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  1. Twin Winning is a premium resource for new twin moms. We share stories, tools, and tips to help you thrive during twin pregnancy and twin baby life. Whether you're newly pregnant or figuring out life with twins, this site is built to support you. It's all an adventure in trying to live our best life with two in tow
  2. New mums in hospital, new parents who are isolated at home and our families with twins, triplets or more under 4 years old who are being impacted by the restrictions brought in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are encouraged to complete the application form. The remote help and support is delivered by our Norland trained support practitioners
  3. Twinline is Twins Trust's listening service for parents of twins, triplets and more. All the calls are answered by volunteers who have multiples themselves. Twinline is open Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm and from 7pm to 10pm. 0800 138 0509, alternatively email asktwinline@twinstrust.org
  4. Amy, a single mum of two boys, has written a welcome to this edition of Family Matters. Here she shares her painful story, with a happy ending thanks to support from Home-Start. Home-Start stopped our lives falling apart Being furloughed during lockdown affected Sam's mental health but support from Home-Start saved him from reaching crisis point
  5. Mothers of twins can find community support groups too. Founded in 1960, the National Organization of Mother's Having Twins includes more than 450 nationwide chapters and support benefits granted by NOMOTC are geared toward motherhood education
  6. d. Tickets cost just £1 each and, when you enter, you'll be helping to us to support families with twins, triplets or more
  7. Practical support. The Australian Multiple Birth Association offers support from those who know about twins and mutiple births. Healthdirect is a wonderful site that offers practical support for pregnancy, birth and beyond: Pregnancy Birth and Baby. They also have an area specific to twins and multiples: Pregnant with twins

Support, Advice and Discounts for Families with Twins, Triplets and More Ipswich Multiple Birth Association Inc. (IMBA) was established in 1987 by local Mums and Dads of twins, triplets or more. Our association covers the boundaries of Springfield to Gatton and encompasses Ipswich and its surrounding areas of Esk, Toogoolawah and Boonah. Based on a recommended therapeutic approach our 12-week programme provides tailored one-to-one support for maternal mental health. It has been proven to: Increase the well-being of mums with postnatal depression and other mental health issues. Increase confidence in parenting skills. Improve the bond between mum and baby, if that is an issue Brain dead mom gives birth to twins while on life support. (CBS/AP) In a rare procedure, a 26-year-old woman who had been declared brain dead gave birth to twins at Spectrum Health Butterworth. Top Gifts for Twins - Ideas for Mums Expecting Twins Posted: January 30, 2020. It's always fun shopping for mums and their new babies, but when there are two little bundles of joy on the way shopping may become a bit of a challenge. We are going to help turn that gifts for twins challenge into a pleasant shopping experience by looking at.

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  1. What other mums with twins say The best thing is watching their relationship grow over the years, it is so different to normal sibling relationships. The worst is trying to make sure they both grow as individuals and don't feel limited or have expectations put on them because they are twins
  2. The maternity grant is a one-off payment is to help with the cost of your twins. You receive £500 for each first set of twins or £1,000 for each first set of triplets. The grant doesn't have to be repaid. Go to GOV.UK for details
  3. Formed as a volunteer organisation in 1974, AMBA is the only national charity in Australia focused on improving the lives of twins, triplets or more and their families
  4. Also seek out other mums of multiples and find out about twins' groups locally and nationally, as these often offer meet-ups, publications, helplines and other valuable support services. Enlist family and friends ahead of your due date to help around the home
  5. Build confidence and social connections with other pregnant women and new mums of twin and multiple babies. Great to feel solidarity with other twin mums, share tips and ideas for where it is good to take the twins like clubs, breastfeeding cafes and walking groups
  6. Mums and newborns. We offer in-home services dedicated to offering practical and emotional support to new mums and their families. You can arrange services for yourself, or even as present for a friend or loved one who is expecting if you are attending a baby shower

