Summer Months try to keep out of the sun between 11am to 3pm walk in the shade, apply sunscreen regularly and wear a wide brimmed hat, if you have to go out in the heat avoid exercising in the hottest parts of the day make sure you take water with you, if you are travellin Staying Safe When It's Too Darn Hot When the temperature climbs above 80°F, older adults need to be proactive and take precautions to avoid ailments due to excessive heat. Keep in mind the following tips when trying to stay cool. Stay away from direct sun exposure as much as possible

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Stay safe during hot-weather exercise by drinking enough fluids, wearing proper clothing and timing your workout to avoid extreme heat. By Mayo Clinic Staff Whether you're running, playing a pickup game of basketball or going for a power walk, take care when the temperature rises The best way to avoid overheating is to stay hydrated. The big thing for us is just telling people to drink water, stay hydrated, definitely if you're going to be outside for a long time, says Syms

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Be Safe During . Heat-Related Illnesses. Associated Content. There is hot, and then there is hot! Extreme heat is a period of high heat and humidity with temperatures above 90 degrees for at least two to three days. In extreme heat your body works extra hard to maintain a normal temperature, which can lead to death Health Topic of the Month: A look at heat illness and staying safe in hot weather CPMC: How to stay cool and spurn the burn. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window When you're camping in hot weather, there's a number of balms you'll need. First, you'll want lip balm that includes protection from the sun. People sometimes forget that their lips can get chapped and sunburned the same as any other part of their bodies. Second, you'll want sunscreen

Health officials say it's important to look out for signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke when you're outside for prolonged periods of time. Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Director Renae Moch.. Here are a few tips to help you do that and stay safe in the heat this summer: Drink plenty of water. Avoiding dehydration is critical, so you'll want to make sure you're keeping up your fluid.. Winter weather has returned to the D.C. region, meaning it's time to remember how to keep you, your family and your neighbors safe and warm. Here's how you can minimize the misery: 1 How you can stay safe in the summer heat New. July 23 (WXOW)- While many head outside to enjoy warm weather, officials are warning residents that the summer heat can also be dangerous

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How to stay safe in hot weather Stay out of the heat: Keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm If you have to go out in the heat, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a hat and light scarf Avoid extreme physical exertion Wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothes Cool yourself down Heat can affect everyone, and it's important to know how to stay safe. (Dua Chuot/Pexels) DO: Take cool baths or showers. An all-over drench is great, but there are other ways to cool down quickly, like freezing a bandana and putting it around your neck (efficient), or sticking your head inside the freezer (inefficient) 6 Tips For Exercising Safely In Hot Weather Fitness Tips from the Pritikin Exercise Physiologists If you like to exercise outdoors, here are 6 tips from the exercise team at the Pritikin Longevity Center for cooling down your workout and staying safe and well Here are tips on how you can stay safe while driving in the hot weather: Wear sunglasses while driving Reduce the risk of sun glare and of being dazzled by wearing sunglasses. Motorists should be.. If temperatures are expected to be high, take a break and stay indoors. Also, avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day and try to get it done earlier in the morning or later in..

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  1. How to stay safe in the summer heat. and experts say you do not want to leave your animals or children in a hot car. The WYMT Weather Team said if the outside temperature is 70 degrees, it.
  2. During warm weather going for a swim can provide much welcomed relief, take care and follow local safety advice, if you are going into open water to cool down. Remember that while COVID-19 restrictions are in place, you will need to follow any additional government guidance to use public spaces safely
  3. g dehydrated. Stay safe in the sun. If you need to go outside in the sun, it's.
  4. Garber agrees that breathable clothing is important in hot weather, but says exposing more skin (as long as you also wear sunscreen, and avoid the brightest hours of the day) can be helpful, too

If your area is experiencing extreme heat, stay in air-conditioned spaces as much as possible, especially during the warmest parts of the day, typically 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PDF) Being hot for too long can be a problem. It can cause several illnesses, all grouped under the name hyperthermia (hy-per-THER-mee-uh): Heat syncope is a sudden dizziness that can happen when you are active in hot weather. If you take a heart medication called a beta blocker or are not used to hot weather, you are even more likely to feel faint Stay safe during hot-weather exercise by drinking enough fluids, wearing proper clothing and timing your workout to avoid extreme heat. By Mayo Clinic Staff Whether you're running, playing a pickup game of basketball or going for a power walk, take care when the temperature rises Stay hydrated with plenty of water—even if you're not thirsty. Hot weather causes you to sweat, and it's vital to replenish the lost fluids or you'll overheat. Have a water bottle within reach as you go about your day to avoid dehydration. Never leave children or pets alone in hot vehicles—even for a second According to AccuWeather, hydration is the number one key to staying safe. This also means avoiding alcoholic or caffeinated liquids. Other illness prevention tips include postponing outdoor.

