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Deer antler velvet is essentially a growth hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. Growth hormones, which are naturally produced by the brain and liver, regulate how our bodies.. Deer antler velvet is the tissue that covers the bone and cartilage that develop into deer (and elk) antlers. It has been harvested for centuries and used traditionally to increase strength, boost the immune system, and counter the effects of stress

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  1. Deer antler velvet is supposed to help you build muscle. It allegedly elevates levels of IGF-1, an important hormone that helps you pack on mass. As side effects you also should see improvements in strength and endurance
  2. Deer velvet covers the growing bone and cartilage that develops into deer antlers. People use deer velvet as medicine for a wide range of health problems. People use deer velvet for conditions such..
  3. I am very grateful to have discovered Nutronics Labs' Deer Antler Velvet spray, IGF-1 Plus! The recovery and healing benefits are like nothing I have ever experienced. After 10 years of professional mixed martial arts competition, I've learned that quicker recovery means more efficient training
  4. Deer antler velvet contains a highly potent extract of IGF-1, which can be collected from high-grade deer antler velvet. IGF-1 is normally produced in the liver as a response to HGH (human growth hormone) stimulation. IGF-1 is a protein with a similar molecular structure to insulin, and it plays an integral role in the development of muscles
  5. Does deer antler velvet work? But the big question out there is, does deer antler velvet, which has been used by the Chinese for 2000 years, actually work? A study done in the United States took a group of male weight lifters and gave of them deer antler velvet and the other half a placebo for 10 weeks
  6. Deer Antler Velvet Spray is an extract that's taken directly from the material that grows on the outside of the antlers of deer, elk, moose and caribou. Their website suggests its use for anyone that is looking to counter the effects of light exercise, mild muscular strain and exertion, and some arthritic conditions
  7. Deer velvet antler is much more than an all-natural alternative to standard animal joint and arthritis pain relievers. It contains bone growth proteins, anti-inflammatory compounds, and other nutrients that boost energy levels, rebuild weakened joint cartilage, and strengthen teeth and bones

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Deer velvet is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Other names for it include velvet antler and antler velvet. It is made from immature deer antlers, which are covered in velvet-like hair. At.. The latest and greatest performance enhancer, if you've been living under a rock, is deer antler velvet. On the surface, it seems like it could make sense. The coating on the antlers of young male.. While your workouts increase muscle size, deer antler velvet goes to work and actually increases the number of muscle cells in the areas of your body targeted by your workouts. Further Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet Not all of the benefits of deer antler velvet will show up when you're flexing in the mirror

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Deer Antler Velvet is claimed to increase testosterone, growth hormone, strength, physical performance, muscle mass and endurance in bed. It might also beautify your skin, improve brain function and enhance immunity. If this was not too good to be true, according to some claims it might also increase your penis size The antlers are removed from the animal before they solidify into solid bone, and the velvet is harvested with no harm coming to the animal. Deer antler also contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and a full spectrum of amino acids and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Most deer antler velvet sold as a dietary supplement comes from Korea or Australia Deer antler velvet is a widely used international dietary and health supplement. The product is made from a growing deer antler. While an antler is forming, it is quite soft to the touch, covered in a fuzzy layer of skin, which is where the name deer antler velvet comes from

Deer Antler Velvet Spray may contain IGF-1 and WADA recommends therefore that athletes be extremely vigilant with this supplement because it could lead to a positive test. There can be no guarantee that IGF-1 taken orally will not influence the plasma level of IGF-1, which may then influence the result of anti-doping tests. (2 Deer antler velvet is an HGH supplement made from the new growth on deer antlers, and there are a lot of guys who swear by this stuff. Some of the many benefits reported from using deer antler velvet include a faster recovery time, increased testosterone levels, an enhanced immune system, and boosted strength and endurance Deer antler velvet has made its way into the spotlight recently thanks to claims that Super Bowl winner Ray Lewis used it in spray form to recover from his October triceps injury. Lewis denied the claim, but had many people wondering if deer antler velvet, a substance that is banned by the NFL and claims to increase strength and boost muscle recovery, really works Deer antler velvet is the epidermis covering the inner structure of the growing bone and cartilage, which develops into antlers. This tissue grows each spring on male North American elk and red deer, and should be removed by a veterinarian or certified farmer. The ethics, including use of local anesthetics, and procedures of harvesting antler. Opinions like Rogol's are one reason the FDA and anti-doping agencies haven't yet taken steps to ban deer antler products that contain IGF-1. To recap: IGF-1 is a banned performance enhancer

