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The Blue Heron Bridge snorkeling trail is about 800 ft long and runs about 200 ft offshore. With easy access from a sandy beach and an average depth of 6-10 feet, it is a perfect place for shore snorkeling as well as shallow water diving Marine Forecast and Scuba Conditions for South Florida from Jupiter to Ocean Reef. Shore Dive Sites. Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park; Lauderdale-by-the-sea Shore Dive; Snorkeling Sites. BLUE HERON BRIDGE SUNDAY 7/18 OPEN (approx) 25' VISIBILITY (approx) 82°. The West Blue Heron Bridge is the taller bridge and there are columns that have lots of growth on them which attracts tropical fish life, especially angelfish. Also on the west, is the Red Wall, this wall is the last column before the boat channel and it full of red and pink sponges so be on the look out for critters hiding in this area

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Blue Heron Bridge Tips TIME YOUR ENTRY: Your Blue Heron Bridge dive and snorkel experience depends on the tide. A good rule of thumb is to enter the water around high tide; roughly 30 minutes before high tide will give you the best results. Check out the tide chart Beach Conditions Phil Foster Park has swimming available however this is park is more of a boat launch with beautiful views. This park is located off of the Blue Heron bridge that crosses the.

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Conditions for the Saturday 6/3 high tide courtesy of David Todd. He reports the park was Crazy Busy and was closed due to no parking. He reports viz as 10 to 15' and hazy. Water temp as 80. Thanks for the update David. Check out the beautiful photos shot by Daniel Prairie on his recent dive at the bridge. Thanks for sharing Dan Blue Heron Sports, located in Milton, is located on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. Water Conditions on the Susquehanna River Click the button provided to open the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service, a free tool made available by the National Weather Service Diving conditions and the best time to dive Blue Heron Bridge @ Phil Foster Park. Yearly diving conditions of this dive site - expected air temperature, water temperature, current, and visibility. This data is indicative and based on historical data and observations. Air temperature. Water temperature Blue Heron Bridge aka Phil Foster Park, BHB is a shore accessible salt water dive site, located at 900 E Blue Heron Blvd. Rt 708, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. This dive site has an average rating of 4.17 out of 5 from 65 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 21-25ft/6-8m. The average visibility is 26-30ft/8-9m. This dive site provides bathrooms and airfills

The main diving attractions at the Blue Heron Bridge include a smaller bridge on the southeast side and a larger one on the southwest side. These two bridges are separated by a band of beach that contains the park's snorkeling trail and swimming area Check out Blue Heron Bridge Dive Club on Facebook for up to date sightings and conditions. In case you're not a diver or you just want to snorkel, snorkeling Blue Heron bridge is definitely possible and popular. In fact, there is an 800-foot long snorkeling trail (which you can also dive). Check out the map above for details on where that is When it comes to shore diving, muck diving or just plain diving, the Blue Heron Bridge is often hailed as the best in the Americas. A great variety of life, easy shore entry and months of tropical warm water from late spring until late fall makes this a great place to dive Summertime is nice because it's warm, but you can dive or snorkel the Blue Heron Bridge year-round. Be prepared for the water temperatures based on the time you go. What time of Day Can You Snorkel or Dive Blue Heron Bridge You should head out into the water about an hour or half-hour before high tide

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Blue Heron Bridge Scuba My Islands Adventure Singer Island Outdoor Center Little Deeper Charters Inc. Seapremacy Fishing Charters My Islands Adventure Fishing Charter and Peanut Island Snorkeling Live Free Diving Palm Beach Pearl of Paradise Blue Heron Fishing Reel Deal Sport Fishing Angler Management Sportfishing Pura Vida Divers Rhonda's. Diving Blue Heron Bridge - paradise for patient muck divers. The dive was not going as planned. Fifteen minutes of meticulously scanning the bottom yielded a few interesting subjects like a male pike blenny taking on a territorial stance with its dorsal fin fully erect, and its brilliant neon-blue-lined throat pouch extended The Little Things. by Laz | May 21, 2016 | Condition reports, Underwater Photo | 0 |. Aside from diving at the world famous Phil Foster Park (aka. Blue Heron Bridge) and our ever so popular Black Water Dives, most know West Palm Beach for its larger marine life. Sea turtles, sharks, and goliath groupers are just.. 900 Blue Heron Blvd. Riviera Beach. FL. 33404. To dive the Blue Heron Bridge Scuba Diver Certification Certification is required. Divers are required to carry a dive flag. Please note visibility can vary greatly depending upon tides and sea conditions. The Dive Place on 407-517-4737