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It is essential to learn how to notice health problems in older adults and react quickly. Also, we will give you several tips on how to stay safe during hot days. Preventing a heat stroke and other hot-weather-related conditions should be your primary concern in summer. Recognizing Health Problems Caused by High Temperatur Be safe in the heat. If the temperature is lower than 27°C (80°F), you usually can be active outside without taking extra precautions. It depends on how active you already are and how used to hot weather you are. But anytime you exercise, it's a good idea to take these normal precautions: Drink plenty of water

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The biggest step to protect the body from heat-related illness is to stay hydrated. The average adult needs 11½ to 15½ cups of liquid a day, as recommended by the Mayo Clinic Avoid eating large meals before working in hot environments. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages (these beverages make the body lose water and increase the risk of heat illnesses). If heat exhaustion does occur, it is important to treat the worker immediately. Employers and co-workers should learn to recognize signs of heat exhaustion, which. Risks of getting too hot in warm weather include dehydration, and a variety of heat-related illnesses, including heat stress, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. Keeping your body cool will also help to keep your mood calm too, for heat often exacerbates feelings of stress, tension and frustration 10 ways for seniors to stay cool in hot weather. Drink plenty of cool water throughout the day (don't wait until they feel thirsty) and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Eat cooling snacks like homemade popsicles (Tip: catch drips with a cupcake liner ), frozen peas, or slightly frozen grapes The Red Cross offers the following tips to help you stay safe during hot weather: Drink plenty of cool fluids, but avoid caffeine and alcohol. Avoid being outdoors during the middle of the day, when the sun is at its strongest. Work and exercise in brief periods. Take frequent breaks in a cool or shaded area. Dress in light, loose clothing

Advice for staying cool in a heatwave Most of us look forward to the warmer weather and feeling some sun on our faces. But it's important to be prepared for hot weather as high temperatures can be dangerous to your health Hot weather precautions to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Stay indoors and in an air-conditioned environment as much as possible unless you're sure your body has a high tolerance for heat. Drink plenty of fluids but avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine or a lot of sugar. Eat more frequently but make sure meals are. Stay safe as summer heats up. Prepare yourself for the high temperatures. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sickness from the heat occurs when your body cannot compensate and properly cool you off. However, heat-related illness and death are preventable

Heat and exercise: Keeping cool in hot weather (Mayo Clinic) Hyperthermia is the general name given to a variety of heat-related illnesses. The two most common forms of hyperthermia are heat exhaustion and heat stroke. (NIH) Keep Pets Safe in Summer. Animal Welfare League of Arlington offers tips to help keep pets safe in hot temperatures Follow our tips for helping everyone in your family stay healthy while hot. Practice basic summer safety Never leave your pets in a parked car. Not even for a minute! Not even with the car running and air conditioner on. On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels Don't stay in a hot car (and don't leave pets in a hot car). If you are outdoors, take breaks from the heat, especially during the hottest part of the day. Take cool showers or baths to cool down. Cover your windows with drapes to keep out the hot sun. Consider using attic fans to clear hot air from your house. Note: When the temperature. The recent weather has made it feel like temperatures are in the upper 90s to low 100s. While escaping to air conditioned areas is a good way to stay cool, many people that work outside need to. How to stay safe as heat returns to CTX Dr. Greg Newman, medical director at Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Convenient Care in Waco said our bodies have to get acclimated to the warmer.

When the temperature rises, so do the risk of heat stroke and other problems - for humans and pets. That's why it's important to keep your beloved companion cool and safe during the summer months. Here are a few simple tips on dogs safety in hot weather Here in the UK, the most popular time of year to enjoy an outdoor holiday is during the summer, when we can enjoy long, warm days, clear skies and bright sun.. Risks of getting too hot in warm weather include dehydration, and a variety of heat-related illnesses.Keeping your body cool will also help your mood calm t.. Here are a few tips to keep yourself safe as St. Louis rides through the heatwave. First and foremost, limit outside activity, especially in the afternoon hours. Stay inside in the air.

