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There's no ammunition of any type anywhere. Simply, there has been a toilet paper like binge buying of all popular pistol and rifle cartridges, all while manufacturers need to alter production to address the corona virus. I tell all gun owners thi.. .38 Special Ammo shortage? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. gqucool · Registered. Joined Dec 25, 2009 · 10,156 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 24, 2014. Yesterday I was at the Lehi Utah Cabela's looking thru the ammo.. The former default handgun cartridge.38 Special is one of the few that hasn't as completely depleted as 9mm or.45 ACP has. Granted, it is far from untouched, but it's more available than others are, to be sure

The.38 Smith & Wesson Special (commonly .38 Special, .38 Spl, or .38 Spc, pronounced thirty-eight special) is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. It is most commonly used in revolvers like so many smaller 38 snub's, although some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round True. $1079.80. $1.08. Lowest Ammo. Report this. Magtech. Magtech 38 Special Ammunition 38A 158 Grain Lead Round Nose 50 Rounds - Free Shipping with Buyer's Club! LRN. 158.0

Since 1899, the .38 Special cartridge has been a favorite of law enforcement throughout the United States. This powerful round is a reliable choice for both self-defense and concealed carry. Many shooters who prefer a revolver trust in the .38. Whether you're looking for .38 Special hollow points for protection or FMJ ammo for the range, we. 38 Special ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. We carry 38 Special ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady, PMC and others. Whether you are buying bulk 38 Special ammunition for target shooting or personal protection 38 Special ammo. 38 Special Ammo. 134 Results Found. Page 1 of 3. Shipping: Free to High. Hide Reman Hide Steel . Description Grains FPS Rounds Price PPR. Retailer Updated; 2AWarehouse - Win 5,000 Rounds of 9MM Ammo - Click Here! 38 Special - Magtech LRN: 158gr: n/a: 50 $ 27.54: $0.55: SportsmansGuide. 1. 36m! 38 Special - Bulk Oak Island Ammo Remanufactured.

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It is amazing. There's a big ammo shortage out there right now. All the ammo is gone! Well, not all, but I might as well say all - just to make a point. UPDATE: It's now the end of 2020. I originally posted this during July. There's no let up in site for this ammo shortage. Why? Demand. Why the demand This can be a very important factor during an ammunition shortage, when you might not be able to get your preferred type of ammunition. For example, a revolver chambered for .357 Magnum can safely fire .38 Special cartridges, just as a revolver chambered for .327 Federal Magnum can safely fire .32 H&R Magnum, .32 S&W Long, and .32 S&W as well And that's the cause of this shortage. Hornady continued, In fact we saw [demand indicators] in the fall of 2019. First when Walmart stopped selling high-consumable ammo, and later when. Shop for Handgun Ammo at Bass Pro Shops and make each shot count. Select target loads or personal defense rounds from Hornady, Barnes and other brands 38 Special Ammo For Sale- Fast Shipping Available The .38 Smith & Wesson Special commonly known as .38 Special, .38 Spl, or .38 Spc is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. The .38 Special was the standard service cartridge of most police departments in the United States from the 1920s to the 1990s

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  1. In the revolver ammunition section, .38 Spl. and .357 Mag. stocks may well have vanished or at least been heavily depleted. panic buying ammo shortage COVID-19 pandemic.380 ACP 9 mm.40 S&W.45.
  2. Shop for all of your ammo at Cabela's, the most reliable source for shooting ammunition including rifle, handgun, shotgun, rimfire ammo & bulk ammo
  3. See different types of .38 Special Revolver Ammo. Learn about some recent Pricing & the Availability in Early 2021 with 38 Special Ammo Shortage. I was able.
  4. Ammo Shortage 2021 2020, Donald Trump, and an Election: No matter what you thought about President Trump, he was a polarizing figure whom half the country hated. This made things a lot worse for our ammunition supply once everyone realized we were in the midst of an election year
  5. Find in-stock .38 Special ammunition at the best prices...FAST. Search Showing. Now Seeking. .38 Special Ammo. Cost Range. $0.573 - $5.995. Saved Searches. Login / Join. Modify Search
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buying 357 Magnum Ammo in the great Shortage has been very difficult. Same with 38 Special Revolver Ammo in 2021. Its Getting Better with less panic buying b.. IN A TIME OF AMMO SHORTAGE. In the latest surge of buying that is emptying gun store inventory, the ammo is going out the door faster than the guns. A gun with no ammunition is like a working stove combined with an empty pantry: pretty much useless. A few points on that