Best time to snorkel Blue Heron Bridge. High tide is the best time for snorkeling the Blue Heron Bridge. Water will be clearer with excellent visibility of up to 30 metres. To really enjoy the underwater scenery here, you don't want to snorkel more than an hour before or after high tide. Check out tide charts for the exact tide times snorkel trail submerged structures little blue heron bridge old blue heron bridge fishing pier shark sculptures warning: strong currents in area use caution diver entry area for outgoing tide diver exit area for incoming tide the diving conditions. be aware of tide Keep on listening as Julie Blair from Pura Vida Divers shares a daytime snorkel or dive experience of the Blue Heron Bridge, one of the best shore dives in the world. It's in a place you wouldn't expect, as many cars drive over this bridge daily in Riviera Beach, Florida and they don't understand what's below them. Photo by Melissa Johnson Snorkel at Blue Heron BridgeRated 4.667 /5 based on 3 customer reviews. Snorkel at Blue Heron Bridge. This stunning underwater adventure is just outside of downtown West Palm, and well within the surrounding metropolitan area. It's hard to believe that this submerged playground featuring octopus, seahorses, shopping carts, shipwrecks, and.

BLUE HERON BRIDGE. Travel beneath the Blue Heron Bridge to find Phil Foster Park. From the shore of the park, you can see a variety of sea creatures and fish. Perfect for snorkeling novices, the depth isn't more than 10' and waters are calm during high tide allowing for clear water A Guide to Diving Blue Heron Bridge. Where: Phil Foster Park is at 900 Blue Heron Blvd., Riviera Beach, Florida. Diving is permitted around the swim zone and north of the boat channel. There is no charge to dive here. The park is open dawn to dusk and until 10 p.m. (permit required) for night dives The Blue Heron Bridge dive site is accessed from Phil Foster Park in Rivera Beach, FL - US. The street address is : Phil Foster Park. 900 Blue Heron Blvd. Rivera Beach, FL 33404. Most divers dive the East side of the park and congregate near the East Life Guard Station. While not as popular, it is possible to dive the West side of the bridge

From sea turtles to sting rays, there is so much life to see around Peanut Island, the Blue Heron Bridge snorkel trail and other local dive spots. Peanut Island was among five Florida sites that. BLUE HERON BRIDGE. Organization/Dive Centre PURA VIDA DIVERS. City RIVIERA BEACH GPS Coordinates Latitude: 26.783668 Longitude: -80.035307. Weather Conditions. Survey Depth Range 11-11 feet. Area Surveyed 1000 ft 2. Dominant Substrate sand Ecosystem ARTIFICIAL REEF. Wave Conditions Dive Against Debris update. updates. By: AquaMarine. After your first dive here, you'll understand why Sport Diver magazine named Blue Heron Bridge one of the world's best dive sites. This site is very shallow, expect an average depth of, 3 metres/10 feet. Max depth is 8 metres/25 feet. Consult a local dive shop about when to dive as the tide can dramatically affect visibility The two dive sites at Blue Heron Bridge consist of a variety of eco-niches such as sand, shell rubble, sea grass, sailboat mooring lines & anchors, and of course bridge pilings and concrete. New artificial reefs were introduced along the snorkel line of Blue Heron Bridge in 2016

This dive site is very shallow (5-20 feet) and allows for long dives, snorkeling, and there's even a swimming area for your non-diving friends to enjoy while you dive. How to dive the Blue Heron Bridge. Unlike many other shore dive sites, diving the Blue Heron Bridge requires some extra planning. First things first, you must be able to enter. The Blue Heron Bridge area was named one of the 50 best dive sites in the world by PADI Sport Diver magazine and referred to as Florida's best shore dive by SCUBA Diving Magazine. The Blue. Schedule Your Guided Dive Today! To schedule a private guide for your Blue Heron Bridge Dive, you can book via email, or give the shop a call to talk to one of us in person. Whichever way, we look forward to hearing from you! Reservations Office: +1 (561) 842-6356. Reservations Team Email: info@scuba-adventures.com These dives consist of a mix of blue-water drift dives, reef dives, and wreck dives. Dive sites vary by day and are dependent on weather and sea conditions. Blue-water drift diving entails diving suspended in the water column, drifting roughly 40' below the surface in an area that may be several hundred feet deep

