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  1. Infact I'm not even sure if the k20a series / k24a series fits into any honda accord particularly CG5/6 v6/4cyl 98-02 UDSM Honda Accords. oh, wait CG6 is the Manufacturer Chasis Code. Is your accord v6/4cyl because you may have to consider the crossmembers and mounting locations when swapping the k series engine into the CG chassis of the Accord
  2. Hi, Mike here, I have a 99 Honda Accord that im about to do a engine swap. It currently has a regular SOHC V-Tec, I will be replacing it with a F20B from a 98 Honda Accord SIR. I have the ECU and main harness's (2) from the SIR. Im told that i will need a diagram from both vehicles, in order to correctly swap over to the SIR's computer
  3. 1999 Honda Accord Engine Swap Hi I Just Did A Engine Swap On My Accord It Has A F23a1 2.3 Sohc W/vtech I Got A Jdm Engine And It Was A F23 Sohc W/vtech. I Only Used The..
  4. f20b is basically the same has h22a. so i think it's safe to say anything that works for h22 will work for f20b. so just research the h22a swap then come back and ask any specific questions that might linger. of course, you'll get people asking you why an f20b when the h22 makes like 20 more ft/lb torque than f20 and your car isn't exactly a stripped hatch

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  1. -In a futile attempt to throw us off, Honda switched the EGR solenoid valve wire and the O2 sensor heater wire on the ECU's A connector (pins 6 and 11) on the prelude as compared to the Accord. Swap those two pins in the under das connector and thank the engineers for there effort. Engine Accessorie
  2. B20 Swap in a Civic. The B20 is the 2.0 liter version of the popular B series engine, commonly found in the Honda CR-V. This engine is cheap and plentiful, making it a great choice for the Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps list. Like the other B series engines in the family, installing a B20 into your Civic or Integra is very easy and can be done.
  3. als. Open the engine hood in a vertical position. DO NOT remove the engine hood. Raise the car to full height. Remove the front wheels and engine splash shield. Drain the engine coolant
  4. This how-to will help you to swap your Honda Accord's automatic transmission with a 5-speed manual. By Jeffrey Smith - April 22, 2015 Contributors: s.cali alan This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002)
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  1. 895.00. 2005-2008 HONDA RL 3.5L ENGINE ONLY JDM J35A. 1,545.00. sold out. JDM 98 02 HONDA ACCORD SIR F20B DOHC VTEC ENGINE. 1,495.00. JDM 98 02 HONDA ACCORD SIR H23A DOHC VTEC ENGINE ONLY. 1,895.00. JDM 03-08 Acura RL Bumper Fog Light Headlights Fenders Hood legend
  2. Engine swap 1 Answer. Can I put a 94 Honda Accord intake manifold onto a 99 Honda Accord VTEC engine and do I have to get a different engine harness or anything let me know text me at 5108126232 this is my first engi..
  3. Honda Accord Engine Swap (change to 1080p HD)Done in the driveway in the sun, so fun!In Fielder by Miró BelleFour, Floss, Five, Six by Blue DucksBoth aud..
  4. Honda Accord V6 Engine 98-99 J30A Vtec Distributor Type 3.0L JDM *ENGINE ONLY* #333. $700.00. SOLD. 97-01 JDM Honda Prelude M6HA Automatic Transmission TIPTRONIC H22A 4 Speed JDM. $700.00. SOLD. JDM 92-95 HONDA CIVIC D15B 1.5L V-TEC ENGINE WITH AUTO TRANMISSION. $1300.00. SOLD
  5. John Huh. -. July 18, 2014. 62. We kick off Part 2 of our Honda Swap Combinations writeup by taking a look at the H series VTEC motor from Honda. First found in the 1991 Honda Prelude Si, the H22 is a DOHC, 2156cc four valve engine that put down 190hp @ 6800 rpm. Despite the impressive power numbers, Honda enthusiasts once upon a time found the.