Deer antler velvet is considered to be a natural adaptogen, restoring homeostasis to an unbalanced body by helping where it is needed. Deer antler velvet has an effect on many systems of the body given its complex chemical composition Deer Antler Velvet is an other ingredient found in this blend and is mainly used to repair damaged muscle tissue. Scientific studies have shown that it also supports immunity, tissue and joint, blood health and blood pressure A: Deer antler velvet contains a unique combination of nutrition that works together to support many functions and systems in the body. This nutrition includes essential minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, selenium, and peptides, such as collagen and growth factors Tags: deer antler, deer antler velvet, does deer antler velvet work, does deer antler work, growth hormone, igf-1, PED, ray lewis 6 With the recent burst of news about Ray Lewis and other professional athletes and the actually banned substance called deer antler velvet, I thought it would be useful to inform the masses not to waste their money

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Deer antler velvet is supposed to help you build muscle. It allegedly elevates levels of IGF-1, an important hormone that helps you pack on mass. While research is limited, there's nothing to suggest that deer antler velvet (or deer antler spray in the supplement form) actually does what it claims How Does Velvet Deer Antler Work? IGF-1 changes how your body repairs itself. First, the IGF-1 hormones help to build up a base that is a protein building block necessary for cells to grow. Then, the IGF-1 increases the number of new cells that accrue on the base, which speeds up the healing of injuries.

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The FDA does not consider IGF-1 spray as a deer antler velvet product, rather an IGF-1 product because it is no longer of natural origin but a synthetic, manufactured substance (which is banned by sports organizations). 100% natural deer velvet is not banned Deer antler velvet is just one of many erectile dysfunction supplements many people use around the world in hopes of boost their sexual performance. There are many others. See our complete list of supplements to help with impotence to find out what other supplements are currently being used by people suffering from erectile dysfunction In The Ultimate Guide to Supplements for Senior Dogs, I discuss the regulation (or lack thereof) of the pet supplement industry.However, the U.S. does take very seriously its importing of products — especially those sourced from animals (like deer). As I began to use more and more antler velvet for dogs in my practice, I decided to develop my own label, Encore Mobility™ Hip and Joint.

Finding the best deer antler velvet supplement isn't easy. Assuming you are not a fan of taking multiple doses of supplements (or paying for water), you probably want to buy the most potent pure deer antler velvet extract available. While all of our extracts are pure with a high potency, the most potent is our Elite Antler Extract. Out Elite Antler Extract features 3,000mg of pure deer antler. How does 191XT Work? As mentioned above, this product is formulated to help boost your body's growth hormone production to give you your desired ripped physique. Based on the ingredients above, you can tell that the main agent of this supplement is deer antler velvet, and supported by amino acid and known muscle-enhancing herbal extracts Disadvantages of Jacked Antler. Deer Antler Velvet has not been proven to do what Jacked Antler says it does. IGF-1 is the active ingredient, but as far as we know at this point, IGF-1 is very unstable, so it's highly unlikely that you're getting its benefits from this spray. There's conflicting ingredient information on the website Longevitrol, Earth's Bounty's anti-aging formula, contains velvet antler, a natural renewable substance, proven through centuries of use. male deer and elk regrow soft, velvety antlers each year and shed them after they harder. velvet antler is collected in natural, but hightly regulated environments, without har m to the animals.This antler velvet has been traditionally used for treating 52.

The antler velvet is a tissue covering the cartilage and bone that becomes deer antler. It is obtained from the antlers of male deer when covered in things looking like mass of soft hair. The velvet can be harvested from moose, elk and caribou antlers as well Antler velvet is a nutritional supplement made from deer or elk antlers. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in some of the 'building blocks' of cartilage. It has no major side-effects, but based on the results of two RCTs, there's no evidence to suggest that antler velvet is effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis The deer antler velvet is extracted from the finer outer layer of deer antler which does not affect or harm the deer in any way. We provide a free trial for you so you can see the magical results of this Extreme product for yourself, and we are sure you will come running for more of it To determine the effects of deer antler velvet on maximal aerobic performance and the trainability of muscular strength and endurance, 38 active males were randomly assigned in a double-blind fashion to either deer antler velvet extract (n = 12), powder (n = 13), or placebo groups (n = 13). Subjects