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Each of these calibers has an almost equal diameter with the 9mm measuring in at.355 inches and the.38 Special at 3.57 inches. So there really is nothing in it. However, the 9mm's case is approximately ⅜ inches shorter than the.38 Special. Yet, the 9mm holds double the amount of pressure Winchester USA .38 Special 130 Grain FMJ represents an absolute value bullet without sacrificing quality. The FMJ is an accurate, sure functioning bullet loaded with optimal powder ratio to help reduce recoil. It features a positive functioning, no expansion, and no barrel leading projectile with superb accuracy. Perfect for plinking or range use .38 Special Ammo . Browse our great selection of .38 Special Ammo in your favorite brands and styles. We carry 38 Special FMJ,.38 Special Hollow Point as well as .38 Special Lead Ammo that are built for quality and consistency. you won't find better prices on 22 Magnum Ammunition anywhere

357 Magnum Ammo. The .357 S&W Magnum (9×33mmR), or simply .357 Magnum, is a revolver cartridge with a .357-inch (9.07 mm) bullet diameter, created by Elmer Keith, Phillip B. Sharpe, and Colonel D. B. Wesson of firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson, and Winchester. This pistol ammo is based upon Smith & Wesson's earlier .38 Special cartridge Buy 38 Special Ammo Compare 38 special ammo from the top on line outlets to locate the lowest fee. Find Bulk 38 special ammunition fast and cheap with Americas terrific ammunition search engine. In 1921, a white mob attacked the Greenwood district of Tulsa, killing loads of Black people and destroying the For example, the gun store owners I talked to said they had lots of .38 Special and Norma caliber available. But there was hardly a surplus of guns in those calibers even before the shortage. Left to right: 6mm Norma BR, 6×47 Lapua, 243 Winchester, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor 120 A-MAX, 6.5 Creedmoor 142 SMK, 260 Remington, and. 38 Special 125gr FMJ NEW. $ 42.99 - $ 399.99. Select Rounds. Choose an option *NEW* 50rds *NEW* Mega Pack 250rds *NEW* Bunker 500rds. Choose an option Clear. SKU: P138125FMJN50-1 Categories: 38 Special, All Handgun Ammo, Ammunition, Handgun Ammo +, New, Pistol, Top Sellers Tags: 125 Grain, 250 rounds, 38 Special, 50 rounds, 500 rounds, FMJ, New Technical Details. The tested .38 Special loads were fired into bare, (nominal) 10% calibrated ordnance gelatin blocks, that were calibrated with a 0.177 BB fired at 592 fps to depths ranging from 3.125 to 3.375 inches into the gelatin ( FBI specifications call for 590 +/-15 fps, penetrating to a depth between 2.95-3.74 inches)

Rogers Sporting Goods has a wide-ranging selection of pistol ammunition. We carry, and have in stock, a wide-range of calibers, from 9mm ammo, .45 Auto, to 38 Special and 454 Casull. Stock up on your pistol ammunition now .38 SPECIAL.357 MAG.38-40 WIN.40 S & W; 10 MM.41 REM MAG.44 SPECIAL.44 REM MAG.44-40 WIN.45 ACP.45 GAP.45 AUTO RIM.45 LONG COLT.45 WIN MAG.454 CASULL.455 WEBLEY.460 ROWLAND Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions that you might have concerning our products, or any special ammo concerns or questions that you may have. And as. View the price history and trend for all calibers of ammo. Know when the best time is to buy ammo in 2021. Ammunition price charts by caliber A pallet of .38 special ammunition is available for customers at Independence Indoor Shooting in Meridian on Wednesday. a nationwide ammunition shortage continues to impact shooting facilities.

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Winchester 38 Special +P 125 Gr Silver Tip JHP Super X (50) $28.95. Out of Stock. Read more. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Sort by name: A to Z Sort by availability. Showing all 7 results SelfDefense. [Able Ammo] Winchester USA Pistol Ammunition USA38JHP, 38 Special +P, Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), 125 GR, 945 fps, 50 Rd/bx. $0.53/rd. [$26.40] in stock. SelfDefense. [Able Ammo] Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Pistol Ammunition 38A, 38 Special, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), 130 GR, 950 fps, 50 Rd/bx Whatever you want, we have it priced cheap and ready to ship fast. Ammunition listed on our website is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouses in Dallas TX, Shreveport LA, and St Louis MO. We have special deals on 9mm ammo, 10mm ammo, 5.56 ammo, 6.5 Creedmoor ammo, 6.5 Grendel ammo, and more special deals on bulk ammo If the .38 Special was a low-velocity round compared to the 9mm, this would be a problem. However, it does keep up with the 9mm to a reasonable extent. A .38 Special can be 11 grains heavier than the 9mm caliber, which adds a new dynamic to this debate. The heavier bullet has the potential to be more potent at causing damage to a target