Sure Start Maternity Grant is a £500 payment to help with the costs of a new baby: what you'll get, eligibility and how to apply (claim form SF100 There is no free state help routinely available for twin families. Families who are expecting a higher order multiple birth should contact their health visitor in the antenatal period, for information about local social services provision and voluntary bodies. The MBF has a free leaflet available with further information It's worth contacting a support group for advice and to meet other mums of twins. The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) and the Multiple Births Foundation offer information and local support networks for families with twins or more. Talk to other twin mums-to-be and mums in our friendly and supportive community Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets. I offer specific breastfeeding support for mums expecting twins, triplets or more. I have breastfed twins myself and have supported too many mums to remember to breastfeed their twins or triplets. I ran the Multiple Birth breastfeeding project in harrow for several years offering antenatal education and post. Supporting families of twins, triplets and more with advice and information. Telephone Helpline: 0800 138 0509 - Twinline is open Mon to Fri 10am to 1pm and from 7pm to 10pm. Translation service: 01252 332344 and request a translator. Email: asktwinline@twinstrust.org

First-time mums with twins enter motherhood with an enormous bang — adjusting to motherhood as well as adjusting to being the mother of two. But, as a first-time mother with twins myself, I liked to tell people, 'At least I didn't know any different'. 4 ways to help adjust to life with twins 1. Find yourself a strong support networ As a busy mum of four, and a midwife, I'm well aware of the pressures faced by parents and how vulnerable we can feel when facing life with a new baby. I passionately believe that an excellent support network of others in the same situation aka 'a mum squad' can make even the darkest days seem brighter

Are you a breastfeeding mother who is pumping? | Join OurWhy we must support- not shame - parents who are trying

Find professional Mum With Twins videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium royalty-free analog, HD, and 4K video of the highest quality My twins are 2.2 now, I was so sick while I was pregnant that I went right off food. In the end I gained a total of almost 3.5 stone. That was 12lb of babies and 5.5lb of a giant fused placenta! Like Free says, your body makes and carries double the blood and water to a singleton pregnancy. By the time my twins were 4 weeks old I had lost 3 stone

Ms Young helps mums access and use and wheelchair-friendly baby gear, such as cots and highchairs that are lowered or shower chairs to help bath babies safely. She also demonstrates how to carry out ordinary but tough tasks like getting into the car. Ms Magree said Ms Young's support and practical tips have helped her manage with twins East Coast Mums' Support Group. Perfect for: New mums in the East who'd rather not travel far to connect with other mums, plus those looking for useful products and services. This group provides online support for mums in the East Coast. East Coast Mums' Support Group (ECMSG) offers a virtual shoulder to lean on for all East-side mums. 1000 dreams from Pregnancy Twinning helps to optimise the first 1000 days from conception to age 2. As well as helping mums in the UK, twinning across the world means that families in the UK can share and support the journey of families in Malawi or Nigeria, enabling them to access the maternal and infant support they need Twin Mom's Support Group has 17,085 members. This group is for mother's of twins and multiples. when requesting to join you must answer the questions otherwise your request will be denied. if you are having trouble with the questions please PM an admin Don't have twins but I also felt the same disconnect to my last baby because I had help taking care of the baby and busy-ed myself doing other things (cooking/cleaning/home schooling). When my mum left then I had the time to actually be with my baby, sing to her, talk to her. that's so importan

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  1. Jul 19, 2021 at 9:35 AM. I used the bugaboo donkey by my twins 4 yrs ago it lasted really well and I used it to the bone. I'm pregnant with twins AGAIN and am going to get it all over because I feel like the new babes should get a new carriage. But it's still in great condition
  2. Guilt over going to work, or not going to work. Taking them to a different baby group every day of the week, or staying at home with the tele on. Sending them to nursery for 10 hours a day because you have to make a living. Serving them up homemade organic lamb tagine or a plate of fish fingers. The list goes on
  3. Planned birth. If you are expecting twins or triplets, you will be offered a planned birth at: 37 weeks for twins with a placenta each. 36 weeks for identical twins sharing a placenta. 35 weeks for an uncomplicated triplet pregnancy. 32-33 weeks for MCMA twins
  4. Twins 31+2 how are other mums going. Latiah1 14/06/21. Any others having twins how are you feeling and how far you pics would be lovely . Like