- Best swap for a Civic at the time of writing as it's well supported and gives a great power boost. - Common swap - Very expensive. H22 - Prelude/Accord - 190/200 BHP (conflicting information) - 156 ft/lbs torque - VTEC - Weighs more than a B series engine - Very expensive - Large potential for power and torque gain The Honda Accord responds readily to tuner modifications and additions. The well-built engine can withstand turbochargers and NOS systems easily. Decreasing the weight or increasing the available torque and horsepower have become standard mods that make use of lighter and higher-strength performance parts for the Honda Accord

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The A2 is the 99-00 Si engine. Same as the A3 only this one came with an upgraded OBD2 emissions system that is mandatory for all 96+ civic swappers. The B16A1 could be had for around $1200. The B16A3 could be found for about $2000-$2500 and the newer B16A2 could be found for around $2500-$3000 P0A - This OBD0 Honda ECU is found in the 1990-1995 Honda Accord. This generation of Accord utilized the SOHC 2.2 liter F22A Honda engine. It's not a common Honda engine swap, but the chassis is still fairly popular today. PG6 - Earlier OBD0 models of the Integra, this Honda ECU is found in the 1988-1989 Acuras 01 Accord Engine Swap. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. S. skaterjrob · Registered. Joined Selene: 1999 Honda Accord LX Sedan 2.3 F23A4 179K Airwrap Jet Black Atreyu: 1989 Honda Prelude Si Coupe 2.0 B20A5 4WS 105k Granada Black Pearl. Reactions: Merc6 and CDsDontBurn. Save Share I have a 99 honda accord i put a engine in and when i drive it has a hesitation only during acceleration - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda Yes, that may be the problem. I think I would swap them. I have seen hundreds of aftermarket wires arc out the side in the spark plug tubes causing a miss under acceleration

2004 Honda Accord with 220,000 miles on the old engine and the timing belt jumped several teeth. Bent a couple valves. We got a replacement engine for $500 o.. Formerly VTEC-v6! Joined Sep 17, 2002. ·. 5,254 Posts. #7 · May 11, 2004. If your going with any K series, go for a K24. Straight out of the Accord, CRV, or element. Then when you get hungry for more power, get a K20 head swap. D JDM 1998-2002 Honda Accord Engine F23A VTEC F23A1 2.3L Automatic Transmission (Fits: 1998 Honda Accord) $1,049.99. Free shipping. or Best Offer. Only 1 left 96 accord head swap non vtec to vtec 10 posts Jun 1, 2012 1990 USDM CRX Si D16A6 to ZC SOHC non-VTEC... 20 posts Mar 7, 2012 99 Accord non-vtec to vtec engine swap, need help 5 posts Sep 27, 2011 More results from hondaswap.co JDM Honda Accord F23A CD1 CD2 VTEC 1998-2002 2.3L Engine. Item ID 3769 Model(s) Accord 1998-2002 (2.3L) Mileage 81991 KM / 50947 US Mile

Good Evening my Accord Brethren! I just completed my engine swap on a 99 Accord LX Manual - F22A1 was the original engine and exactly what I replaced it with. New clutch, new timing belt, oil seals - the whole 9, and all the mechanical stuff I'm good at. What I'm not good at - Electrical.. In '97, Honda incorporated a theft deterrent immobilizer system that makes using '97-'99 ECU's much more difficult. Engine mounts In order to drop in the H22a without hassles, it will be necessary to use the rear, passenger side and front accord engine mounts as well as the Prelude driver's side mount

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honda engine swap guide of sale (cc) ratio generation year model country chassis engine displacement compression hp/torque transmission accord 5g '94-'97 accord dx/lx usa cd f22b2 2156 8.8:1 130hp@5300/139lb-ft@4200 5g '94-'97 accord ex usa cd f22b1 2156 8.8:1 145hp@5500/147lb-ft@450 Get 99 honda accord 4 cylinder engine diagram pdf file for free on our ebook library. The dx model was fitted with a 23l i4 engine rated 130 bhp 97 kw from the past generation accord while the lx and ex included a 23l i4 vtec engine rated 150 bhp 110 kw. 2001 honda accord engine diagram here you are at our site

I have a 99 honda accord i put a engine in and when i drive it has a hesitation only during acceleration - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda Yes, that may be the problem. I think I would swap them. I have seen hundreds of aftermarket wires arc out the side in the spark plug tubes causing a miss under acceleration This how-to will help you to swap your Honda Accord's automatic transmission with a 5-speed manual. By Jeffrey Smith - April 22, 2015 Contributors: s.cali alan This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002)