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  1. People have always used snorkel masks and scuba gear to explore around the Blue Heron Bridge. The water here is crystal clear at high tide because it is located a mile from the Lake Worth Inlet. A few years ago, the county completed a novel project at Phil Foster Park, which is an island on the Blue Heron Bridge — a snorkeling trail. Workers.
  2. g a Patron for Blue Heron Bridge * Chris Schiebel (Moray) -- Dive Site Links: (If you have a relevant link for Blue Heron Bridge, please write us here.) * Wade's Page -- And some great photos of the area * Wade's Page -- Info about the Blue Heron Bridge dive Diver Reviews: Click here to write a Site Review, and share any new information about.
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Because the site is relatively shallow, rain showers and wind-driven surge on the ocean can silt up the area rather quickly, so be sure to check conditions before you embark on a Blue Heron Bridge dive. Check out this wonderful video taken in January 2013 of all you can see at Riviera Beach's Blue Heron Bridge MORE | Scroll down for a map of readers' favorite snorkel spots and video of underwater highlights at the Blue Heron Bridge. Lifeguard Andrew Ritchie, chief of marine safety in St. Lucie County, said Pepper Park always is packed with boats by the reef when the conditions are good. From here and south are the best places to go, he said. It's. Blue Heron Bridge Tide TableMay 2021. Blue Heron Bridge Tide Table. May 2021. You will want to enter the water 30 minutes prior to the High Tide time shown in the chart and exit the water 30 minutes after high tide. Time is location's time zone (Eastern) Date. 1st Blue Heron Bridge is found in West Palm Beach; a vibrant and dynamic waterfront city located a mere hour and a half from Miami. The beach and shore diving site, are one in the same, nestled along the edge of Phil Foster Park, a beautiful patch of green space on Singer Island. The park itself is situated along the Intracoastal Waterways (IWC), a.

Blue Heron Bridge is a shore dive with depths of 5-20 ft. There is a snorkel trail to the south and there are three wrecks under the east bridge - enough to see for multiple dives. Diving at slack high gives the best results. Diver Down flags are required; so please add these to your check list Count on finding somewhere to dive year-round, though summer provides the most reliable weather. When visiting South Florida sites, I prefer to begin in West Palm Beach, where the most notable shore dive in the United States is found. Blue Heron Bridge is open year-round during high tide, and is protected from winter waves When it comes to snorkeling, the star of the show is Phil Foster Park in Rivera Beach. An 800-foot long tract of artificial reef made with 600 tons of rock boulders. It's all part of The Palm Beaches' Snorkeling Trail, directly under Blue Heron Bridge where the water is unbelievably clear. Now, once in the water, make stop on our Selfie. Dive Blue Heron Bridge. Helping you enjoy your dives at Blue Heron Bridge! Menu and widgets. Home; Tides Calendar 2021; FAQ; Shops; Boats; Gas Planning; Tides Calendar; Google Calendar; Tides Calendar. 2021 BHB Tides. 2021 BHB Tides Show past events July 2021. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. Snorkel and Dive Tours. Book your South Florida adventure today! Home; Paddleboard and Snorkeling Tour $159 Tank Beach Dive $109; Tour Locations; Blue Heron Bridge 2/11/2021. By danielwlashbrook60081 February 11, 2021 Leave a Comment on Blue Heron Bridge 2/11/2021. Post navigation. Daily Dive Plan. Daily Dive Plan. Please leave a comment or.