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  1. 38-55 Win Cowboy Action Load Ammo 240 grain LRFP New Brass - Per 20. Our Price: $42.95. Bishop Ammunition New Manufactured Cowboy Action Loaded 38-55 cartridges are made in the U.S.A at our plant in North Highlands, California. All components used in this cartridge are sourced to companies in the U.S.A
  2. g down quickly, two weeks ago it was about $1 and now .60¢-.80¢. My bet is in another month it will be under .50¢, still a little over what it should be but still reasonable
  3. Feb 15, 2021. #53. ammomart.com, ammoshoponline have 9mm in the $30-$35 range for 50 rounds luckygunner.com, ammoshoponline, and trueshotgunclub.com have 38 special ammo for $50-$55 for 50 rounds. 38 special ammo was rarely available and at least $25 higher to as much as you want to pay a week ago
  4. Crucially, .38 Special ammunition and .357 Magnum ammunition runs anywhere from 30 to 50 percent more expensive than 9mm. Even 10mm - the poster child for expensive, boutique caliber ammunition - is usually cheaper than .38 Special. Secondly, it can be really, really hard to find 50-round boxes of high-end defensive ammo for revolvers (not.
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With good companies (selling at pretty fair for the situation prices) like sgammo, targetsportsusa. Grafs and sons, underwood and natchezz ive not noticed any shortage of 12g, 20g. 38/357. 45 acp, 9mm, 3006, 223, 243, 308, 3030, 22lr, percussian caps, round ball, 30 carbine, 7x57 Mauser, 44 special. 44 russian, etc. U just gotta shop a bit harder Whether you want 223 ammo for an AR15, SCAR, or Tavor, 9mm ammo for a Glock or Sig, 22 LR ammunition for plinking, small game hunting, or silencer shooting, or 380 ACP for concealed carry pistols, we carry some of the best stuff you'll find anywhere The .38 Special is now a bona fide centurion (and then some) but back in 1974, it got a well needed kick in the pants when SAAMI gave a +P rating to any load over 17,000 PSI but under 20,000 PSI.

The .38 Special was designed in to be a higher velocity round, with better penetration properties than the .38 Long Colt. The .38 Long Colt revolver round would not penetrate the light armor or shields, and the Government contracted the new revolver round to Smith & Wesson. The .38 Special held a minimum of 21 grains of black powder, which was. Buy Pistol Ammunition Online. Whether you are hunting, target shooting or need self-defense rounds, finding premium handgun ammunition is vital.. Weapon Depot is the top marketplace for handgun ammunition for sale online.All handgun ammunition sold through our marketplace provides accuracy and precision with every shot taken I do think that +P ammo is great for the slightly under-powered .38 Special, but I must say that I'm not sure I'd want to shoot a higher-pressure ammo through a 12-ounce gun that already recoils. Maybe I'd change my tune with the combat grips. If you're interested in seeing me at the range with it, check out this video

The shortage in ammo should not be a mystery to anyone. Estimates for first time gun buyers in 2020 are in the neighborhood of 7 million. .38 special and .357 are my go-to handgun cartridges. I can understand the noobs getting 9MM, .380 and .40 S&W but I can't see them buying all the powder, primers, etc. Something doesn't add up Winchester USA Full Metal Jacket 9 mm Luger 115-Grain Handgun Ammunition. $3699. 37.0¢ per round. Remington UMC 9mm 115-Grain JHP Centerfire Handgun Ammunition. $5999. 60.0¢ per round. Online Only. 5.0 (3) PMC Bronze .40 S&W 165-Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Centerfire Handgun Ammunition The Coronavirus outbreak isn't just affecting sanitary and medical supplies—many Americans are discovering that ammunition is now hard to find. The toilet-paper shortage is a example to explain how ammunition shortages work. You see, most of us buy these things not for fear that we'll run out, but for fear that they won't be available when we need them again (TP or ammo)