Hot weather and high temperatures can quickly go from uncomfortable to life-threatening, said Dr. Umair Shah, the Washington state secretary of health. Heat safety tips Department of Health. How to stay safe and warm both with or without power There are tips you can keep in mind regardless if you're still dealing with freezing weather or if you're preparing for the next storm. Credit: A Hot weather news and advice England's most senior nurse has today set out ways to stay safe during the hot weather, as millions of families kick off their long summer break. Much of the country is set for a heatwave this week, with hot weather from France and Spain helping push temperatures to as high as 34 degrees celsius Hot weather can cause heat exhaustion in people and animals. Also, bacteria on food and rubbish develop more quickly in the heat. Find out how to stay safe around the home in hot weather, including keeping cool and taking extra care with food and waste

Cats and hot weather don't always go well together. During the summer months, cats are just as at risk of dehydration and heatstroke as the rest of us. These are serious conditions that can lead to illness and even death. Here are some steps on how to cool a cat down and how to keep a cat cool in hot weather. 1. Make sure your cat has plenty of. Keeping dogs safe in hot weather can be as simple as knowing not to give your pet a corn cob. Photo: E.N.K. Part 1: The Biggest Summer Dangers for Dogs. Veterinarians see preventable trauma to pets during the summer months because people don't realize how life-threatening hot weather conditions can be Beat the heat: staying safe in hot weather Although most of us welcome the summer sun, high temperatures can be harmful to your health. In one hot spell in August 2003 in England and Wales there were over 2,000 extra deaths than would normally be expected. The heat can affect anyone, but some people run a greater risk o How to stay safe and warm during winter activities. If you must venture outside, layer up! Wear wool, silk or polypropylene inner layers and a tightly woven or wind-resistant outer layer. Finish off with the essentials: a hat, water-resistant boots and gloves or mittens. Remove layers as you warm up — sweat can aid in heat loss

SFD Chief provides insight into staying safe in hot weather. By Ashlynd Huffman ahuffman@stwnewspress.com. Ashlynd. Author email. Jun 17, 2021. Jun 17, 2021. 1 of 5. Ashlynd Huffman/ Stillwater. It's going to be hot this weekend, so make sure you stay safe in the sun. ☀. Dr Abbie Brooks, GP Partner at Priory Medical Group, has advice on how you can prevent the sun from having a negative impact on your health and how to spot the symptoms of sunstroke.. More info nhs.uk/heatwav

Experts predict summer 2021 will be a tick time bomb due to weather shifts. Here's what to know about the booming tick population and how to stay safe To stay warm in cold weather, make sure to dress in warm layers, and choose clothing made of synthetic materials, wool, or silk, as these materials trap heat without retaining moisture. If you have them, put on a hat, gloves, and thick socks, as much of your body heat escapes through your head, hands, and feet Here in southern Nevada, hot weather exercise safety is essential most days of the year. In order to stay safe while exercising in hot weather that can reach over 100 degrees throughout the summer months, you can follow some easy hot weather tips while you exercise. Here are nine things to keep in mind for exercising in hot weather Stay Warm If The Power Goes Out. The National Weather Service offers these tips: Close blinds or curtains to keep in heat. Close off rooms to avoid wasting heat. Stuff towels or rags in cracks.

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Stay safe during extreme heat Drink plenty of water before work and throughout the day; avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks. Eat light - the more calories you take in, the more body heat you produce. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing if safe for your job. Apply 15 SPF or higher sunscreen 30 minutes before going. The best way to avoid a heat-related illness is to limit exposure outdoors during hot days. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: • Air conditioning is the best way to cool off. • Drink fluids, even if you don't feel thirsty, and avoid alcohol. • Wear loose, lightweight clothing and a hat Ten Hot Weather Safety Tips. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids; drink about 16 ounces before starting and 5 to 7 ounces every 15 or 20 minutes. Avoid dehydrating liquids. Alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeinated soft drinks can hurt more than help. Wear protective clothing

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Stay safe in this extreme hot weather. Everybody needs to take sensible precautions to ensure the summer is one to be remembered for the right reasons. Stay out of the heat: keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm; if you have to go out in the heat, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a hat and light scarf. PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Allegheny County Emergency Services, The Health Department, and Human Services have joined up to offer tips and tricks for residents to prepare for and stay safe. Stay safe and performing at your best this summer with these hydration tips! Whether you're doing high intensity training or simply enjoying the outdoors on a hike or a run, it is important to stay hydrated, especially when the mercury rises during the summer months. Water is the basis for life

Warm-weather friendly dishes When it comes to deciding what to place in your picnic basket, you want to fill up on an array of healthy and tasty dishes that include protein, fruits , vegetables. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not have an overarching standard for people working outside in hot weather. But under labor law the OSH Act, it is the employer's responsibility to protect their workers from recognized serious hazards Here are the warning signs to watch out for on your hot-weather runs, and how to stay safe. 6 Ways for Runners to Beat the Summer Heat. Dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are dangerous conditions and can occur quickly. Here's how to keep logging the miles and finishing races in the heat this summer The warm weather opens up all kinds of opportunities for fun activities with our birds that includes fresh air and sunshine, and increases socialization. These are healthy for our birds both physically and emotionally and we should take advantage. When you use common sense, the hot weather will be easier to manage and our birds can remain safe