Support for mums by mums. Maternal OCD. A charity co-founded by two mothers, which provides information and support for those who suffer from extreme perinatal obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). https://maternalocd.org; PND and Me. An online blog set up by a woman with personal experience of postnatal depression Wellington Road, Bishopbriggs G64 2SA, United Kingdom. 1 Wellington Road Bishopbriggs Scotland G64 2SA GB. Twin (and Multiples) Support Group. North Glasgow. Babes in The Wood Community Room. 30 Wellington Rd. Bishopbriggs. G64 2SA. MONDAYS 10am-11.30 1- Twin a pregnancy - your own or give as a gift to a friend/relative. A donation of £44.95 enables a vulnerable expectant mum to be supported to have a safe pregnancy and delivery. In return you or your friend/relative will receive a beautiful framed Twinning Certificate. 2- Sponsor a family for the whole 1000 days, from conception until. US Support & resources for the new twin mom. Twin Winning is a premium resource for new twin moms. We share stories, tools, and tips to help you thrive during twin pregnancy and twin baby life. Whether you're newly pregnant or figuring out life with twins, this site is built to support you Isolated, as it's harder for you to get out than for mothers of single babies. See our advice about getting out and about with twins. Unsupported - caring for 2 or more babies is physically and emotionally draining if you do not have enough support. Fathers and postnatal depression. Fathers can also develop postnatal depression

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  1. To only invite one twin to sleepover. Advice needed and hopefully can get some from mums with twins. My DS has a good group of friends however he says he is closest to one in particular. They have similar personalities and have been friends for years. The boy my DS regards as his closest friend is a twin and both boys are part of the friendship.
  2. A twin pregnancy with babies sharing one placenta might be more complicated, so it's generally recommended that you have ultrasounds about every two weeks from 12 weeks. If you're pregnant with twins, you'll have more frequent antenatal appointments. Antenatal appointments are a good chance to get health and lifestyle support if you need it
  3. 2/26/2010 at 2:45 PM. Hi Sarah. I am 11 weeks + 3 days pregnant with identical twins. I am in a similar (ish) situation to you. I was in shock when I found out I was pregnant when I was 5 weeks as we weren't trying and I had only just gone back to work after having 9 months off on maternity leave. I had a scan at 7 weeks due to bleeding when I.
  4. g a new parent Twins Trust (Formerly Twins and Netmums is a unique local network for Mums (or Dads.
  5. Once you've talked to a twin mum, you know you can talk about anything. Your life's blown to smithereens with two babies! My childhood and early 20s revolved around an evangelical church

Twins can be expensive. Speak to other mums of twins for recommendations on what you'll definitely need and what you can easily go without. Although it's best to buy new cot mattresses and car seats, you can buy things like clothes and toys second-hand or accept hand-me-downs from friends and family. Ask for help Mum-of-seven gives birth to three sets of twins - and had 4 of her kids in 5 years. Twin machine Meredith Maitland, 40, from San Francisco, California, was desperate for a boy after having five. Milkymate® Deluxe is a life changing baby bottle holder to support new mums of multiples. The Milkymate® enables mothers to feed their babies simultaneously and gives them confidence to get out and about and attend baby classes, appointments and live a well-balanced life There are lots of other things that family and friends can offer to do to help parents of newborn twins e.g. cuddling a baby, changing a nappy, offering mum a drink or sandwich, helping at bath time if needed, or hanging out washing. The support and encouragement of friends and family is an important aspect to breastfeeding twins successfully

Miracle twins born to brain dead mum. The babies were finally born premature at 7 months through C-section delivery. Everyone in hospital apparently cried when they saw the little angels. Ana Vitoria was born weighing 1.4 kg, while her brother, Asaph weighed 1.3 kg. Their weights were comparable to other premature babies of the same age Nardy Mejias, 40, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, is a happy mother-of-six. In 2017, gave birth to twins Hannah and Rschel, both born with Down Syndrome. The chances of both twins having the. Maltesers ads show honest realities of motherhood in support of mums' mental health of emotions mothers can experience in twin adverts informed by conversations with real mums and their.

Lactation and newborn support provides total family support centred around the emotional support and nurturing of the new mum; with a strong belief that good post-natal support helps build confidence. I can tailor an individual plan for in house support for mum, baby and the family unit, helping with non-intrusive support at a time when you are. The parents of British twin sisters who fought off a vicious attack by a ten-foot crocodile have flown out to Mexico to support them. Sean and Sue Laurie flew out of Heathrow to Mexico City today.