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  1. The Blue Heron Bridge dive site in Riviera Beach, Florida has become well known for the wide diversity of unique macro photo subjects that thrive in its waters. Technically, the location is called Phil Foster Park but most people here in south Florida just seem to call it the bridge.. Twice a day, the tidal currents bring in interesting.
  2. Most bridge trolls probably have a site bookmarked for tide info. I like the one from Blue Heron Bridge Scuba the best. It has the appropriate tides for diving the bridge highlighted, it has sunrise/sunset times, and you can navigate through the months easily with arrows at the top of the calendar
  3. Snorkelers dive down to the spring boil at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City. The waters near Blue Heron Bridge are renowned among divers and snorkelers for being clear and full of sea.
  4. Conditions at Blue Heron Bridge are ideally suited for participants to relax and focus on photography. ©Tanya Burnett We'll begin Thursday night with a very thorough briefing of the site, a slideshow introducing the subject matter you'll find, and some tips for photographing the marine life in the park
  5. Specialties: As the only dive shop located at the bridge inside Phil Foster Park, Blue Heron Bridge Scuba is uniquely placed to serve the needs of the dive community. Come by and visit us and see why the bridge is such a special place. Established in 2014. Opened to provide on-site dive services at the popular Blue Heron Bridge, we have on-site sales, service and rentals and operate a dive.
  6. The Blue Heron Bridge (BHB) is the premier shore dive site in Palm Beach County. Formally known as the Jerry Thomas Memorial Bridge; it is a causeway that connects Singer Island to the mainland via Blue Heron Boulevard. The actual site lies underneath the bridge itself adjacent to Phil Foster Park. The dive site actually comprises of three.
  7. Blue Heron Bridge Scuba When it comes to shore diving, muck diving or just plain diving, the Blue Heron Bridge is often hailed as the best in the Americas. A great variety of life, easy shore entry and months of tropical warm water from late spring until late fall makes this a great place to dive
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  1. ds you to adhere to the PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices and recommends that you consult a dive professional familiar with the site and its present conditions before diving. PADI does.
  2. World-renowned Blue Heron Bridge right off of Phil Foster Park in West Palm Beach, Florida, was chosen one of the best dive sites in the world by PADI magazine in 2013. Known for its wildlife and easy diving conditions, this shore dive is famous for photographers
  3. World-renowned Blue Heron Bridge right off of Phil Foster Park in West Palm Beach, Florida, was chosen one of the best dive sites in the world by PADI magazine in 2013. Known for its wildlife and easy diving conditions, this shore dive is famous for photographers. Sunday, April 26 has an ideal high tide fo
  4. Cruises, Eco Tours, Charters & Snorkeling Trips. 98 Lake Dr. West Palm Beach, FL 33404 Map It. Main Location Directions. From I-95 take Blue Heron Blvd. (exit 76) east. Continue on Blue Heron Blvd for a few miles. We are located on the right hand side before you reach the Blue Heron Bridge. From PGA Blvd. continue straight on PGA, it will turn.
  5. Rumble — Blue Heron Bridge Dive is located at Phil Foster Park 900 E. Blue Heron Boulevard Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 The Blue Heron Bridge, a top-rated dive site on the Intracoastal Waterway, with excellent conditions, easy accessibility. A vast variety of marine life for divers, snorkelers and underwater photographers. The diverse ecosystem of this, located in Phil Foster Park (ICW), is.

The Diving: Every dive magazine you pick up, or look at on line, will inevitably have a story about The Best Places to Dive. One of those places, so close to home and easy to get to, is the southeast corner of Florida, specifically, the Blue Heron Bridge Our range of services are extensive including PADI Scuba Diving lessons, Instruction and Certification to all Recreational Diving Levels, Private Dive Guiding at the World Famous Blue Heron Bridge and/or Florida's famous Ocean Drift Diving, Discover Scuba Diving Classes, Blue Heron Bridge Photographic Excursions, EFR (Emergency First Response. A marine life identification book for the popular Blue Heron Bridge dive in West Palm Beach Florida written by acclaimed underwater photographer and author of Under the Bridge Suzan Meldonian