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  1. Well I am using my brother's account to complete the swap on a 94 Honda Accord and ask a question in this forum. The accord is running like a new car with an F23 vtec motor from a 2001 honda accord. To make the conversion simple, we use the intake manifold from the 94 motor and all the sensor components
  2. Accord F23A1 98-01 2.3L SOHC VTEC Complete Engine Only Specifications • Bore × Stroke: 86.0 × 97.0 mm • Displacement: 2254 cc • Valve Configuration: SOHC, 16 valves, VTEC • Compression ratio: 9.3:1 • Max..
  3. This kit is not engine specific. Kit will be available for 96-00 Civic, 92-95 Civic, 94-01 Integra & 88-91 Civic/CRX. Designed to fit the 88-91 RT4WD Differential. (Will also work with CRV/Element Rear Differentials). Weld-in front differential support brace included. Requires modification of your rear subframe as well as welding the front.
  4. Since opening our doors in 2003, JDM Engine Zone has developed into the largest JDM engine and parts provider in the United States. As hardcore car enthusiasts ourselves, we are honored to provide you with the most concise technical advice, specific information, and performance-based guarantees in the entire JDM engine industry
  5. It's in the Acura CL and TL, MDX, Honda Accord, Pilot, Ridgeline, and Odyssey. That's a lot of Honda V6s to be had. The downside is the manual transmission for the swap is a tough one to source
  6. JDM Engine Swaps | JDM Honda Civic Eg, Ek, Integra Dc Parts | Honda / Acura Parts . Today is $399.99. Dc2 Integra Quarter Panel Skins. By: JDM Honda. Category: JDM Integra Dc 94-01. JDM Accord Euro R CL7/ TSX K20a Fuel Pump. In Stock $149.99

Wheel size was up to 15 inches on all models bar the DX sedan, which came on 14-inch steel rims, and the EX V6 coupe, which boasted 16-inch alloy wheels, the largest standard wheels yet offered on an Accord. 1999 Honda Accord. New-design cars don't usually change much in their second year, and so it was for the 1999 Honda Accord 74. grab a 3/8 ratchet and break loose the drain bolt on the manual tranny again. using a funnel and 1/4″ tubing, fill the manual tranny with your choice of tranny fluid. i first used honda MTF but am switching to 50w synthetic for slower shifting. fill it to the point where it overflows a lttle. tighten down nu I have a 99 Civic Si (Canadian version), a 5 speed mated to a D16 engine. I talk to a local Honda tuner in my area about engine swaps. I asked about about dropping a K24A2, but he said to go with a B18C because it's a straight drop and everything will work 100%. I really want the K24A2 for the torque Innovative Mounts K-series into 92-95 Honda Civic / 94-01 Acura Integra. Innovative Mounts Conversion mount kit for 1992-1995 Honda Civic, Del-Sol, and 1994-2001 Acura Integra. Designed to fit all K20 motors. Also designed to work when converting automatic to manual transmission swaps. Innovative Mounts Part# 90150

Honda Accord F23A1 Engine / F23A4 Engine 1999, Valve Cover by Genuine®. If your engine parts is in need of repair, don't compromise the performance and safety of your car with suspect, off-brand replacement parts from the local auto... Honda Accord 2.3L / 3.0L 1999, Ultra Synthetic™ Spin-On Engine Oil Filter by FRAM® The DX model was fitted with a 2.3L I4 engine rated 130 bhp (97 kW) (from the past generation Accord), while the LX and EX included a 2.3L I4 VTEC engine rated 150 bhp (110 kW). All 4-cylinder models came with a 5-speed manual transmission standard with a 4-speed automatic optional 2004 Honda Accord K24A4 - $400 One of he biggest expenses for a K swap is the engine. To achieve our budget K-series swap we started with the engine. There are a range of engines you can use, but for the price, you can't beat 03-07 Accord engine's torque. Accord engines can be had for $300-$350 and up on car-part.com. I found mine at a. ACCORD TRANSMISSION BAXA MAXA 4 CYLINDER ACCORD 98-2002... Acura LS GS B18B Dohc Engine 1.8L Jdm Motor Engine... JDM HONDA H23A DOHC VTEC 2.3L ENGINE ACCORD 98-2002... HONDA Civic LX,DX,EX D16A D16Y8 SOHC VTEC Engine, ZC... Civic HX CVT Transmission 1996-2000 Used M4VA Transmission..