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In this episode of Community Connect presented on the 19th of March 2020, Nadia reaches out to a mum of twin boys who talks about what like is like raising twins. Feed Browse Upload Library More. If you still need help, contact Vurbl Support. Password reset sent All profits will go to Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK charity, 1187134. . Approved for 2 L-CERPS. . To Book please go to our # linktree in our bio and select Supporting Breastfeeding Multiples button. . The session is £25 for professionals and £5 for volunteers. Others echoed the sentiment, and within minutes, support poured in for Sonia, some extending to Janice, too. Sonia pulled her sister into the livestream to see the messages for herself Misty Lang, 38, from Seattle, USA, who is mum to three sets of twins, can pump more than 40-ounces in one sitting some nutrition and immune support. She added: My children are all amazing. Power pumping - This mimics a baby's natural cluster feeding pattern and can help stimulate milk production. The pattern is as follows using a double pump: pump for 20 minutes, have a 10 minute rest, pump for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes and then pump for a further 10 minutes. This can be done once a day to help boost supply

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Ugandan mum of multiple quadruplets struggles to provide for 38 kids. KASAWO, Uganda (R) - Mariam Nabatanzi gave birth to twins a year after she was married off at the age of 12. Five more. At the very same time the twins were being physically and emotionally abused by their father and social services did everything in their power to cover it up as he was supporting them in removing my siblings from my mum's care. The twins father agreed to get involved in the court proceedings and with my mum's help he got legal representation. In this episode I chat to mum and business owner Nicole Morisson who talks about life as a mum of twins and 3 under 4. I find one child at a time hard enough and so Nicole gives us her top tips on surviving life with twins Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK was created by ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor and IBCLC Kathryn Stagg. Kathryn is a mum to four boys, identical twins and then two further singletons. She received such fantastic support with breastfeeding when the twins were babies that she decided to pay it forward and train as a breastfeeding peer supporter But Helen, 35 - who also has 18-month-old twins Kit and daughter Bo - already tops the podium for millions of mums back home in Britain, just for being there. And she revealed many have been in touch, hailing the mum of three for having a go while juggling life raising very young children

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  1. They will help make sure you are getting the support you need. You can also talk to a Tommy's midwife free of charge from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday on 0800 0147 800 or you can email them at midwife@tommys.org. The Twins Trust provides lots of information and support for parents and parents-to-be of multiples
  2. Congratulations. As an identical twin, my Mum told us many stories of us growing up. I think the initial stage of breastfeeding (one on each side!) and sleepless nights were demanding (not that you should be involved as the grandmother) but as we grew up it was great that we had a ready made best friend with us all the time and played together nicely for the most part
  3. Twin-twin transfusion syndrome. This condition happens when identical twins share a placenta and one baby gets too much blood flow, while the other baby doesn't get enough. The placenta grows in the uterus and supplies your babies with food and oxygen through the umbilical cord

A twin pregnancy comes with risks, both for the mother and the babies. Some moms hope to conceive twins or even higher-order multiples and will take active steps during fertility treatment to increase their odds. Other moms do what they can to avoid conceiving twins, but still get pregnant with more than one baby Pregnancy 9 things that can boost your chances of conceiving TWINS. While the thought of more than one baby at a time fills some mums and dads will sheer horror (double nappy changes and twice the night feeds), others dream of having two bubs together - think of the cute matching outfits This equates to one birth in 80 being a twin birth with 4,730 sets of twins born in Australia in 2015. While this may seem like a lot, the twin population only represents 1.6 percent of all births. Last year there were 84 sets of triplets and higher order multiples born, representing .003 per cent of all births

The man originally described as the twins' father, identified in court documents only as A.S., will now have to pay child support only for the toddler who a DNA test showed was reliably his own Mums are a lush, colorful addition to any landscape during the fall season when other elements of your landscape start to look drab and lifeless. Caring for mums really isn't all that difficult - and you can keep them blooming all season long with these tips from The Grounds Guys® Mum with 2 sets of twins calls for free abdominoplasty. Mum who had two sets of twins is in constant pain. Bhutanese twins Niwa and Dawa recover in the Royal Children's Hospital after doctors separated the formally conjoined girls. Kerri-Louise Hooper was 12 weeks along with her first set of twins when she started to feel the ripping of her. Since twins Mark and Carol Thatcher were born-within minutes of each other-they've led quite different lives. Absentee mum, but Mark did not support the plan