I called Blue Heron Bridge Scuba, it wasn't practical to hire a guide on such short notice, yes it's required to tow a dive flag, all their tanks are AL80's, and I could show up around 4 p.m., rent weights, tank and flag, plan to enter the water around 4:45 p.m. in anticipate of that day's high tide at 5:30 p.m., and be out by 6:15 p.m Dive Trip Report to: Phil Foster Park - Blue Heron Bridge Purpose: Beach Dive the Bridge Dive Reports: Date / Dive #: Sunday Morning Dive. My Dive # A. Dive Beach Location: Beach Dive - Blue Heron Bridge B. Conditions: Visibility: 15 - 20 ft ft Seas: Flat Water Temp: Skies: Typical Florida Sunny Clear Blue Skies!! Air Temp. Jupiter Dive Center. Nov 13, 2020, 4:00 PM - Nov 15, 2020, 8:00 PM. Jupiter Dive Center, 1001 N, FL A1AAlt Suite 113, Jupiter, FL 33477, USA. We're headed to dive the famous Blue Heron Bridge as well as boat dives with Jupiter Dive Center. Bring your dive buddy or come meet new ones My family of non-divers and I stayed a week on Singer Island and I booked a guided night dive in advance, along with a Discover Scuba class for my mom. We also rented snorkel equipment throughout the week. I had never dove the Blue Heron Bridge or done the snorkel trail and was really, really excited. The night dive at Blue Heron Bridge was. Dive Site Photos. Marine Life. bsharp117 - 7/22/2021 8:19:00 PM. Dive Site: Blue Heron Bridge aka Phil Foster Park, BHB - View Photos

Meet under the Blue Heron Bridge for some snorkeling around and under the bridge. Look for the Pirate Flag. Bring your own chairs and tables to hang out in the shade under the bridge. High tide at 11:37 AM, there is a window of an hour to snorkel before the tide turns. Provide your own beverages (alcohol prohibited), food, snorke Card overview: Blue Heron Bridge and the Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail have topped the list of the best shore diving in the Americas, if not the world. Popular as both a day and night dive, the site features easy access and plenty to see. The card features: Two views of the site with detailed 3D-rendered close-ups of the many artificial reefs that make up the snorkel trail Important depth. Overall, Blue Heron Bridge is the 21st most popular snorkel dive spot of all 24 snorkeling dives in Florida Southeast. Several of the better snorkeling spots are nearby Blue Heron Bridge including Biscayne National Park , Half Moon Preserve , Hollywood North Beach Park , Crandon Park , Neptune Memorial Reef and Cape Florida State Park

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The best time to go is during an incoming or rising tide for the most visibility and the best conditions. Starting at $55! From $ 55. Snorkel Category Snorkel; 90 Minutes Duration 90 Minutes; Guided Snorkel Tour- Blue Heron Bridge. Take in the magnificent scenes of one Florida's best snorkeling spots and one of the top shore dive. UNDERWATER SNORKELING TRAIL The Blue Heron Bridge area is internationally recognized by scientists, scuba divers, underwater photographers, and snorkelers for its abundance of unique marine life. Squid, octopus, spotted rays, and starfish are regularly seen. A snorkel trail made of limestone boulders and prefabricated reef modules spans a two. Snorkelers are welcome to join too since snorkelers can enjoy the beauty of the Blue Heron Bridge snorkeling area. We'll stay 2 nights at the Marriott hotel right near downtown so family and friends that are non-divers can enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment while we're enjoying the water! Oh! and we'll get to enjoy it too Tim was visiting town for work and decided to refresh his skills with a dive to the Blue Heron Bridge. Conditions were excellent, great..

But the group took an unexpectedly high number, about 60 in total, from the Blue Heron Bridge area, according to FWC. Images and videos of the group circulated on social media, and the aquarium. Join Pura Vida Divers and numerous dive and snorkel volunteers for a fun day of reef and shoreline clean-ups. We are conducting a Beach Dive/Shoreline clean-up from Phil Foster Park. Registration starts at 7:30 am, divers will be starting diving activities around 8am, high tide is at 9:02am. Non-Divers can come help clean up the park and beach and we will provide clean-up materials With the recent addition of a snorkel trail at the Blue Heron Bridge, even those who are not scuba certified can enjoy this amazing marine park. Opened in August 2012, the Phil Foster Park Artificial Reef and Snorkel Trail is an 800-foot-long tract of artificial reef incorporating more than 600 tons of Anastasia rock boulders in a depth ranging. BLUE HERON BRIDGE SHORE DIVE at PHIL FOSTER STATE PARK, RIVIERA BEACH FL. Road trip to Blue Heron Bridge for a Shore Dive to find unusual critters: batfish, fly gurnards, sea horses, frogfish, jawfish..... This is a 1 tank 90-120 minute shallow shore dive (<25 ft)