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Producing over 270 horsepower and getting 35 miles per gallon put your Honda Accord at the head of the compact-car class. Your Honda Accord engine control module (ECM) keeps motor functions operating with precision. When your Accord engine control computer fails, get a new one from AutoZone and have harmony with the road In Australia, the sixth generation Accord went on sale in December 1997, and was initially imported from the United States. However, in 1999, the Accord became the first Honda in Australia to be imported from Thailand. In March 2001, the Accord received a facelift, while at the same time, the option of a manual transmission was dropped Since my trusted '99 Honda accord v6 130k. So, heater-core starts to spill ethylene glycol (the kicker in a coolant fluid) into a cabin... It's a time to change heater core. While price at a Honda dealership for this swap runs at $1500, where is also unclear wait time and 2 days of work, so I decided to change it myself I have a 1998 Honda Accord EX with a 4 cyclinder engine with 175,000 miles. It started burning oil at about 125,000 miles. It has no oil leaks,no smoke out of the exhaust, has had PCV valve replaced and oil consumtion is about a quart for every other tank of gas. Cyclinder compression checks are good on all cyclinders and no fouling of spark plugs

This adapter is made to allow the installation of a K-Series engine with the 02-04 K20 engine harness. It will also work for our all our K-Series engine harnesses. This wire harness connects your K-Series engine harness to your chassis interior harness while adding the E-plug and all its functions. This harness is primarily made for a K-Pro or. Honda Accord: How to Swap Automatic for 5-Speed Manual. How to Swap Automatic for 5-Speed Manual s.cali alan Find out what it takes to turn your automatic Honda Accord into a 5-speed manual. This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002). So you have a really.

Honda Accord Coupe / Sedan 1999, 15 20-Slot Black Steel Factory Wheel by Replace®. Size: 15 x 6. Bolt Pattern: 4 x 114.3mm. If your factory wheels have deteriorated with time and mileage, and you're looking for new reliable wheels,.. 98 99 Cl 02 Accord Obd2b Ecu Pin Out Honda Tech Forum Discussion. 98 99 cl 02 accord obd2b ecu pin diagram 1999 honda 2005 wiring for 2004 v6 coupe isuzu axiom 1998 2002 civic alternator ffs technet obd2a out odyssey forum how to install a turbo timer top problems fuse layout ricks 2008 obd1 and prelude 1996 2000 p28 pinout ex 2001 se o2 sensor plug help instaling vafc pgm fi main relay. The AV6 swap involves swapping in a transmission from an Accord V6. This transmission has the exact same gear ratios as the TL Type-S and is virtually a direct bolt on replacement, with some parts that need to be swapped. In general, Honda 3-shaft 5 speed transmissions are interchangeable. Since Honda made some changes that greatly improved the.

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I have a 99 Accord se 2 litre with 67K (triptronic) and have twice experienced the same problem in the last two months. I also notice that occassionally when the car has stopped at a light and the engine is in drive the rev counter displays very low rpm almost to the point of cut-out JDM 2008-2012 Honda Accord 2009-2014 Acura TSX Engine 2.4L i-VTEC K24A $1,100 (Sacramento south bay area ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting $70 Buy: $20.99 M8 X 1.25 Header Manifold Neo Chrome Washer Cup + Mount Bolts For Honda Acura I4 Buy: $20.99 Time Left: 30 days, 9 hours, 53 minutes and 43 seconds Other - La Puente,CA,US 1. Joined: Sep 14, 2006. Location: Ohio. H22 is a pretty common swap, although you can turbo the stock to a point and get away with it too... If you want unique, and have time, try a G23. I've seen it done, and if my car wasn't a daily driver, I might play with it. It seems overall gains from that to begin with aren't that great, but if you're.

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JDM Honda Accord F23A 2.3 ltr 4 cylinder engine imported from Japan for 2002 Honda Accord for sale. JDM Honda Accord 3.0 ltr V6 J30A low mileage Japanese engine for year 2002 for sale. Honda J30A engine for Honda Accord for years 2003, 2004 & 2005. This is a low mileage engine imported from Japan 08-12 ACCORD / 09-14 TSX REPLACEMENT RH ENGINE MOUNT (J-Series / Manual) from $129.99 92-95 CIVIC / 94-01 INTEGRA CONVERSION ENGINE MOUNT KIT (J-Series V6 / Manual / No Re-Locator Bracket) Quick Vie Buy your used Honda Accord motors/engines from us and save time and money. Sort By Price. Description : Electric Engine 2007 Honda Accord. Fits : electric (Integrated Motor Assist, hybrid) Change Fitment. Condition : 110K miles. Price : $234 . Stock Number : TC253936445K.. Aside from the cost of the actual engine, you also have to factor in the cost of the labor. In most cases, the hourly rate of local mechanics will be anywhere from $50 to $100. In most cases, the replacement of a new engine will take up to 20 hours to complete, depending on the extent of the job. With this, you can spend $500 to $1,500 on labor. EF Civic - Engine Swap Compatability Guide 88-91 Civic. This section includes the specs on all the most common engine swaps into a 88-91 4th Gen Honda Civic. This section also shows you what the stock Honda Civics' came with. 10.4:1c.r