It may sound warm and fuzzy, but deer antler velvet is at the center of a new sports controversy involving Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis Deer antler velvet is believed to stimulate the body's own systems to protect, strengthen and restore functions that are out of balance. Furthermore, modern scientific research indicates that deer velvet antler can help increase muscular strength, increase endurance, and assist in recovery Andrew Gilbey, Jose D Perezgonzalez, Health benefits of deer and elk velvet antler supplements: a systematic review of randomised controlled studies, Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 14-December-2012, Vol 125 No 1367 Deer Antler Velvet acts as a natural adaptogen to maintain the healthy state of a human body. It is a safe and better ingredient to bring the body to a homeostasis condition. Being a whole food, it acts on the complete body, unlike any other drug. Even today, it is used in the traditional Chinese Medicine Originally Posted by aekest. Deer antler velvet, lmao! Idea was that, a deer can seasonally grow it's antlers which have an active blood vessels, skin, nerve endings, etc. It's the only mammal that can regenerate organs in a sense. (in b4 lizards, starfish, etc., because they are not mammals) But ingesting it as a human, hasn't garnered the.

Deer antlers grow incredibly fast. The dietary supplements (when authentic) harvest antler velvet from growing deer, moose, elk and caribou. The antlers are removed from the animal before they. Does Vitalikor Deer Antler Velvet Really Work

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Deer Antler Spray is being used more and more in the western world as an alternative to steroids. This enhancement supplement is an Asian medicine and is non-detectable in urine tests. Making it natural, effective, and discrete. It is believed that Deer Antler Spray stimulates the metabolism, improves heart condition, strengthens the immune system and [ At that point, they work as weapons and accessories, and the deer use them to fight, hunt, and woo. The velvet phase may hold the secret to regenerating nerve cell growth in humans Answer from Dr. Andro: Initially, I wanted to dismiss this one all together, because I remembered out of my head one of two peer-reviewed studies on the use of deer antler, which was not able to find any effect of elk velvet antler extract at a daily dose 560mg on exercise performance or endocrine parameters in 25 male and female rowers (Syrotuik. 2005) What is Velvet Antler? Velvet antler is literally a type of antler that is collected only once per year from a particular elk that inhabits various farms in different parts of the world. Once annually, the male elk sheds a set of antlers

Red deer stag (Cervus elaphus) with velvet antlers in Glen Torridon, Scotland. When the antlers of a deer are still growing they are covered in a special skin called velvet Our Deer Antler Velvet comes from red deer in New Zealand, the premier location for Deer Antler Velvet. Every year, these deer are able to regrow their antlers, which are removed in the pre-calcified state, hence the term Deer Antler Velvet. Deer are the only mammals to regrow tissue in such a way and at such a rapid rate These findings do not support a red blood cell forming or aerobic ergogenic effect of deer antler velvet. Safety of deer antler velvet, side effects, risk, danger Little human research is available regarding the safety and side effects of this natural sexual enhancer. Toxicological evaluation of New Zealand deer antler velvet powder How does NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet work? As a natural adaptogen, deer antler velvet works by restoring homeostasis to an unbalanced body. Due to the large variety of nutritional compounds found in deer antler velvet, it can target, help and maintain many of the body's organs, daily functions and problems

The Deer Antler Plus is made up of the main ingredient known as Elk Anter Velvet in 250mg. This is an ingredient that has undergone thorough research that may have been carried out in Russia, Australia, Japan, China, Korea and New Zealand. The deer antler velvet is a growth hormone known as IGF-1 / Insulin Growth Hormone Deer Antler Velvet. Antler Farms deer antler velvet capsules: Exclusion of antler bases. Whole velvet antler sticks have four sections (tip, upper, mid and base). Antler Farms excludes antler bases from their product, which increases the density of beneficial, sought-after nutrients. Generally from the tip of the antler toward the base the ash.

Deer antler tip provides the energy boost you need to work longer and harder in the gym. Gains are more significant, too. Deer antler tip has also been found to promote cellular growth and repair; improve heart and lung function as well as blood circulation. Deer antler tip offers the benefits of more natural recovery and more clarity Manufacturers claim the product is made from the velvetlike tissue that covers the antlers of male deer, according to the Daily Telegraph. That antler velvet is ground up into a powder and sold either as pills or as a spray that users squirt under their tongues. The product is widely available from online retailers and other supplement vendors Deer antler velvet is derived from the crushed antlers of developing deer or elk. It is a supplement that has been used for thousands of years in China for a number of different disorders. Although it contains trace amounts of IGF-1 research shows that it doesn't improve testosterone or related anabolic, androgenic hormones