The dive site Blue Heron Bridge is one of Florida's best shore dives, popular because of its abundance of fish and invertebrates. The bridge (Blue Heron Blvd) connects Singer Island with mainland Riviera Beach and is approximately 1km long. Halfway you can find Phil Foster Park, used as a parking lot and also the place where you can best start. Tuesday, November 30, 2010. Some of the best dive sites for fishwatching are in the least obvious places. The Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach, Florida, is one such biological hotspot. This is a top dive destination for sighting unusual species that can be added to your lifelist. Mike Phelan, REEF Expert surveyor, and two other REEF members.


  1. Dive Trip Report to: Phil Foster Park - Blue Heron Bridge Purpose: Beach Dive the Bridge Dive Reports: Date / Dive #: Sunday Morning Dive. My Dive # A. Dive Beach Location: Beach Dive - Blue Heron Bridge B. Conditions: Visibility: 15 - 20 ft ft Seas: Flat Water Temp
  2. Blue Heron Bridge Snorkeling Under The Blue Heron Bridge Location: Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County under the east side of The Blue Heron Bridge LAT/LONG 26.78331, -80.04063 Description: This Riviera Beach location under the Blue Heron Bridge
  3. The Blue Heron Bridge area is internationally recognized by scientists, scuba divers, underwater photographers, and snorkelers for its abundance of unique marine life. Squid, octopus, spotted rays, and starfish are regularly seen. Seahorses and pipefish in all sizes and colors make the top of the list at this amazing dive site

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  1. A: Parking at BHB is in two areas, one for boat trailers and one for cars. Boat parking has a fee, and you cannot park your car in a trailer spot even if you pay the fee. There are 170 car parking spots, but the Bridge is a popular place, especially in the middle of the day on weekends
  2. Jan 27-Dive with Pura Vida Divers at the Blue Heron Bridge. Jan 28-Dive with Starfish Scuba. Jan 29-Drive to west coast of FL to Gainesville/ Devils Den. Stay 2 nights in Best Western. Jan 30-Morning Dive at Blue Grotto. with bag lunch provided. Jan 30-Afternoon Dive Blue Grotto. Jan 31-Drive Home. $700 per person
  3. Description. Enjoy an amazing night dive around the blue heron bridge. Explore the wrecks and corals that surround the area seeing the wildlife that only comes out when the sun goes down. You can see up to 100 different fish species around the bridge! You might see octopus, frogfishes, purple morays, cardinalfishes, sea horses, and much more
  4. Blue Heron Bridge Beach Dive Nov 7th. Voted South Florida's Best Beach Dive! This is a perfect dive for new and advanced divers. Make sure you bring your camera because this is a photographer's paradise! Meet up at the bridge at 11:15, in the water by 12:15. FREE!!! Video ; Directions
  5. The Blue Heron Bridge Dive Day in and day out, this Riviera Beach location may well be the best shore dive in Florida. It has two distinct sites, tons of small critters for the macro person, enough big fish to keep you looking around, and best of all, it's free, dawn until 10 p.m. Click for Photos. of critters commonly found here. Dive on high slack tide
  6. Phil Foster Park and Blue Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach. Phil Foster Park in Southeast Florida is another great, no-boat-required saltwater snorkeling destination. It's home to a snorkeling trail with boulders and artificial reef that host a variety of tropical fish, starfish, octopus, and more. The water is relatively shallow averaging six to.
  7. The Blue Heron Bridge, one of the premiere shore diving destinations, features a combination of excellent conditions, easy accessibility and a vast variety of marine life for divers, snorkelers and underwater photographers