4-cy. 4) the 4cy. costs less than the V-6. 5) if you are gonna get a V-6 get a Nissian Maxima or something, the. Accord is a very nice and great car BUT is really only a $20,000. $21,000 car. I purchased my 2003 Accord EX for $21,000. The dealer. sold it to me for cost cause he stills makes $$$ cuase Honda pays them JDM Honda Accord EURO R TSX CL7 K20A Type R Engine 6 Spd LSD Trans DOHC I-VTEC. (USD) $4,299.99. JDM Honda B18C VTEC Engine LSD Transmission Integra Type R B18C5. (USD) $3,899.99. JDM B18C GSR SWAP OBD2 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION VTEC MOTOR ENGINE AXLES ECU. (USD) $3,200.00. 98-01 HONDA ACURA INTEGRA TYPE R 1.8L VTEC ENGINE LSD TRANS ECU JDM B18C ITR

All JDM Parts. JDM HONDA J35A ENGINE FOR ACURA RL AWD / ACURA TL TYPE S 3.5L VTEC 2005 2008. $ 1,599.00. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. All JDM Parts. JDM HONDA K24A With RBB Head 2004-2005 3 LOBE VTEC. $ 799.00 PDF Engine F 20b Honda Accord 2 0 Scheme PA We finally got the accord engine bay all painted after the shave. time to drop in the motor and get it driving again. This f20b swap came out better than we even emagined!! Its Alive F20B Swap Accord Honda Accord: H22A vs. F20B Engines | Honda-tech 4. F20B VTEC Bluetop is a Page 23/2


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1999 Honda Accord trims (9) Trim Family DX EX EX V6 LX LX V6 Years 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 199 Honda F23A engine reliability, problems and repair. This is the largest engine of all Honda F-series, which was released in 1997 and was named F23A. It was developed based on F22A open deck cylinder block, but the cylinder bore was increased to 86 mm. A 97 mm crankshaft was also installed into the block. The cylinder block deck height remained. Honda Accord, as a series of vehicles, has been produced by the renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda Motor Co., Ltd. since 1976. When the first Honda Accord was released in 1976 to Japanese market, it was a 3-door hatchback to replace the Honda 1300 Maybe even thought about the h23 bottom end. The 2 types of H22 swaps are the h22a OBD 1 and the h22a OBD 2. Some people go for the Type-S engine swap but you don't really get that much more performance but it sounds more impressive on the car's resume. Most of the swaps are being done into the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord

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OBD connector location for Honda Accord 6 (1997 - 2002) You will find below several pictures which will help you find your OBD connector in your car. OBD Connector is located on the central console (passager side) Go to the OBD2. scanner for HONDA. OBD is cover with carpet, pull on it to see the connector Read Book 98 Honda Accord Vtec Engine Diagram 98 Honda Accord Vtec Engine 98 02 honda accord sir 2.3l dohc vtec bluetop engine jdm h23a $ 1,999.00 $ 1,949.00 98 99 HONDA ACCORD 3.0L V6 SOHC VTEC ENGINE JDM J30A 2004266 $ 399.00 $ 369.00 99 01 HONDA CRV 2.0L HC HI DOHC ENGINE FWD AUTO TRANSMISSION JDM B20B 3550007 $ Page 4/2

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Remove the Honda idle air control valve. Unscrew the 2 bolts attaching the IACV to the intake manifold. You will have to feel around for the lower bolt, which will be just out of plain sight. Pull out the gray plug from the right side of the Honda IACV. Remove the blue plug from the throttle body Moreover 2008 honda accord wiring diagram on fuse box in vw pat 2001 rh dasdes co honda civic fuse box diagram graphic facile snapshot more 05 06 04 07 01 7 underhood unusual 1995 toyota 4runner wiring diagram gallery electrical rh eidetec we collect plenty of pictures about 98 honda civic engine diagram and finally we upload it on our website 2003-2017 Honda Accord V6 Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket. Our Price: $34.99. P2R Power Rev intake gaskets will help reduce intake air temps by removing the direct connection of the intake manifold to the cylinder head. By placing this thermal gasket in between the intake manifold and the cylinder head