The best twin breastfeeding pillow & twin changing bags with rave reviews! Described by twin mums as a 'lifesaver', our nursing pillow is essential for the best breastfeeding position, comfortably supporting both mother & babies whilst tandem feeding Meet the mums we support and read their stories The news of a pregnancy or a recent birth is an exciting time for all prospective and existing parents. It can, however, be cruelly interrupted by the news of a cancer diagnosis and the worry that this brings to both you and your wider family Would love to meet up with other single mums : New mum of twin girls, living in Orpington. Newish to the area and have a year off with my two beauts, hoping to get out and about, walks, etc. And explore the area with likeminded mums. I have a 9 year old boy, looking to meet mums with kids similar ages for days out etc.. Twiniversity provides education and resources to parents of twins. Whether you are expecting for the first time or are a seasoned parent, we've got you covered with relevant information about feeding, sleeping, baby gear, partner and parenting advice, and much more People have gone under the post's comment section to pray for all mothers as they wondered why the twins' mum never really aged PAY ATTENTION: Legit.ng is on a mission to support vulnerable children of Calabar - join the initiative on Patreon , let's change more lives together

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Baby Jogger City Tour2 Double (from $749) Narrow design makes this twin pram one of the most compact double strollers around. At only 66.5cm wide, it's ideal for tight spaces, even lifts and doorways! Carrycot compatible, the Tour2 can be used from birth up to 15kg, with adjustable calf support for growing little legs The new twins will be named Gracelyn Kay and Kennadie Faith (Picture: SWNS.com) The soon-to-be mum-of-four gave birth to her twins, son and daughter Braxton and Auvianna Hunter, four years ago

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In my experience as a twin mum, very few people outside of the multiples community understand multiples or TAMBA. Awareness is key to providing much needed support and education. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach more parents and carers of multiples Identical twin sisters fall in love with twin brothers - and now all four live together How to keep babies cool during a heatwave Mum gives birth to one of Britain's biggest babies at 11lbs.

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Breastfeeding Support, 2016. Clare Davidson has been a Leader in Derbyshire for four years and has two daughters aged 12 and 8. She is co-editor of Feedback, LLLGB's Leader newsletter. Sarah Gill has been a Leader for 37 years and currently lives in Nottingham, Great Britain. She has five children, including twins, and nine grandchildren Although your early pregnancy symptoms might be more pronounced when you're expecting twins, but for most mums it's a total surprise and shock when they find out. TalkMum blogger Fran from The Parent Social found out she was expecting twins second-time-round (read her posts on 14 tips for parents expecting multiples and things you're likely to. I am going to state some points of views that will upset and anger some people but they need to be said. In the United Kingdom we are so fortunate to have an equitable and efficient benefits system and like our NHS, it is the envy of the world. So when people complain that benefits are too low or too high, it really gets my goat Today, over 40 years later and with over 100 member families, our mission remains the same - to provide support to families with twins, triplets or more.  The Committee. The BTC has a committee of volunteer mums who help with the general smooth running of the club

One of the first questions people have about mums is whether they're annuals or perennials, and the answer is, they're both! Mums generally come in two types: Florist mums (also known as cutting mums) and hardy mums (also known as garden mums). Both types come from the same original parent, a golden-yellow daisy-like mum from China Many twin mums like to feed their babies together to save time and to try to maximise sleep! Support the baby with your hand behind their shoulders with thumb and fingers round the neck behind the ears. Tickle top lip with your nipple to stimulate baby to open her mouth wide, and bring on to the breast chin first with nipple going up into.

Picture above: Mum Tanya with twins Onna and Sala. (Credit: Auditory Verbal UK) A mum of twins has praised the life-changing she support received after one of her daughters lost their hearing as a baby. Onna Saunders and her twin sister Sala were born premature at 28 weeks. By the time Onna was 10-months old she had lost her hearing Your own experience or spotted something funny in the media? Contact Us →. For all media requests, email media@twinsclub.co.uk or use our Contact Page. Conducting research, college project? Looking for twins/multiples for TV or film? Wanting to promote your product Loss of a twin is a devastating life event. The Twinless Twins Support Group International (TTSGI) was founded in 1984, by Dr. Raymond Brandt. Its annual conventions allow dozens of twins to share. Choose your area and take a look at the Essex Mums calendars, featuring events, classes, groups, sports, things to do for parents and more in Essex. Everything from a picnic in the park to a major summer festival - it's all listed here! Online Events & Classes After my dad passed away in 2015, I began to entertain [the idea of] coming out and my mum was with me 100%. She had seen that I was unhappy and was longing to be free. Her love and support through the years, along with support from my wife, gave me the confidence to face my own truth and acknowledge that I was a trans woman. Tim Ya