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Blue Heron Bridge is one of the world's premier dive sites. Voted in 2013 asThe Best Dive Site in the World by Sport Diver Magazine, the diversity of life, ease of access and Florida's warm waters and great weather make it a great place to dive any time of the year. The diverse ecosystem of this top-rated dive site sits just inside. Enjoy an amazing dive around the blue heron bridge. Explore the wrecks and corals that surround the area! It is only a 20-30 ft dive location meaning long bottom time to see everything this beautiful dive location has to offer. You can see up to 100 different fish species around the bridge Palm Beach County. The Phil Foster Park/Blue Heron Bridge area in the Intracoastal Waterway is known for brightly colored tropical fish, squid and octopus, spotted rays, urchins and starfish - and seahorses, too. They flit around the bridge pilings and, since it opened in August 2012, along the 800-foot-long Phil Foster Park Artificial Reef and Snorkel Trail, making both favorite picture. For years, fishermen and divers have had an uneasy truce over the underwater paradise beneath the Blue Heron Bridge.Clearly it's the most popular dive site in North America, said professional.

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Dive Trip Report to: West Palm Beach, Blue Heon Bridge at PHil Foster Park Purpose: REEF Team Certification Dive Dive Reports: Dive #1: .My Dive # A. Dive Boat / Location: No boat - beach dive / Blue Heron, Phil Foster Park in West Palm Beach B. Conditions: Visibility: 8 to 10 feet at the most Blue Heron Bridge Scuba. 900 E Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. (561) 839-5130. Claim this business. 5 Reviews. (561) 839-5130. Directions Want to do a world-renowned shore dive instead? Phil Foster Park is the place, which is located right under the Blue Heron Bridge connecting Riviera Beach to Singer Island. It is a spot internationally recognized by scuba divers, scientists, and underwater photographers for its abundance of diverse marine species

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Snorkeling/Diving is a must. There are many great places to try, but the ones that are really supposed to stand out are Blue Heron Bridge and Red Reef. Both of these can be accessed by Uber pretty easily (especially if split a couple ways) and equipment can be rented nearby. Make sure to pay attention to tides/wave conditions though Diving the Blue Heron Bridge Part 1 - divebelle. YouTube. November 28, 2016 November 7, 2016. Diving the Blue Heron Bridge Part 1. After diving the freshly-lain Lady Luck on the East Coast of Florida, I thought it would be a good time to share a video series of another dive site on the East Coast: Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach June 12th: Blue Heron Bridge Beach Dive. Voted South Florida's Best Beach Dive! This is a perfect dive for new and advanced divers. Make sure you bring your camera because this is a photographer's paradise! Meet up at the bridge at 8:00am to be in the water by 10:00am. All divers intending to dive must sign up and check in with the divemaster. Posted in Dive conditions, East Coast Florida Diving, Florida Diving | Tagged blue heron bridge, danielle's dives, pepper park, scuba diving florida, shore diving conditions, vero beach diving, wabasso | Leave a commen

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Force-E Blue Heron Bridge Night Dive: Aug 21, 2021 Image from meetup.com From Sat 21 August 2021 to Sun 22 August 202 If you're a fan of the Cantina — the fictional bar from Star Wars — and its freakish alien patrons, you'll love the weird marine life lurking in the shallows of Riviera Beach's Blue Heron Bridge. Flying gurnards, bandtail sea robins and striated frogfish commonly populate this South Florida site, a critter hunter's paradise in only 12 feet of water Dive at night and in limited visibility conditions they were exposed to during training Plan and execute a night and low visibility dives Also, the SDI Night/Limited Visibility Diver Certification counts towards a single specialty rating to achieve the SDI Advanced Diver Development Progra Blue Heron Bridge. Blue Heron Bridge has to be the best shore dive in Florida and the USA. With masses of marine life including Moray eels, Turtles, Seahorses, Frogfish, yellow sting rays, eagle rays, flying gurnards, batfish, angelfish and many more. The relatively shallow depth makes this a great dive for all levels of diver and anyone that. Courtesy: Dan Volker, Jim Abernathy The Idea. In 2014, it was not unusual to find avid divers Jim Abernathy and Dan Volker under Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach County's Phil Foster Park.The men regularly dive and take tourists to a stunning area under the bridge, a location world-renowned for diving and snorkeling iDive Scuba is Florida's dive shop with the most creative diving experiences! You will find the best diving events and activities from iDive Scuba with Get-Away-for-a-Day Dives, Galaxy Dive, Dive and Dines and more! Whether it's a day trip to a local freshwater spring, or an exotic overseas scuba vacation... iDive has something to keep everyone.