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Honda Accord: Bad Timing Belt/Chain Symptoms. Here are some of the most common signs of a bad timing belt on the Honda Accord: Engine Won't Start- If your Accord's timing chain or belt has fallen off completely, broken, or has jumped a few teeth, it is entirely possible that the engine won't even start. You might hear it slapping around. The H22A made 195hp for manual and 190hp for auto in 97-98 and in 99-01 H22A 200hp for manual and 195 for auto. My problem (seems same shreddedwheat) Randomly my car will The fuel pump in the 1993 Honda Accord attaches to the outside of the fuel tank. 95 honda accord engine swap in a 97 honda accord lx Our Price: $22.99. J Series Exhaust Manifold Flange Type 2. Our Price: $69.99. P2R J32A2 & J32A3 6 Puck Clutch Disc. Our Price: $189.99 Read Free 99 Accord Auto To Manual Swap 99 Accord Auto To Manual Swap Getting the books 99 accord auto to manual swap now is not type of challenging means. You could not by yourself going like book heap or library or borrowing from your connections to open them. This is an utterly simple means to specifically get lead by on-line. This online. Disc Brakes Australia USA LLC DBA42510XS - DBA HD Series 4000XS Brake Rotors. Disc Brake Rotor, Cross-Drilled, Slotted, 4000 XS Series, Uni-Directional, Acura, Honda, Front, Each. Part Number: DBA-DBA42510XS. Not Yet Reviewed. Estimated Ship Date: 9/7/2021 (if ordered today) Drop Ship. Free Shipping

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$ 100 2004 Honda Element engine wiring harness for manual transmission $ 50 2006 Civic Si intermediate shaft $ 25 2004 Honda Accord alternator $ 35 2004 Accord flywheel. $ 180 2004 Accord clutch $ 50 2005 Honda Accord shifter and cables $ 40 Clutch slave cylinder and lines Budget K Series Engine Swap - The Parts List - VTEC Academ Problems Honda Accord Sedan 6th Generation 1998-2002 1996 Honda Accord LX Start Up, Quick Tour, Rev - 127K 1999 Civic Power Steering Rack Replacement (Part 1) - EricTheCarGuy HONDA CR-V Engine SWAP. Part 1: REMOVAL. Complete Tutorial. #HondaCRV #Honda #EngineSWAP #Хонда 1996 Honda Pport Engine 11 new & refurbished from $ I need a Engine Wiring Diagram for Honda Accord L, Im trying to figure out why im not getting sufficient power to the distributor in order to REPAIR GUIDES. BECOME A MEMBER. Can A 91 Honda Accord Engine Work In A 92 Honda Accord With Its Wiring Harness And Distributor

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JDM 03-07 Honda Accord Element K24A 2.4L Motor DOHC iVtec K24A4 Engine. $699 (11127 Franklin Ave Franklin Park IL 60131) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $699. favorite this post Just systematically swap them until the engine runs smooth. I believe we pulled the fuse to reset the CEL and it did not come back on. Good luck. Mikeanddina 99 EX Blue 03 Accord V6 w/ Navigation The coils are only about $40 apiece at many online Honda stores. The problem is finding out which one to replace The F 23A1 engine installed in the 1998-2002 Accord LX, EX and SE models was manufactured in both Japan and the US. The heads, valve guides and valve keepers were identical. However, the Honda parts lists recommends different (and much more expensive) intake and exhaust valves for the Japan made engine than the US made engine My 2000 crv, k24A2, RSP intake, HR 74mm tb, 3in exhaust, AWD 5spd, z3 lsd, accord 5th gear. For the record, I gathered all the parts and did this swap in 12 hours by myself. I do work at a shop and have tons of experience with kswaps, fab work and wiring however. Kswapped 1st gen crv WITH.. Description: Engine Swap Information pertaining to 99 Honda Civic Wiring Diagram, image size 1079 X 1284 px, and to view image details please click the image. Description : 2006 Honda Accord Wiring Diagram In 0996B43F8024Ca4A.gif - Wiring in 99 Honda Civic Wiring Diagram, image size 1120 X 1387 px, and to view image details please click the.