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1000 days of support The program offers continuous care to Indigenous mothers and their babies for the first 1000 days, from pre-conception to the time the baby is two years old Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque reveal they will both be mum to each other's babies 18 Jun, 2021 06:04 AM 4 minutes to read Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque reveal they will both be mum to. Jennifer Lopez's twins Emme and Max showed support for their famous mum in a sweet new photo posted by Alex Rodriguez on Instagram. Jennifer Lopez has been able to enjoy a slower pace of life.

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On Monday, mum-of-five Saeeda Akobi Jjou Stu was found dead in her home, becoming the fifth person to die from coronavirus during Sydney's latest outbreak.. Since then, police were understood to have been investigating whether the woman's twin sons, Roni and Ramsin Shawka, knew their mum had COVID-19 when they and their colleague, Maryo Shanki, drove to Orange in their removalists van Use of fertility treatment was also more common among twin pregnancies than it was among singleton pregnancies both for mums in the comparison group (32.5% vs just over 3%, respectively) and for. Sublime Nursing is the leading home care service provider in Dubai, UAE. Contact us for Private Nurse, Traveling Nurse, Hotel Nurse, Maternity Care, Elderly Care, Newborn Baby Care, Post-operative care, Acute Patient care and all home healthcare services

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Browse: Benefits and financial support for families Find out what you could get. Benefits calculators; Time off and pay when you have or adopt a chil Being tucked in closely alongside your body will help your baby feel safe too. Mums who've had a c-section, twins, or a premature baby, along with those who have larger breasts, may also like this position. With my first daughter I had very large K-size breasts that were double the size of her head, remembers Amy, mum of two, Australia The American yoga teacher freebirthed surprise twins in the Costa Rica jungle, and handled it like a goddess. Already a mum-of-two, Ashley had no idea she was having twins, and thought she was birthing her placenta when a second pair of little feet made an appearance not long after her son was born. Not only was she unexpectedly having twins. While we really encourage you to contact us for specialised twin loss support, we also know that some of you would like to be able to meet with other bereaved parents in your own local community.After you contact us, if you want us to, we try to match you up with others within our group who might be in or have been in a similar situation This mum is pregnant with her fourth set of twins in five years. HAVING children is a big step. But this mother is pregnant with her fourth set of twins in just five years

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THE mum of the most beautiful twins in the world has posed alongside her girls in a new nightwear ad - despite being accused of exploiting their good looks. Jaqi Clements - who is based in LA and Orange County - shared a snap of her two daughters in matching dressing gowns with their 1.8 million Instagram followers over the weekend Maternal instinct. Another successful entrepreneur and mum (to Barnaby, 10, Maisy, 8 and Monty, 3) is 39-year-old Wendy Shand, who runs Lincolnshire-based Tots to Travel, a family-friendly holiday.

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New mums are being encouraged to reach out for support. Reaching out for help is an issue being raised by RCGP as part of Maternal Mental Health awareness week, which ends on May 9 Mike Bell, the Twins' bench coach, died on March 26 from kidney cancer at 46 years old. With the Cincinnati Reds in town for a two-game series, the Twins held a pregame tribute for Mike Bell as.

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Build a support team - Meg Merza, fitness enthusiast Train with a friend, especially another mum! This is a great way to stay motivated and support each other on your journey. After each having two children my friend and I aligned our schedules to make sure we could train together at least three times per week The judge slated the mum for lying throughout her trial - and even blaming Malakai's death on his dad, Dell Watts, who told the court he had been left devastated. The court had heard during the trial that Malakai was grey from head to toe when police arrived at Cuthbertson's flat following her 999 call on February 2, 2019

My girlfriend's having twins, says England's gay footballCristiano Ronaldo reportedly welcomes twins followingJulia Roberts has best reaction as niece Emma Roberts