Deer antler velvet does contain growth factors, but the amount of these substances varies according to what the deer are fed, their age at the time the antlers were harvested and other factors Rationale: Reported incidents of the use of nutritional supplements containing deer antler velvet by athletes has increased significantly in recent years. The supplements have been reported to contain insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which is a banned substance included on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list Velvet Antler Extract: Many studies show that velvet from elk and deer antlers have many medical benefits. Deer antler velvet is an essential growth hormone called IGF-1. Growth hormone is naturally produced by the brain and liver, and determines how much our body's grow. IGF-1 is a key factor in how the body repairs itself

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  1. Velvet Antler (usually from deer) is crushed antler that is orally consumed for preventative health purposes. Hailing from Traditional Chinese Medicine, velvet antler does not appear to influence hormones and is currently unsupported for muscle repair (although it may aid skin regeneration rates)
  2. Antler Force Ingredients. Antler Force's only active ingredient is deer antler velvet, which has been humanely extracted from deer in New Zealand (the deer naturally regrow the antlers each year).After being harvested, the velvet in Antler Force is refined to a size small enough to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream via the sublingual tissue
  3. Deer antler velvetjust what is this stuff and why is it so popular? And which is the best way to use it? Does deer antler spray work? Deer antlers are pretty amazing. (Note that Elk antlers are also used too. For the most part I'll be using the term deer antlers, but later on, I'll address the differences between the two)
  4. istration, and unlike synthesized drugs, the product does have to be proven safe or effective before it.
  5. And even if deer antler spray does contain IGF-1, does the spray work? Nobody knows for sure. A small study of questionable merit (it has never been scientifically reviewed or published in any.
  6. Ray Lewis & Deer-Antler Spray: What Does The Science Say? The carnival huckster of yesteryear, selling snake oil and other strange elixirs, has been replaced by a largely unregulated, multibillion-dollar market in supplements and herbal remedies. And the latest dubious substance making the rounds is also making headlines: deer antler spray

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  1. Manufacturing Deer Velvet Part 2 If the temperatures tend to be too hot, we start very early in the morning and only work until mid-morning. If a buck still has its antler covered with velvet, take time to grab ahold of the main beam with your bare hands just above the burr
  2. In my opinion, keeping the real velvet on a deer mount looks a lot better than fake velvet (and cheaper), so I always preserve velvet in the field. Items needed for velvet preserve (spray method) There is another great solution to velvet preserve that is made by Velvet Antler Technologies and is their VelvaLok product
  3. 4. Deer velvet antler . Deer velvet antler is an element of traditional Chinese medicine that comes from the newly developed antler of a deer or elk. It is humanely collected from the deer, who goes on to live a normal life. Deer velvet has been used in medicine for over 2000 years and provides a natural, holistic treatment for various chronic.

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  1. We felt it was time to peel back the velvet to answer those questions and review the facts on deer antler. So, if the deer antler sprays work as intended and IGF-1 is actually absorbed by the body, that may be a violation of drug testing policies but we do not believe it would result in a positive drug test in the current system
  2. ishes. For the next 20-25 days the antlers will harden. During this time the overall size of the antlers actually appears to decrease because the velvet covering the antlers shrinks as the blood flow slows
  3. Because deer shed and regrow their antlers, the antler has long been tied to the annual death and resurrection of the sun. The antlered stag represents wisdom, nobility, protection, and the cycle of death and rebirth. To Paganas, the stag represents the God who gives his life to nourish the tribe, and who re-emerges in springtime with velvet.
  4. Antler velvet is a tissue. Unfortunately, CWD is part of the deer management world now, and we take it very seriously here in Montana. We need to do all that we can to keep disease prevalence low and prevent it from spreading
  5. istering anesthetic agents to animals and scraping the velvet off the antlers. Processing continues with autoclaving followed by freeze-drying the deer velvet antler. 3 Increased consumption of deer velvet antler has led to annual production of 450 tons in New Zealand, 400 tons in China, and approximately 40 tons in North America
  6. Deer antler velvet is used for its purported ability to raise testosterone levels to treat decreased libido (low sex drive), infertility, and erectile dysfunction in men. It is used in combination with other herbs to treat sexual dysfunction and hormonal dysfunction in men and women. It is used to treat conditions resulting from deficient kidneys