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When ammo is in short supply, you'll struggle to find 30-30. The alternative is the .32 Winchester Special. It was introduced in 1902 and many believe it a superior killer to the old thutty-thutty Why Is There an Ammo Supply Shortage? If you've tried to purchase ammo lately, you've probably noticed a lot of products are out of stock. Right now all calibers and types are in short supply. The biggest pain felt is probably in the realm of 9mm, 308 and 223 caliber ammo. Manufacturers have increased their production on these calibers No, the 38 special is making a come back. Posted: 9/6/2020 9:56:47 AM EDT Local academy stores had Federal 158 grain lead round nose for 23.00, Winchester standard load 110 silver tips for 15.00 and hornady critical defense for 23.00

3 Cabela's. The next of our 10 best places to buy ammo online is another very well-established store. As well as their comprehensive online catalog, Cabela's have a chain of 'bricks and mortar' stores for you to visit. However, Cabela's do not just supply ammo online During the ammo shortage I thought it might be an interesting idea to have a handgun that (a) I like and would use, and (b) is in a caliber that might be less likely to be snapped up so pleasure shooting isn't so affected by future shortages. It is all just guess work, of course, and I have..

.38 Special The author doesn't recommend the .38 Special for self-defense, but if you decide to go with the snub nose revolver, this is the best ammo to shoot. Black Hills. I don't necessarily dislike the performance of the .38 Special as much as I dislike the platform it is shot from — the five-shot snub nose revolver Home / 38 Special 38 Special. No products were found matching your selection. sidebar. Footer. Post 1 Prvi Partizan Ammo Review (PPU) Blog Post 2 Ammunition Manufacturers. Recent Post 3 Ammunition Shortage 2021 - What Happened and Where do we go From Here The days when ammo was plenty. While it would be nice to see ammo levels return to normal soon, Felde and others said the shortage will likely continue. Unless demand falls rapidly, we don't envision a scenario where supply catches up before summer 2021, at the earliest, Felde told Pew Pew Tactical. The National Shooting Sports. Simply put, ammunition of all types is in short supply. The ongoing ammo shortage is not the result of any single issue. It stems from several social, economic, and political events in the United States and worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic, the George Floyd protests, and the 2020 US presidential elections have contributed to the shortage Order your ammo online and we'll ship it directly to your doorstep. New & Remanufactured Ammunition - Made in the USA My Account; My Wish List 38 Special. Show More. 38 Super. 40 S&W. 41 Magnum. 44 Mag. 44 Special. 45 ACP. 45 Colt. 45 GAP. 45 Long Colt. 454 Casull. 460 S&W. 50 AE. 500 S&W. 7.62 Tokarev. Pistol. 380 Auto. 5.7x28mm FN. 8mm.

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  1. istration has caused both weapon and ammunition sales to skyrocket in 2020. With more people interested gun ownership and increased ammo.
  2. Academy actually had some Federal and CCI .22LR on the shelf today at lunch time. I got 1325 rounds of the Federal for $75, less than $0.06 a round isn't terrible right now, especially since I saw 500 round bricks at a popular LGS last week for $99. Got the last two 100 packs of Mini-Mags for $8.99 each
  3. Primers are going to the manufacturing side to fulfill the high demand for ammunition. Do we see this changing soon? No, afraid not, since the election (as of today) is undecided, it will be awhile before you see any change in the primer or bullet supply. For a detailed look, take a look at this Guns and Ammo article, Great Primer Shortage of 2020
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The Great American Ammo Shortage of 2021. Has this impacted your shooting regiment? by Scott Crawford - June 25, 2021. It started as a Pandemic supply chain shortage and developed into a full blown component & ammo shortage across the United States. Although this has impacted areas around the world, primarily it's a U.S. consumer issue It can also take the 38 Special Ammo, too, which is a big plus in a gun this small. This 357 snub nose gives you options for when you don't need to light up the night sky and want more precision and less recoil. It also means it features on our list of the best 38 revolvers too Click Image to Zoom. Description. Black Hills 38 Long Colt 158gr Lead Round Nose Cowboy Action Ammunition. Being from Dakota Territory, it's only fitting that Black Hills make ammunition for the Cowboy Action Shooter. Though being from Dakota Territory, they couldn't just stop there. They involve the shooters Bond Arms Old Glory Pistol 45 Long (Long Colt) 410 Bore 3.5″ Barrel 2-Round Stainless, American Flag Engraved Grips, Extra 357 Magnum/38 Special Barrel $ 819.99 $ 719.99 Sale Is the Ammo Shortage Over? Power Line, by John Hinderaker Original Article. Posted By: Dreadnought, 4/17/2021 1:45:57 PM There was a prolonged ammunition shortage during the Obama administration. I got through that one because a Power Line reader lined me up with a dealer in West Virginia who seemed to have an endless supply of 9 mm. and .22LR rounds