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In addition, make sure you stay hydrated before and during outdoor activities. If you're involved in a sport or other similar activity , that means drinking water every 15 to 20 minutes in hot. How to Stay Active in Warm Weather When the temperature goes up in the summer months, exercising outside can become challenging. Even heat-loving, sun-seeking exercisers can become overheated when the sun is beaming down in the heat of the day Weather experts say multiple excessive heat warnings are up, impacting more than 40 million people across 32 states from the central Plains to all along the East Coast. The American Red Cross has steps you can take to help stay safe when the temperatures soar. Summer heat and humidity can be deadly

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Limit time outdoors. Drink plenty of water. Take frequent breaks. Wear light-loose fitting clothing. Stay out of the direct sunlight. Most importantly, NEVER leave a child or pet in a hot car under any circumstances. The inside of your car can get nearly 30° hotter than the outside in just under a half hour Expand. hot weather. Too much heat is not safe for anyone. It is even riskier if you are older or have health problems. Lower your risk of heat-related illnesses with these tips: Drink plenty of liquids, such as water or fruit or vegetable juices. Stay away from drinks containing alcohol or caffeine. If your doctor has told you to limit your.

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There are a few precautions you can take to stay safe in these high temperatures. Here are our top tips for hot weather walking: A void walking at the hottest times of day, between 11am and 3pm. Plan your walks in the early morning or the evening and take frequent breaks in the shade How to Stay Safe in Extreme Cold. are the steps that can keep you safe when winter weather poses a threat and what to do if you suspect you have frostbite or hypothermia. warm boots, and a. Stay Safe This Summer: Warm Weather Tips for Seniors Written by on August 8, 2018 Summertime is the season for long, fun-filled days, enjoying the beautiful weather, and getting active with family and friends Many pets are also fearful of loud noises and can become lost, scared or disoriented, so it's best to keep your little guys safe from the noise in a quiet, sheltered and escape-proof area of your home. For other ways to help, download and share our hot weather safety infographic to alert others of the dangers your pets may face during the summer The summer months are the worst for breakdowns and tyre-related incidents, so follow our tips for safe summer drivin

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How to stay safe in the heat as alert issued for England with temperatures to hit 34C. A packed Bournemouth beach today as people head out to enjoy the hot weather Credit:. Washington-DC. Your Local Election HQ ️. Top Stories. How you can stay safe in the summer heat. What you need to know about the four new Olympic sports. Texas mom delivers baby after losing. The Southwest U.S. continued to bake Saturday, June 19, and weather forecasters kept warnings in effect for excessive heat in Arizona, Nevada and desert areas, at least through the weekend. (AP. The Weather Channel meteorologist Alex Wilson how to keep youngsters safe when the temperatures rise. - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.co Highlights New Openings of Libraries and Pools. As Seattle is anticipated to reach temperatures around 90 degrees this weekend (June 26-June 28), the City of Seattle is providing information on how to stay safe in the heat as well as the reopening of public spaces that may be used to stay cool during the high temperatures

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Diabetes and Heat: How to Stay Safe in Hot, Humid Weather. Share. Flip. Like. Healthline - Jennifer Larson • 16h. Summertime can bring extra challenges for people with diabetes. Research suggests that hot weather can lead to health issues for people with . Read more on healthline.com Staying Safe in Hot Weather. Although the warm and sunny weather is a treat, hot temperatures come with certain risks. Vancouver Coastal Health is reminding people about hot weather precautions and actions to take. Remember: Everyone is at risk for heat-related illness Stay cool, but also stay safe. Watching the sun rise on an early-morning ride. 8. Take Frequent Rest Breaks. If you're like us, on scenic, back-roads rides we often don't stop until the low. Staying Safe in Hot Weather. RSS. Print. visiting overcrowded places and not understanding how to respond to hot weather conditions. Older people, particularly those with chronic medical conditions, should stay indoors in cooler spaces on hot and humid days, especially when an air pollution alert is in effect.. Well, these are the most valuable tips on how to keep outdoor cats cool in hot weather, but the most important thing is care. If you plan on having a cat as an outdoor pet, you should be especially careful with it during the hot summer days. Make sure that they are fed and that they always have cool drinking water Stay safe during hot weather - Givan and O'Neill. Date published: 20 July 2021. The First Minister and deputy First Minister have encouraged everyone to stay safe and look out for others during the current spell of very hot weather. Paul Givan and Michelle O'Neill were speaking after the Met Office issued the first ever warning for.