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  1. Deer antlers are the only mammalian bone structures to regenerate completely every year.1 Deer antler velvet is the epidermis covering the inner structure of the growing bone and cartilage, which develops into antlers.2 This tissue grows each spring on male Cervus sp. (North American elk and red deer) and should be removed by a veterinarian or.
  2. Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus Deer Antler Velvet Spray Products IGF 1 Super Max 200K: As the name suggests, SuperMax is the most powerful product in this range. In addition to this, clinical data has pointed out that it is the strongest deer antler velvet spray available in the market today
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Horn Farms® deer prong velvet concentrate has a high bioavailability of up to 95%. The predictable utilization of deer horn velvet concentrate helps the degree of IGF-1 and other development factors in the body, wellbeing, and viably.Deer Antler Velvet Bodybuilding. If you like the deer antler velvet bodybuilding article, please check some below He either does or he doesn't. With velvet antler we've seen dramatic improvements that can't be dismissed. And velvet antler doesn't create the kinds of problems we often see with traditional heavy-hitter arthritis drugs that can cause liver damage, kidney damage, bleeding ulcers and a host of other problems From the Wikipedia article on the antler. While an antler is growing, it is covered with highly vascular skin called velvet, which supplies oxygen and nutrients to the growing bone. Antlers are considered one of the most exaggerated cases of male secondary sexual traits in the animal kingdom, and grow faster than any other mammal bone

Bloody red velvet hangs like Spanish moss on a live oak until it is torn completely off by hoof or bush. Antler peeling is related to photoperiod. Donald M. Jones. Antler peeling is related to photoperiod or the amount of light transferred through a deer's eye which then impacts the pineal gland located at the base of the brain Antler Farms Deer Antler Spray, Deer Antler Velvet and IGF-1 Do not buy product from this company. I own a Health Food Store in San Diego. I bought several bottles from this company of the 25,000NG's for my store, only to find out the product does not work! I have made several attempts to get my money back. They do not even have a contact number

How does it work? Deer antler velvet is a natural adaptogen that restores homeostasis to an unbalanced body by helping where it is needed. Deer antler velvet has an effect on many systems of the body given its complex chemical composition. The active ingredients in deer antler velvet being precursors that are needed by the body to aid in. Average deer antler velvet products only have bio-availability of 30-35%, while our product has a maximum of 70%. Don't fall for the cheap alternatives. Deer antler velvet products from unknown sources are often ripe with fillers and manufactured in the cheapest way possible, greatly reducing the bio-availability Here's how to gain muscle using deer antlers: Go into the woods and shoot a deer. 2) Butcher it and throw some venison steaks on the grill. 3) Securely mount the deer antlers (head optional) on your wall. Use them do chin ups while the venison cooks. Aim for 50 reps, as many sets as it takes you to get there Made with a proprietary blend of super-premium deer antler velvet, minerals, and amino acids that naturally and safely boosts your body's own production of IGF-1, AntlerX can help you increase your muscle mass, strength, and endurance. And if you are a bodybuilder or athlete, using this spray will definitely give you an advantage with your. Xtreme Antler has a firm 100% no-kill policy. Deer antler velvet is extracted humanely by professional veterinarians while the deer are sedated. Xtreme Antler Risk-Free Trial. If you prefer trying out a product before you invest in it, you're in luck! Xtreme Antler is available on a free trial for a limited period

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Finally, the pièce de résistance - 50mg of deer antler velvet extract. We discussed what deer antler extract claims to do earlier in the article, so now we should talk about the dosage. The recommended dosage of deer antler velvet varies from 1-3g in subjects seeking an improvement in athletic performance, leaving DAS Labs' product. Deer grow antlers, not horns. Antlers are true bone, and are shed each winter then re-grown each spring and summer. This big, mature, velvet buck was photographed on August 29, his antlers full. Deer antler velvet has made its way into the spotlight. Thanks to claims that Super Bowl winner Ray Lewis used it in spray form to recover from a triceps injury. This claim and counter-claim had many people wondering if deer antler velvet, a substance that is claimed to increase strength and boost muscle recovery, really works The dietary supplements (when authentic) harvest antler velvet from growing deer, moose, elk and caribou. The antlers are removed from the animal before they form solid bone, and the velvet is.

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Additionally, deer antlers contain enzymes, minerals, vitamins and, in particular, IGF-1 (insulin- like growth factor-1). 2 In scientific studies analyzing the properties of velvet deer antler, Dr. Peter Fennessy, General Manager of the Invermay Research Center in New Zealand found that antler extracts improved cell growth and also produced. Deer Antler is known to stimulate the growth of the penile chamber by acting as a natural blood flow stimulator, pushing excess blood into the chambers of the penis during arousal. Because of the added blood being pushed to the chambers, men experience a larger, harder erection. When larger, harder erections are procured over a prolonged period. Deer antler velvet is a name that's used to describe the antler velvet harvested from the antlers of growing deer,moose,caribou and elk.The antlers are removed from the animal before they solidify into solid bone,and the velvet is harvested with no harm coming to the animal.Deer antler also containscalcium,magnesium,zinc,and a full spectrum.