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38 special ammo in bulk with free shipping at ammoman! 38 Special ammunition is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge with a history dating back to the end of the 19th Century. A common caliber for revolver shooters, 38 Special was once the standard caliber for American police departments as well as soldiers in the first World War MAGTECH Sport .38 Special 158gr Lead Round Nose 50/Box. $20.95 $14.52. MAGTECH Sport .38 Special 158gr Lead Round Nose 50/Box is made for training and plinking applications. This ammo is a great choice for use in revolvers and bolt action firearms. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, boxer primed, in.. I managed to buy one box of 38 special the other week, and recently a coworker was generous enough to sell me his leftover 38SPL (he doesn't have anything that shoots it anymore), hence the variety. I have yet to see a .357 magnum round, and can hear the store clerks chuckle on the phone when I call ahead to ask if they have any Both Farhat and Oliva said it doesn't appear that the ammunition shortage will end any time soon. 6 months I have bought 500 rounds of 9MM (300 target & 200 JHP). I only have been able to get 50 rounds of JHP in 38 Special. But my brother has 500 shells for reloading them. 02-09-2021, 11:29 AM Ralph_Kirk : 23,665 posts, read.

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lots of lever actions but most were in 22lr. Some 357/38 special, 30-30 a number bolt guns in multiple hunting cals. 243,270 and 1 in 308 Wow, this is getting interesting. Now all the gov't needs to do is buy up all the ammo or put the ammo makers out of business and it's game over as resupplying the launcher is nigh near impossible The shortage has been attributed to more people than usual purchasing ammo throughout the last year, for a few reasons, including boredom during the pandemic, fears about new gun control regulations, as well as concerns about social unrest in 2020. There were some supply chain issues as well, but even with production at full capacity since the early days of the pandemic, the shortages have.

The Great Ammo Shortage of 2021 Is a Real Disaster . Ammunition is selling out quickly because it isn't just shooters who are buying it. Many individuals now regularly wait for gun shops and other. Now when anyone has .38 Special in stock it is priced at $21/50rds. of 130 gr. FMJ. One local shop will have some Fiocchi 158 gr. lead ammo w/ a more pointed bullet shape for $22/50rds. I gave up on that stuff. I set up and started handloading my ammo. Now a box of nice full-power 158 gr. LSWC's run $6.625/50rds I no longer buy factory ammo except in unusual circumstances. Those being like when I foolishly add in a new caliber. Like 32 Winchester Special. I even suffer a bit before adding on. I've got enough oddball calibers. The tipping point is when a great deal presents itself. Its now news to me that there is an ammo shortage. How would I know Sale! IN STOCK - NEW Brass 308 Win 170 Gr EVOstrike Norma - QTY 20 - LEAD FREE $ 38.99 $ 35.9 Remington Ultimate Defense .38 Special+P 125GR Ammunition N/A. Aguila .45 ACP FMJ 230 Grain Ammunition - 50 Rounds Check your local Dunham's for pricing Aguila 9mm Luger 115GR Ammunition - 300 Rounds Check your local Dunham's for pricing Federal 9MM HST 147GR Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition N/A

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I can't even remember the last time I saw a box of.223 ammo in a gun store and.380, .357 magnum, 38 special, and 9mm is very scarce. As I've seen, many people have already turned to.45 acp, .40 S&W, 10mm, and even.357 Sig but at least where I am, those supplies too have been picked clean MTM Case-Gard P-50 Original Series Flip Top Handgun Ammo Box .38 Special/.357 Ma... MTM Case-Gard P-50 Original Series Flip Top Handgu... Our Low Price $2.02 QuickView MTM Case-Gard P-100 Original Series Flip Top Handgun Ammo Box 9mm/.380 100 Round... MTM Case-Gard P-100 Original Series Flip Top Handg..

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Without a doubt, popular handgun calibers like 9x19mm Luger, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP sold out fast and, while the stocks are resurging as ammo makers scramble to. A .357 Magnum revolver or lever-action rifle can fire all .38 Special and .38 Long Colt ammunition. With the appropriate cylinder, a .357 Magnum revolver will fire 9mm Luger rounds as well, the Ruger Blackhawk being one of them


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When it comes to handgun calibers, it seems 9mm ammo and other semi-auto food is really tough to find at reasonable prices for range practice, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, and some other common revolver calibers are a bit easier to come by in many parts of the country. I've also had good luck with .44 Special and .44 Magnum here and there 500rds - 38 Special Prvi Partizan 130gr. FMJ Ammo. $389.95. $0.78/ppr. 38 In Stock. Add to Cart. 20rds - 6.5 Carcano Prvi Partizan 139gr. FMJ Ammo. $29.95 Handgun Ammunition for Sale. Find a complete selection of in stock handgun ammunition available for purchase online or in-store. Order by the box, case or in bulk. We offer over 170 popular handgun calibers include 9mm, 10mm, .45 ACP, 40 S&W, 5.7X28MM, 44 COLT, 380 AUTO, and 44 SPECIAL. We also carry hard-to-find-calibers like .500 S&W The shortage was created by last year's record number of gun sales, combined with ammunition factories shutting down or limiting production because of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts say. It's just a combination of things — you got millions of new gun owners buying up ammo right when COVID hit, said Grant Allen, the owner of Firing Line, an. CCI Ammunition Pest Control Big 4 Shotshell .357 Magnum/ .38 Special 84 grain Shotshell Centerfire Pistol Ammunition, 10 $28.69 $2.87/Round Winchester SUPER-X HANDGUN .357 Magnum 125 grain WinClean Enclosed Base Brass Cased Centerfire Pistol Ammunition, 50 $70.99 $1.42/Roun

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The US is facing a severe ammunition shortage. After an uncertain and chaotic year, the demand for weapons has toppled The US is facing a severe ammunition shortage. The .22, the .38 special and the .45 Colt all started life as black powder cartridges. left coast chuck says: 5 months ag 38 Special ammo. Was very satisfied with website. Very easy to use. And from time of order to my front door was outstanding, a mid the obvious ammo shortage. Thank you very much, I will be back. E . E.M. 38 Special - Winchester Super-X Lead Semi-Wadcutter HP. Featured Products. 5.7x28 - FN SS197SR 40 Grain V-Max Polymer Tip

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Since we've been talking about modern .357 Magnum ammo this week, it's only appropriate to mention modern .38 Special ammo as well, because lets be honest most people with .357 Magnum revolvers are going to fill the cylinders with .38 Special rounds instead. .38 Special has come a long way since the days of the 158 grain lead round nose bullet, with several modern loads available at. The .38 ACP Super was a sensation noted for its high velocity of 1300 fps and nine fast shots. Colt upped the power of the cartridge but used the same length cartridge case and chambered the .38 Super in the 1911 when they dropped production of the .38 ACP pistols. At the time, you had to know not to fire a .38 Super in older Colt 1903 pistols Additionally, you can still find .38 Special/.357 Magnum ammo in many . With a modicum of practice, you can reload a revolver in under 6 seconds with a speed loader. 10mm Ammo Fmj Jan 6, 2016 . When you want the best in handgun ammo, consider using Blazer Handgun Ammunition. This company is reliable and has been for years

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Ammunition's shelf life is largely predicated on the the conditions under which it is stored. Most manufacturers guarantee that their ammunition will last for at least a decade. That said, ammunition can easily last beyond 10 years if it is stored under ideal conditions. There are countless tales of military surplus ammo being used many decades. They included: 295,000 rounds of .40 caliber loads, 117,000 rounds of .45 caliber, 100,000 rounds of .38 Special, and 87,000 rounds of 7.62. Read Next: Scalpers Are Driving Up Ammunition Costs and Contributing to the Ammo Shortage. The ammunition was made in Cuernavaca, a city just south Mexico City 38 Special Ammo; 12 Gauge Ammo; Cheap Ammo Featured Deals. 50 BMG - 660 Grain FMJ M33 - Lake City - 50 Rounds Loose. Regular Price: $165.00 . Special Price: $128.00 . 1 Review(s) Add To Cart; 12 Gauge - 2-3/4 1-1/16oz. #6 Shot - BioAmmo Lux Lead - 250 Rounds. $130.00 . Add To Cart. 9mm 9x19 Ammo 100gr RHT Frangible Federal BallistiClean (BC9NT3) 500 Rounds. $329.99. Add To Cart. Buy ammo online! Ammunition store is your source for 223, 9mm, 22 lr, 7.62x39, 45 ACP and many other popular calibers of ammo. We have a wide variety of ammo for sale! 223 ammo , 7.62x39 ammo , 9mm ammo , 45 acp ammo , Wolf ammo and more